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The phantom was bad, but Steel was one of the worst and to this day most disappointing comic related movie ever. I was a huge Steel fan after the Death of Superman/Supermen stories that this movie broke my heart.

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so captain america is the sheriff, tony stark is the drunk, and obviously hulk is the stranger who comes into town. after looking at the cover I was hoping that the wolf at the top was representing Red Wolf? maybe so, please...

I just hope that the majority of the areas in war world are not just alternate versions of Marvels major characters.. that will get played out faster than I'd want it to.

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Flight and Invulnerability

I'd really like to be able to fly through space when I'm bored.

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Well, if there is no real devil, can't we all ?

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Huge Arkon fan, this is awesome, the more that gets put out there about Secret War is real exciting stuff. Freaking Arkon

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Luthor is one of those classic stories that everyone needs to read (even if you are afraid of non-major publishers).

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In reality the Battle Forums don't matter, but it's a fun place for people to unload their nerd-rage on those who believe something in opposition of their beliefs. It's a place for people to tell others that they have read more than them, or that they misinterpreted what really happened.

Mostly though, they are fun and give people a chance to debate and converse about the characters they are passionate about or passionately against.

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Not sure I really worried about fitting in or finding my place, I was just glad to find a place to read, watch and talk about one of the things I'm pretty passionate about.

I'm not one who's worried about reaching a post count or getting enough likes here and there or being a battle champion, just looking to talk comics when I find a topic I feel like chatting about.

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I think it is real but it's only a real big issue when debates are being had. There are situation when some trickery needs to be added to make something work, and sometimes it can get pretty ridiculous but if it didn't exist the same people would always do the same thing all the time.

But come on, Batman is hands down the PIS king. (to the point where I think it hurts his character in a lot of comic fans eyes, outside his die-hards atleast). lol

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What he's doing, is what I feel whenever I see this costume.

I only give this look a pass because it was used to show the golden oldies look (maybe a little too retro) but ya a pretty silly look.