Venom (Eddie Brock) Respect

I'm just making this because I need to put Venom feats somewhere xP

These scans belong to:  venomoushatred1001


Spider-Mans hits doesn't really hurt him alot.


Observe his strenth below:


Taking shots from hulk







Laughing off Spidey's hardest punches


Immunity to electricity


Shakes off grenade




Lifting bulldozer with ease.


Beating Carnage (who is Class 50)


   Easily destroying mini-tanks


Owning ghost rider





Easily ripping steel door


Effortlessy beating Kraven


Could kill Scarlet Spider with one Blow


Oneshots Spidey



Speed blitz Carnage


Venom is as fast as Scarlet Spider...

Catching a bullet after it was fired





Dodges bullets


Reflexes feat.


   Strength again

Lifts truck easily


Destroys robot that beat the Thing



Venom easily throwing a car with only one arm



Venom breaking through metal chains as they were nothing


Throwing a van like it was nothing.


Takes down Spider-man with a tendril.

Almost kills the Thing


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Respect Sun Wukong the magic monkey

   No one KNOWS anything about this guy. He... is... pure... awesomeness. I mean, who pees on Buddhas hand and gets away with it? Really?


Well I'm making this so people can understand more about Sun and his powers.


1. Strength feats

2. Invulnerability feats

3. Healing Factor

4. Speed

5. Magic




1.Strength feats:

Skip to 2:25. Here, Sun easily bats away 4 baddies.




Skip to 3:48 and watch through 4:20. Here, Sun easily kicks him straight back to Heaven and the jade kingdom. Note: Also shows a Invulnerability feat and his Self Size Manipulation.




Skip to 3:23. Suns staff normally weighs 7.5 tons at its average size. But look how huge he willed it and how easily he swings it:




Skip to 7:46. Sun easily kills the tiger and throws it god knows how far (I HIGHLY advise you to watch till 8:30 for laughs):  






2. Invulnerability.

Suns invulnerability is a result of him erasing his name from the book of the dead, eating tons of immortality pills and fruits, and his magic.


In the first 5 minutes, the Jade emperor tried to have Sun executed but NOTHING works. heaven blades, fire, and lightning doesn't do ANYTHING to Sun:









I'll post more feats later.

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Dr. Strange revamped respect thread

Classic Dr. Strange is the most powerful hero ever made. Period. He did things on par or above Dr. Fate.


1. Stranges magic

2. Stranges battles


His magic does UNLIMITED amounts of anything he wants. It's a gateway for the writer's imagination to take place.


Here, he stops time worldwide:


Here, Strange uses his magic to despel the illusion and defeats Moondragon with the Mind Gem:


Here, Strange escapes the Rings of Raggadorr from the Living Tribunal:


Breaks out of a second one:


With the aid of his Amulet, he slowly breaks down the Ancient ones mental barrier:


Easily took control of Thor's hammer (Thor has shown the ability to fly without his hammer so what he said was pis)


Calls upon Chaos and Order to defeat In-Betweener:


Astral Projection:



Here, Strange doesn't get affected by a Supernova and puts a cork in a black hole:


Strange has power over the Infinity Guantlet. He shuts down the gems:



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Thor's revamped respect part 2.

Thor is and always been one of marvels most powerful heroes. He is normally compared to DC heroes in terms of power as well. This is more organized for you to see where Thor is.


1. Thor's strength

2. Thor's striking power

3. Thor's durability

4. Thor's speed

5. Thor's weather powers

6. Thor's skill with Mjolnir

7. Thor's superpowers without his hammer

8. Mjolnir's uncommonly used powers

9. Mjolnir's common powers

10. Thor's godblast

11. Thor's morals and limitations on his power

12. Thor fights if I decide to ever do this.


1.Thor's Strength: His strength is legendary. He is one of marvels most strongest character. Compared to even the Hulk at times.


