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@_nobody_: I liked the underlying associations with Christianity. Messiah dies, for the world's sins of tech advancement, is ressurected, heals the blind and sick. Made me think of historical cats like Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, John Lennon, Kennedy. People always reject the future and most of the time with violence.

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@_nobody_: I liked how it stayed in the gray. Wasn't sure who was in the right until the last few minutes

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I'm wondering if the shield stopping thor's hammer is an easter egg to what it's (the shield) made of being a big deal down the road. I wonder if Marvel still controls adamantium since fox has wolverine. If they do that means the shield can ONLY be made of vibranium.

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If blade could make 70,000,000 with a 45,000,000 budget, in this era of super hero based movies would make twice that for another Black character like Panther.

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@surkit: I kinda liked the Prince of Persia movie. It had a lot of flaws (and a crappy ending), but it was very close to being a good movie.

It was close but it was too kid based for me. Seemed like a live action Aladdin.

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@_grifter_: they were behind the prince of persia movie and that bombed. At quick glance that would make me think this'll bomb too. But Ubisoft seems to be a company that learns from their mistakes. I gotta expect them to get it right.

Course the only way it'll be is if it's R rated.

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@peak: I wasn't a fan of him. I wish they would just cut out the animus all together. They haven't, across 4 games, made the future story seem relevant. I'm guessing all that part did in AC1 and AC2 was move desmonds story forward.

I hated switching between Ezio and Desmond, the future story line didn't do a damn thing for me. I wish they would've just focused on the past Assassins.

I figured it was like that. I hope this movie they keep talking about is only based in the past.

It would be a decent thing to have if they made the story of the past relevant to the future you know, even when the assassins beat the templar's it doesn't make the story move forward, but down the same sideways line. Precursor item chase, templars lose, repeat. Still not havin any idea what the precursors are about is a whole other part of the story. They dragged out the mystery angle across four titles, with they'd just move forward.

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@peak: I def gotta try it than