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Anything with High Evolutionary is a must read for me. Like the new team too, some neat characters sprinkled in with some obvious choices.

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YESSSSSSS! Zemoooooooo!!!

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The fact that I hated Days of Future past greatly doesn't help but...

This does not feel in any way like a FF4 movie. The trailer was far better than I had anticipated and I like the Sue Storm casting honestly, but this just isn't FF4. is the Thing really a freaking rock golem?

I'll probably see it with the hopes that it will stick close to the actual FF4 idea, but not feeling to strongly that they will.

and no real DOOM in that trailer? (minus what looked like a maybe doom walking down hall or on the table at the end) meh

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This and the following issue #250, were the first books I bought from my local comic shop. I remember thinking that Gladiator was so cool and to see him, Captain Americ, The Fantastic Four, Spider-man, and the X-men fighting it out blew my mind. And it was my first real introduction to the Skrulls (still one of my favorite issues).

Fantastic Four #249 - Man and Superman!

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Reboots are a restart, this is more of a result of things leading up. It's not earth's crash together and a reset button is pushed but instead, worlds collide and this is what's left behind. I'm excited for what could be done and can't wait.

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Shaking my head at this? what are you doing Marvel, how do you promote this type of message? did he watch the video before he thought "wow my kid looks cool doing this why not?"

So when do we get the covers honoring J-Lo's song with Iggy "Booty"? that would be interesting......

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Spider-Man definitely, amazing power set (ya I went with amazing) and I'd be able to do so much more with far less junk to carry around.

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There will obviously be a deadpool of some kind somewhere doing deadpool things so to see Wade go will be sad as a comic fan but like in real life at some point a character may very well face death. Let's hope they do it well and the Merc with a mouth meets his death with a katana in one hand and a taco in the other.

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@dbvse7 said:

You were wrong. Calling someone who is Native American an Indian (a common mistake even children make because they are not educated on the matter), is not the same thing as calling a black person a nigger.

Hell, I know Native Americans who call themselves Indians. I don't know a lot of black people who call themselves "niggers"

What? you don't? hmm...? interesting, wish I was you

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Bo Jackson, He was equally talented at many things where a lot of people mentioned were great at what they did (Ali, Jordan, etc). Sanders did play football and baseball but Bo jackson was and would have been an all-star/pro each year in both and likely would be a first ballot hall of famer as well.

Gotta go with Jackson.