Armwrestles Hercules to a stalemate. The sheer strength of them was collapsing the area around them and putting the planet out of orbit:


Masterson Thor (Thunderbolt) stalemates Gladiator (Marvels superman) for a while. Note, Gladiator destroyed a planetoid with 3 hits:


Here, Thor lifts the Midgard serpent. Whom is said to be at LEAST half as heavy as earth or even as heavy as the planet itself:


Here he resists the weight of a Neutron star:

Thor pushes the World engine in order to reverse Yggdrasil:


Thor's equal, Beta ray Bill, stated he has crushed moons before with his fists.


Here, he states he has shatter planets before with his hammer (Stormbreaker =< Mjolnir. Bill =< Thor)


2.Thor's striking power:


Thor's punch can shatter small mountains:


He one shotted Namor in the rain while holding back. It was an "accidental" knock out. Note: Namor got up a few pages later:

Thor when not holding back struck a Celestial at full power. It vibrated and the force was so strong, it was felt and damaged the entire planet:



Thor's hammer throw can destroy mountains and small planetoids:


Thor while angry (NOT IN WARRIOR"S MADNESS) struck Bill and destroyed an asteroid/moon/small planetoid with his strength:


3.Thor's durability:

Thor possesses nigh-invulnerability from what I've seen from him.

Bullets bounce off him:


Wolverines claws only scratched his skin and didn't harm his cheekbones:



Neutron star feat again yeah yeah:


Here, Thor is getting crushed by the weight of 20 planets:


An unaware Thor doesn't get injured by Wondermans punch:


The sun's temperature doesn't harm Thor at all:


Thor created an attack 1000x hotter than the sun at an extremely close range and doesn't feel the heat:


Thor resisted temporal forces that can freeze molecules:


Executioner's ice prison does nothing to Thor:

Thor resists an attack that is equal to an exploding sun from the same guy above:


Electricity doesn't harm Thor:


Survives an energy attack from Thanosi that destroyed a planet:


Thor withstands multiple energy attacks from a Celestial:


Resists Strangers mindblast while Moondragon cannot:


Moondragon with the mind gem is useless against an enraged Thor:


Thor cannot be aged by Tempus:


Thor unattaches his atoms from the ground. He was phased into the ground by Kitty:


Resists a  disintegration touch from one of the 8 exemplars:

Thor's soul is extremely powerful:


Thor survives a psychic attack from Glory (Said in an interview to be equal to a pissed off Odin):


4.Thor's speed:
Here is the area where people underestimate Thor the most. He is normally written to fight like a slow brawler but that's because he holds back and writer plot. He is quite fast from what you will see down here.

Reacts to QS and with the use of tactics, bullrushed him and koed him. Current QS is as fast as radiowaves:


Thor reacts and catches Rulk from falling into a black hole:


Thor catches Mjolnir when it was micro-seconds away from hitting him:


Thor reacted while a telepathic blast was midway about to hit him from Pheonix rachel:


Bill, Thors equal, easily dodges a blast (with Surfer in it) that was moving at multiple lightspeed:


Thor is as fast as the lightning he commands:



Thor catches Ego whom was moving at hyperspace speeds (at LEAST 5000x FTL)

He does it again but I don't have this scan... A clear discription, Thor was blasted by a being and was unconscience for a bit and Ego was far away. Thor easily caught up to him again.

Thor outracing Ego:

Thor EASILY outraces Ego again:

Note: Thor >= Beta ray Bill whom has crossed the galaxy in moments. Not only that, Thor threw Mjolnir and it travelled across the galaxy around 60 seconds.


5.Thor's Weather powers:

Thor's weather control is insane. He can do anything from a multi-planetary feat to something like the infinity vortex. His weather control has harmed skyfathers and abstracts.


