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@pyrogram: Not as safe as a net. One wrong move on her part and he would've been in some shyit :P

Tbh, I hoped they would of left the flashbacks in the last season. But aye, GA, Waller, suicide squad wit Slade and maybe cap Boomerang and Deadshot, I'll bite at the prospects.

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@pyrogram said:

@surkit: She was chasing him through the rooftops, and he planted four crossbows on each corner, when she ran through a sensor it triggered them and trapped her.

HECK YEAH! Ready and hyped.

That's just not safe Ollie.

The new trailer is dope right? I think they're finally stepping away from the brooding Batman type of GA and making him more like old school Ollie.

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@pyrogram: I didn't see that episode how'd he pull that off?

You finally ready for season 3?

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@pyrogram said:

@arquitenens: I gotta put a damn leash on you, you're getting outta control...


[And no, that's not Felicity!]

It's Buubs Canary

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@natalia_dante said:

I liked Gotham a lot, personally.

Of course you do. The majority of characters are emotionally broken from the beginning :P

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@surkit: Yeah they laid the foreshadowing on with a trowel. Its forced and way over the top.

Then again, what do they really have without it. A barely noir cop drama.

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@surkit: Wore the flag on my main charecter for like 2-3 years lol. Union jack is boss though.

Don't count. I wanna see tea and Crowns. Big Bens and cherrios in bowlers. Double brimmed hats and dentistry degree at the local annex.

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@arquitenens: Should. It's one of those ones that's fun to cut down lol.

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@strigidae_23: I understand what your saying, and I'm impressed. Thats a perspective I didn't even think of. The Uncle Ben thing rounded it off for me.

They tried to make the point that it was random and not from in Wayne's world in the end of the episode with Falconi, least it seems, that the shiny shoes thing was just a bad plot device to make you think maybe it was a hit.

It looks what they are really trying to do is say 'we're not in Nolan's verse. I'm not Nolan, this isn't Nolans POV.' But they're being too obnoxious and idk...naive about it. Like they think hitting the points he didn't will make them equally as memorable by filling the gaps he left open.

Plus the foreshadowing is already proving to be too heavy

"Why were you on the roof?"

"I'm trying to conquer fear."

twenty years later

:"Commissioner, I'm Batman"

Gordon: "No, your Bruce Wayne"

Future Bat: "What?! How did you-"

Gordon: "You were a creep kid who stood on roofs then and your a creep man who stands on roofs now. Next question."