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I wish they would bring Young Justice back.

100% This ^

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@surkit: Thankies :-)

What throws it out the window?

@arquitenens: Hehee, thanks :-)

Glasses = invisible in this universe, whats that say about the deductive skills of the general inhabitant. Not to mention the fact that

1. Assuming Batman was already Bruce, and Lex had him incarcerated, how could he not escape the same place every one of his enemies walk out of like it had a turnstile?

2. Your over looking the fact that there's a set image in peoples minds that you can break Batman's back in a more realistic universe, drop him in a hole about six stories deep, and he'll still escape to come back, fight the bad guy, put him on blast and win.

-1. Now that whole plan could play if done correctly, mainly if the character of Hush was used in the place of Lex Luthor, or if Hush was Lex luthor.

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@pyrogram said:

@surkit: I'd love to see if, considering he's getting his own show too it isn't out of the question.

Yeah that one, watched two episodes of the new one and just got bored. EMH was my favorite tv show at the time!

It seems like it was geared directly towards kids under 12 :P The best shows will never be known for pandering down to young kids, especially when nowadays they catch more than adults.

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@_ophelia_ said:
@surkit said:

@strigidae_23 said:

Batman needs to be revealed to be Lex Luthor in the Vs movie.

You gotta break that one down for me.

Me too.

Sure. Basically you just use Superman's POV for the first part. Some dark vigilante, gotta investigate, they scuffle, whatever. Clark is concerned about inspiring the rising tide of dangerous vigilantism, stuff like that. The audience thinks they're in on the secret; its Bruce Wayne.

But it isn't.

Some 'Bruce Wayne' clues are tossed in. Mysterious billionaire, parents tragically murdered before them, Clark comments on what something like that could drive a man to do.. or become. Audience nods knowingly.

Bruce Wayne has dropped off the map. Hasn't been seen in years. Clark finds a clue that leads him to Arkham. He goes there to find a former employ of WayneTech who worked on secret military contracts. The guards drag him in and chain him to the table. He's shaggy haired with a beard down to his chest. The guards leave after telling Clark he's dangerously insane. Clark tells the man he's looking for something that will lead him to Bruce Wayne. He looks Clark in the eyes and says "I'm Bruce Wayne".

The lights go out and Batman attacks.

[You could do the same thing with a Gordan show in which Gordan is suppose to figure out who Batman is. Let the audience think they know the answer.]

You need to be in movies gorgeous. Like MM said, dat mind.

But ask me what throws that out the window.

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@surkit: Maybe, maybe, as it's set in the Arrow Verse maybe they are toning it down though. Imagine him being Quicksilver movie speed xD

Ever since Earths Mightiest heroes was cancelled I quit watching Marvel TV shows. That cancellation pissed me off! It was the best...

Maybe only at first (lotta Maybes lol), but I convinced myself just now. The fact is we know they are gonna play on time travel in the show. The only way he can pull that off is to move faster than light speed. I mean there is NO WAY around that.

Was that the one where Cap still had wing decals? I like it too, the one they swapped it with was weak sauce.

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Waiting for LL to reply is like waiting for a tsunami wave to drop.

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@pyrogram: Maybe they are really gona sell the speedforce? Picture it like a faucet with the handle only slightly turned to let out a thin stram that makes him that fast ^ Over time it'll be eventually on full blast and he'll be able to go near light, or, sicne the trailer talks about a speedster in the past, faster than light to save his mom. Or he's just slow as shit idk lol

I gotta say this around the web thing below the comment box is growin on me. Never heard of spider man web warriors until now but it looks like a good show.

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Batman needs to be revealed to be Lex Luthor in the Vs movie.

You gotta break that one down for me.

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@pyrogram said:

@surkit: I hate Kryptonite and if they use that as some stupid-ass method of Batman versing him. -_- It's damn idiotic. I'm only a little excited for this movie to see superman again, as that actor was kinda cool. lol

Well come on, be fair. It's more explainable than saying he can go toe to toe because piston joints and steel mask :P Actor killed it though. Hope Affleck does the same for Bats.

@pyrogram said:

@surkit: And from what I've seen, TV flash is slow as sh!t compared to his comic counterpart.

Seems so, taking his time to catch Arrows in that promo.