Summons winds from 1000 worlds and harmed Glory (A being that never felt pain and is a skyfather level) and which created a cosmic hurricane afterwards:


Thor creates tidal waves:


Thor's lightning injured Amatsu Mikaboshi (Whom absorbed 99.76% of the multiverse)

Thor's can use it as a radial attack:


Thor's whirlwinds can freeze people and are powerful enough to protect them from even the casket of winters:


6.Thor's skill with Mjolnir:

Like earlier, Thor's hammer can bust small planetoids:

Thor can will Mjolnir to go wherever he wants:


He has thrown and willed Mjolnir at billions of times FTL:



Mjolnir ALWAYS comes back to Thor:


Thor's hammer doesn't impact directly, It prevented a giant Tsunami from flooding NY:


7.Thor's superpowers:

People think Thor doesn't have any powers other than super strength without Mjolnir. They are wrong however. Thor has plenty of powers without his hammer.


Thor's fired lightning bolts from his hands:


His body emited electricity:


Thor summons lightning without Mjolnir. He also revives Hogun but it's mostly due to the electricity:


Thor summons lightning with a thought in order to escape Hercules's bearhug:


Thor can fire omni-directional blasts:


It's power was enough to kill Durok the Demolisher:



Warrior Madness:


Thor has control over the earth:


Created whirlwinds with his cape:


Created a whirlwind without anything but his own power:


Here, Thor threw Mjolnir at Storm and hangs in midair for a while without his hammer. This is most likely due to his weather control:


Thor hovers in midair (It's POSSIBLE that his hammer is making him hover though)


Thor's godliness can transcent the physical realm. Regardless he be in his physical form or his corporeal form:


8.Mjolnir's uncommon powers:

Mjolnir has so many powers, it's virtually a Plot weapon.

Here is the infinity Vortex. It has negated Juggernaut's magic, blocked a life bomb that would've destroyed 1/5th of the universe, Slowly tried to strip away Firelord of his Power Cosmic, strips beings of their enchantments/immortal lifeforce, and banishment:


He can return the dead with it:




Thor can erase memories:


Thor's hypnotizes people:





Thor's anti force kills Mangog:


9.Mjolnir's common powers:

Here are scans of Mjolnir's common powers:


Energy absorption and some redirections:



Absorbs a galaxy destroying bomb:


Absorbs yellow sunlight energy and redirects at at vampires:


Can redirect the energy at 10x power:


Or even a 100x:


Absorbs Glory's attack and redirects it to kill him:




It can teleport people to different locations at the same time:


Teleportation range is limitless:


Thor summons his belt of strength:


Thor doesn't have to use whirlwinds in order to teleport:


No one can resist Thor's teleportation:


He can teleport to wherever he wants. Even to specific people:


10. Thor's godblast.

Thor's godblast has done things no other superheroes of his tier can do.


Thor's godblast nearly killed a hungry Galactus had he not flee:


Pierces a Celestials armor but cracks:


Did the impossible... It pushed a moving Juggernaut back while his forcefield was on:


The God blast won the war over Ymir and Surtur wielding the twilight sword:


11: Thor holds back CONSTANTLY because he WILL kill mortals or weaker beings than himself if he lets loose even a little bit. Or in other terms, Thor is too powerful a hero to fit in the Marvel hero/villain world so he's constantly dumbed down into a brick. I know guys like Superman also holds back BUT Thor's energy projections and weather powers and magic are vastly superior to Superman's or Cap's powerset.


Thor talks about how he holds back:


Thor holds back:


Thor pissed off (See the difference?)


Thor even holds back on herald level beings comparable to Superman. Yes, Gladiator:

Thor even holds back against the dark gods until he has to:


