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@_drake said:

Brotherhood of Sin

Garrison Grail - Pride/Vanity: C'mon, it's Gambler.

Connoisseur - Lust: Beneath his heroics, I can see Kieran (like any Andres alt but Espada) filling Lust

Doom - Greed: Emperor of Elysia, check. Tried to take over Asgard, check. Talks in third person, check. Never shares his stuff unless he wins something, check. Yep, Doom.

Drake - Wrath: Beneath his clown behavior, Drake is solely moved by his ire.

Guy (FuzionGuy) - Sloth: He basically didn't want to help the USA cause the team is on Japan. Luckily we have his daughter.

Blubber - Gluttony: For those who don't know him, his look is Blob... Yeah...

Animus - Envy: He probably envies manhood because he is no longer alive. And to fill it up with my bro Surkit too!

On point wit all those.

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@the_psyentist: No not our characters as they are now but existing in the future, but actually aged five years in the world five years later. It doesn't even have to be a canon event, but just a sort of alternate-universe RPG if that makes sense?

I'm very interested.

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RPG's in the last two weeks:Bout six. Participant: Bout 0

Have events gone the way of the teams?

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Mercury Men

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That is a good intro post but I will pass on this.

Can't wait for you to not post.

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OP is up, nuttin fancy.

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Nobody knows exactly what started it, there's speculations, ideas that never really live long enough to be considered concrete possibilities. Not to say that that the few people still alive have time to take up an interest in them. We've got it hard enough trying to forget them.

It's been five years since the dead started walking again. To tell you the truth, wondering how it's possible that people can rise from the's just a way to pass the time, no different than playing cards between sprinting for our lives. When you've got a rotten jaw inches from your face gnashing, not sure what'll get you first the teeth or that thin line of drool that hangs precariously from the corners, that introspective shit just loses all reason.

The world has been ravaged by the dead. There is no longer a sense of community, only the sense that there used to be. The dead can walk and the inanimate can be masochistic, reminding you of what you'll never have again; Safety, strength, trust.

If your smart you'll do one of two things. Find a place to hold up and learn to live off of the bare minimum, or take to the road. Staying in place offers familiarity that can help make it easier to survive and limit your chances of being cornered. But there's also the factor that sooner or later, your going to run out of food. We all end up on the road at some point and it's a Russian Roulette game every time you do. It's always a long walk, you might not find shelter and have to sleep alone in the dark to keep from drawing any of them in. Many a bodies I've found writhing in zipped sleeping bags.

Its a survival game but only in the strictest sense of the word. No matter where you go and how far you get, these ugly some bitches are gonna take a bite of you at some point. Who knows why we push on.

We;ve been dead since this started, we just don't know it.


I didn't see a reason to describe the world, yall know. :P

No super powers, no happening to be the son of a famous samurai, etc. If you have any skills that help you kill these things sell them as realistically as possible.

Have fun with it.

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Feels like we need something like this right now.