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Batman needs to be revealed to be Lex Luthor in the Vs movie.

You gotta break that one down for me.

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@pyrogram said:

@surkit: I hate Kryptonite and if they use that as some stupid-ass method of Batman versing him. -_- It's damn idiotic. I'm only a little excited for this movie to see superman again, as that actor was kinda cool. lol

Well come on, be fair. It's more explainable than saying he can go toe to toe because piston joints and steel mask :P Actor killed it though. Hope Affleck does the same for Bats.

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@surkit: And from what I've seen, TV flash is slow as sh!t compared to his comic counterpart.

Seems so, taking his time to catch Arrows in that promo.

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@pyrogram: My man. In the cartoon batman returns movie they at least made Supes a moderate level of strong. We remember from MoS he was doing some ridiculously strong shit. How Bats can even be 'Versing' him idk, that implies he's actually got a chance of winning. Then again, I don't remember Kryptonite playing a role at all in the first one so that'll no doubt be a big plot device involving Luthor.

GA on the big screen? Idk, not sure he's equipped for that, or the tv flash. Arrow crossing into Shneiders' U would look forced together like two different colors of play dough.

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@pyrogram: lol I get you. Good luck with that though :P

Ah that'd be cheeks, nobody should face Joker and win unless it's Batman. Let's figure it though, if not a GA with a higher tag, we know there will be a flash in the JLA movie. So they are gonna have to recast a character for movies thats already on tv. So why can't they bring a Batman to tv and still have the separate movie verse? Did it with that supes movies back in 06' during the Smallville run

Just found this-

“Hello Stephen I really wanna know was the girl in the prison cell in the suicide squad actually meant to be Harley Quinn?”

Another fan quickly pointed out that it obviously was Quinn. Amell confirmed this, adding:

“Doesn't mean I can't answer... It was absolutely Harley Quinn. Hope she is back - AND OUT OF HER CELL - in Season 3.”

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@pyrogram: Gambler doing a secondary character?

I know what you mean. If he could control it GA would be useless lol. Man, more than anything I would. Everybody is so chicken shit to try a tv based Batman. It's been like over sixty years since it's been tried. Harley quinn being with Waller in that first sicide squad episode gives me hope. What about you? What character would you wanna see make a cameo?

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@pyrogram said:

@surkit: Hahaha! I think he just wanted to see her tied up >_> :P

I oddly enjoy the flashbacks, mainly due to Slade being in them. Now he isn't, well, maybe it'll get boring. Season two was better than season one, here's hoping to season three triples the awesome. I wonder what the suicide squad will do, no way Ollie is fighting all of them, even with his team, they'd get stomped out lol

I'll drink to that.

I see that happening, but only when Ollie gets his own team going. Him, RA, BC, Diggle, Flash and a few extras from both shows over time.

But manly I see them being sent on missions in other places attached to the end game of the season. Big hold out hope is just to see a villain scheme that crosses both shows in the next season, requiring a large cast with mad variety.

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@pyrogram: Not as safe as a net. One wrong move on her part and he would've been in some shyit :P

Tbh, I hoped they would of left the flashbacks in the last season. But aye, GA, Waller, suicide squad wit Slade and maybe cap Boomerang and Deadshot, I'll bite at the prospects.

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@pyrogram said:

@surkit: She was chasing him through the rooftops, and he planted four crossbows on each corner, when she ran through a sensor it triggered them and trapped her.

HECK YEAH! Ready and hyped.

That's just not safe Ollie.

The new trailer is dope right? I think they're finally stepping away from the brooding Batman type of GA and making him more like old school Ollie.

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@pyrogram: I didn't see that episode how'd he pull that off?

You finally ready for season 3?

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@pyrogram said:

@arquitenens: I gotta put a damn leash on you, you're getting outta control...


[And no, that's not Felicity!]

It's Buubs Canary