Beginning of Neos, The story of the Lonely Alien part 1

  (Sitting on top of the Empire State Building, thinking about things deeply) "I had always been different from others.... I could fly around the cosmos without aid... I could get my arm cut off and it will regenerate... I could swim to the bottom of the deepest of the oceans or fly straight into the Heavens from above... been outcasted by many... hated the majority... feared by the fearless... I am Neos... one of the sole survivors of Neo Space. My power is great and can strike fear amongst the heroes and villains alike. I'm alone... always had been, always will be, now, and forever. However, it was not always like this... I was humbled as the bravest hero back on my planet... Fended off invaders, eliminated evil, and saved the innocents... But then, He came... Galactus... 
I flew to this planet because of that malevolent cosmic entity that fed on my planet. I failed to save it from his hunger. My home... my friends... My family... My son...  
(Later, down in the the streets, the Juggernaut is causing havoc and robbing a bank. Spiderman tries to stop him but Juggernaut easily pushes him out of the way and into a building. It collapsed. Neos flies and meets the Juggernaut face to face. Cain said “Get outta my way you space freak"! Neos said "No... You are making so much noise that I can't relax my mind..." Juggs interrupted "Excuse me, but when is worrying about you relaxing part of my job description? Now get outta my way before I pummel you"! Neos sighed "Look, I don't care if you’re doing your job, if you don't keep it down while doing it, I will kill you". Juggs laughed "HAHAHA KILL ME???" He drops the bags of cash. "You asked for it pal". Neos said "You don't want to do this Juggernaut". Juggs yelled out "It's THE Juggernaut bitch"!  (Juggernaut ran towards Neos. It was said that it’s impossible to stop the Juggernaut while he’s on the move because of his infinite momentum. Neos is about to see if the rumors are true... Juggs ran straight into Neos, Neos having both legs in the ground, trying to stop the Juggernaut, the ground below crumbles under the physical strength of these 2. Juggs continues to move forward while Neos fails to stop him from advancing... Juggs then throws a right hand punch to Neos... But with instantaneous reflexes, he easily dodges the punch and dives under it and throws Juggernaut into buildings. Spiderman said "What are you doing??? You’re endangering innocent lives here!” Neos replied in a cold tone "Their lives mean nothing to me you insect". Spiderman then rushes to see if any people were hurt. Juggernaut emerges from the debris and yells "HAH. YOU THINK A SIMPLE THROW CAN TAKE ME DOWN??!!! THEN YOU"VE GOT ANOTHER THING COMING!” Juggernaut yet again charges at Neos. Neos, annoyed, decided to not stall any longer. He flew into the sky before Juggernaut could catch him and was flying at blinding speed that Juggernaut and Spiderman couldn't even see him. Juggernaut said "Sto..." Neos hits him from behind and Juggernaut flew out of NY, across states, out of the USA, across the ocean, passed Britain, through Europe, and finally, landed in the Himalayan Mountains. They won't be seeing him again for a while. However, the force of how hard Neos hit caused mirrors on buildings to shatter and even the buildings themselves fell under his power. The power of his hit was so great, that it killed people near the Empire State Building. Spiderman said grimly "... Do you know what you've just done? DO YOU!!!???” Neos replied in a calm voice “Yes... I got rid of the trouble and peace is back for the time being. Spiderman yelled "PEACE???!!! YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO HIT JUGGERNAUT SO HARD THAT IT CAUSED PEOPLE NEARBY TO DIE!” Neos replied in a deathlike tone "If you keep talking to me like that, they’re not the only ones who are gonna be dead". Spiderman said "Remember what you did today monster... You'll shall see no remorse, hear no pity, or feel no guilt, you brought yourself onto a path you wished you never did". Neos replied "Your actually gonna try to take me on human"? Spideman said "No... Not just me..." (The Avengers appeared: Captain America Steve, Extremis Ironman, Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage, Quicksilver, Scarlett Witch, Sentry, and Thor). Spiderman Cont. "But the Avengers as well. We're taking you in Neos! Captain America yelled “AVENGERS!!! ASSEMBLE!!!” Neos replied grimly “You can all… die… trying...”
To be continued....  
 P.S. If you guys like this, i'll continue to post this weekly. ^^    

Superhuman Registration act

If you live in the comic/superhero world, where would you reside? with the people? or with your fellow comrades?

WIth Cap? 
Or with Stark? 
Give your reasons why.


Whos your favorite DC/Marvel Hero and why?

My Favorite Marvel Hero is Spider-man because out of all the Hero's, he's the one with real life problems like worrying about his family and comparing him to other heros such as Wolverine and Ghost Rider.... Spideys deffinitly one of the most Noble heros. What is your favorite Hero and why?
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