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The air ionized around him as Frey stepped through the threshold of his master's longhouse. He had been skeptical of the message, but the boredom of looking after the house in his master's absence had increased his suspension of disbelief. He blinked dumbly as the smell of pub food and hard booze and foreign creatures hammered his nostrils. He shook his head and reasserted his dominance of his senses.

He looked around for a place to store his blades, and seeing none went straight to the bar. He waved down the bartender. "Excuse me, sir, but do you serve food here?"


The synthetic bot turned on a single wheel and wavered a little on it's rod like torso, "Certainly sir. The conglomeration of technology we have at our disposal allows us to read the salivation levels indicating hunger of our patrons as well as the alignment of tastebuds to indicate optimal euphoria to the palette. Your meal was created when you arrived." A plate dings out of the bottom of the bar steaming beside a frothing beer placed by the troll tender.

Sitting beside him was a young man in his late twenties maybe early thirties watching a nether dimensional game of some kind where the players on the field were also the goalies, nets hanging behind their backs on a belt system while three different balls are hurled at each other to land on an unsuspecting players net. "Crazy"

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I feel weird not knowing as it's mainly the comic's I read haha but does anybody know of any slightly older magic/magic-like male character's probably looking around mid 20's. I was thinking of just using Constantine if nobody else was using him but wanna see other options? please and thank you :)


Not so much magic but maybe your style

Nate Gray aka X-man

If I think of any more close to home I'll let you know.

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the fck? Dude who was eating waitresses is now a hero, legitimately?

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@shinigami_: Tilting his head to the side while sipping his drink the four sided black steel shuriken hits the wall with a thud and cracks the wood on the back of the bar. "Tip. If you want to surprise someone don't give them a heads up." the elemental marksman takes one more sip of his drink before dipping two fingers in it, pulling them out with the water following, flowing upward like it were a gel and not a liquid.

Standing he lets it drag beside him to leave a wet trail on the steel ground. With a flick of his wrist the drink cracks like a whip, igniting in flames. He waits for one of the other human patrons to make a move, or at least see which needed the most spotting.

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@shanana said:


If you google this one of the first things you find is Y intercepts bio...makin up words and shit lol

@surkit: 30 day trial?

Checkout the front page of rpg

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Opening the door to the illusive bar, Bishop looks around. The smells were all different from another, one table had fries and a burger, another had chow mein, another some squid looking purple meal in front of an alien of some kind. Pulling his mask up and curling it into a skully he smiles and walks upto the bar, drumming the edge as the bar bot approaches, "Rum and coke with two cubes."

Rolling around he looks around for some familiar or even unfamiliar faces to pass the time with.

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Yo already know my vote.

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This might sound dumb but are there rules to make another universe to rp in ?

Nah. Something about crossing separate U's but it just depends on how you go about it.

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