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I respect the guy for pushing his comic and being passionate about the medium. You can't take that away from him. That said, the title itself was quite dreadful. Let's face it, this blog post, video, the Jim Lee cover, the Todd McFarlane stuff, nor these comments would exist if he wasn't a celebrity. I've read thousands of titles that are far superior to Mayhem that receive little or no coverage at all.
That said. I'm trying to win a DC Comics Contract. Vote, Rate, Favorite and Comment on "Revenge of the Homicidal Pumpkins" on
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Here are some great pin-ups some friends did to help me promote "Revenge of the Homicidal Pumpkins" If you enjoy them, please check out the comic at and if you like it, I beg and plead with you to give us your vote, rate it and favorite it. If we win this month we'll be win a DC Comics contract to continue this project!!!  
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Great review, I'll give it a go. I really do wish more people would invest in indie comics. There are a lot of great gems out there to be found. 
Also, congrats to the boys over at Archaia for making the NYT bestseller list.

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Hi everyone,

I am seeking a professional sequential artist for a 5 page comic book submission. Said artist must be able to color his/her own work. I can only afford a page rate of $50 per page and a percentage based on sales if published. This project will be a resubmission to Image Comics as well as other comic book publishers. Please Note, you must be able to complete all 5 pages no later than August 17th, 2009.

All percentages are after a recoup of my initial out of pocket investment paid to the artist.

Artist - 80% of monies made by Creative Team w/ 20% to writer.

As the writer, it's not about the money to me at this point. It's about putting out a great product and building a comic resume with published material.

This is NOT a superhero comic. It's more of a mystery with a small sci-fi twist.

Other Styles That May Work Well:

I will use these 5 pages in an attempt to secure a publishing deal for a 5 issue mini-series or trade paperback. If you are selected as co-creator you must be available to complete the remainder of the project, for a total of 60-80 pages. If you are unable to make such a commitment, please DO NOT contact me.

When contacting you MUST include the following information:

[*]Links to sample of [U]sequential pages[/U] you have done. If you don’t have [U]sequential[/U] samples, do not contact me.
[*]Can you follow the script? If the script reads “Character A is wearing a beanie.” The illustration better show Character A wearing a beanie.
[*]Do you meet deadlines? If you say you can complete the 5 pages in two weeks, complete the pages in two weeks. If you’re the type that is always late, don’t contact me.

Additionally if you’re hired I want you to be passionate about the comic book medium and this project. You must be willing to agree to a contract stating that you will be able to complete the remaining 60-80 pages within a specific time frame if the comic submission is accepted and published.

Let me thank you in advance for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you.

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My comic book idea as well as an eight page introduction have been entered into the January 2009 contest over at The comic is titled "Lifespan".

Alright guys, about 12 hours left for voting. I moved up to 4th place today but would love to go out in 3rd (bronze medal). Voting ends at 9:00AM Friday January, 29th!!!! Please Don't Wait, I need your help!

1. Visit
2. Register
3. Verify Registration in your email
4. Click on “Lifespan.”
5. Click the Vote Button
6. Rate the comic 5 stars
7. Add to favorites

Please let me know if you voted, rated, and favorite. I want to be able to thank you!!!


Pass this on to your friends!!!! Forward this to everyone.

Shannon Cronin
writer of Lifespan

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Brigid, Jason and Steve over at have reviewed this month’s Zuda competitors and they had some really nice things to say about Lifespan. Steve even went so far as to call it "the best concept ever" which was quite a compliment.

Check it out here. The review of Lifespan starts at the 8 minute, 30 second mark.

Additionally Zuda Fan (Liz Steiner) was nice enough to ask the creators some questions about their January comic entries over on Zuda. Here is the Q&A.

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Gambler said:
Nice one.
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