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@_eclipse_: Got you. I'm down when it's up. Surprised Pyro didn't show up on mobile or something, he's like the king addict.

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@_eclipse_: Oh I didn't know that was yours, I was waiting for an OP to go up. lol

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@shadowswordmaster: So do Mercury, Strigidae and Dread. Clara currently has four posts that I can see to reply to in the White House thread alone, so I can understand why that would take time to reply to.

Besides, sometimes it's inevitable that things don't work out. I created that 'Support Centre' thread that a lot of people said they were totally interested in, but it never got used. So I moved onto the next thing. Suggested an RPG set in the future my character Rook comes from, which again got a lot of interest, but no-one actually created any characters for it, so I moved onto the next thing. (Course that one might still happen, just need to wait for Pyro to get back cause he's an important part of the story.)

Point is, I could be considered fairly 'popular' here (at least probably by Yashimora's definition) and yet a lot of the things I've tried to start just haven't picked up any momentum. I'm okay with that. But the key is (as Surkit said) getting to know people and finding a group of friends to write with, instead of complaining when people who barely know you don't reply to your stuff. I don't agree that the Vine is all about popularity, but making friends certainly helps.

Bump that for me?

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@mryashimora: It's 10% skill and 90% attitude. Try getting to know people, meet some friends instead of treating it like a place to perform for an audience.

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I thought you changed the rules title lol wecome back MR. Once I see what she's about I'll figure something out to do with you.

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@thunderbolt: I can shop any pics you need. Also try using superboy, look it about the same. @mr__mercury: lol yo i contemplated it.

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@thunderbolt: Oh yeah but you got in on grit. I got in for one bangin story and a one rpg team that ripped off the JLI lol

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@thunderbolt: Maaan I thought you'd do a spit take with that photoshopped aquafina bottle, the way you were saying you missed the name.

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@surkit said:

How'd I get in before Mercury?

Same reason others got in before people like Longshot. You're not more or less deserving of it, you're just more present. People have short memories, and there aren't many vets around, and Merc had gone through a period of little to no activity

Now I don't even want it.

@surkit: You could just step in front of him : P

*does a lateral off to Mercury*

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I'm glad they're talking about Cyborg again, it was almost painful seeing Dana try to hype up Gina Carano like she would be even a subtle challenge for Ronda.

Yo how did you feel about her in Expendables?