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I Read up to and through the Culling Arc. And that was by far the ABSOLUTE WORST Titans Story I've ever read. Since then I've been going to my local store and flipping through the new issues when they come in. It just gets worse and worse. I love the Titans to death, they are my all time favorite team and I'm a comic reader because of them. What Lobdell has done with his "stories" is sap the team of everything that made them unique among other superhero teams. They are now just like every other angsty teenage team and honestly it just upsets me.

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Best for me is Animal Man, Aquaman, Nightwing and Superman Unchained.

Worst is anything written by Scott Lobdell. The Guy's work is nothing short of crud IMO.

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While I love Blackest Night, that was a story that was more of a DC universe story than a Green Lantern one. Sinestro Corps war was beyond EPIC and it was a brilliant idea. There are just so many good moments in the story, Ganthet telling off the other guardians, The corps recuperating after the first attack, and many others but I think my favorite moment is when Hal saves Kyle from Parallax.

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First I don't judge until I see the film because I have to see the movie in it's entirety before judging it.

Second, based on what I've seen and read so far the only thing I'm concerned about is that Kal-El had powers before coming to earth. It's a definitive part of the mythology and shouldn't change imo. The rest of it I can deal with depending on how it's presented in the movie. As to the costume, make it brighter.

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I'm glad it's being done this way. It makes the villains more interesting because then they actually have to think of ways to stop Superman instead of relying on the kryptonite that happens to be sitting at their feet.

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Bring back Wally. I'd be ok with Donna coming back if her backstory would stay to one backstory

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I personally think it's boring. To me, it's like seeing the most popular girl and boy in high school together, makes me want to puke.

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Birthright is my favorite, Kingdom Come, Red Son, and Brainiac are also great ones I don't get tired of.

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I think he could. Chris Yost is a great writer and I think he would do a lot of neat stories with Spidey. That's not saying Dan Slott is bad, he's a great writer as well.

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@lvenger: I realize Lemire has a lot on his plate right now and it was mostly wishful thinking. I suggest reading his run on Superboy before the new 52, it was an awesome read and I think he could give Superman a dark/ science fiction feel to it. Regardless, we at least have this one story arc to read in AC before Unchained comes out.