My Favourite Heroes

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Posted by KidSupreme

I`m curious do you like Freddy Freeman or only Billy Batson or both?

Posted by Supreme Marvel

Billy.  At this point in time I dislike Freddy.

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Posted by ComicMan24

Nice choices.

Posted by PowerHerc

Very good list.  Your top two favorites are my two favorite DC characters;   
1. Superman and 2. Captain Marvel (Billy Batson).
Posted by Supreme Marvel


Posted by Icon

Awesome list.

Posted by xxxddd

@Icon said:

Awesome list.

Posted by xxxddd

Now I see why you're biased towards Superman...

Posted by Supreme Marvel

@xxxddd: I'll give him the benefit most times but if the opposite looks like they'd win. I wouldn't be that bothered to say he loses. I'm not a Goku type fanboy saying he can't lose because of illogical crap.