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Hummmmmm no ccomment there is no case here for flash it's like comparing a butterfly and a Tyrannosaurus

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Team 1 both rounds with six words "No more DC Heroes and villains"

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@zmasonite: I know i didn't want any reaction from the bat fan that is why I've said that. But sincerely in Intelligence i think Thanos and Majestros are equal except that Majestros has an advantages his speed so He will come up with solutions faster than Thanos and a blood lusted Maj will go for the kill (decapitation) or will slice Thanos hand to preent him to use the ring and knowing Thanos He will count on his durability like he did with Blackbolt in Infinity to show Maj he has no chance to beat him and this will be his downfall unless he's aware of the power of the blades but this is i am not sure.

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people wants to know who is Majestic?

Majestic= Superman ( but More powerfull than Kal El)+ Batman(genius like or more than Bruce he can create device in second good at prep time)+ Wonder Woman(warrior skill like Diana even more because of his thousands years of experience), he has Tk powers and he's good a t what he does and in this forum He maybe the only one who can stand to Thanos but with the blades he will nail it and I don't say that because of my Alias and my avatar.

Majestros win but barely

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Mephisto and Trigon cancel each other so it will remain the rest but because of their feats in the new 52 DC doesn't show much of a fight here because when Guido assume the title of Lord of Hell even Mephisto could not do much against him so I will say Marvel takes it

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Panther! He was amazing in Avengers EMH

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When I saw it I thought it will be Valkyrie or Kelda because like Thor and Loki they are unique from the other Asgardians

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10 pages????? Come on!This can not be a debate Superman can solo those girls. He can beat them. And here we are comparing three guys who are superman level, and please don't say wonder woman is superman level this is not true every time they are fighting wonder woman is always trying to survive the encounter not win. The debate among writers are always superman/Thor or Superman/Hulk not wonder woman/Thor or wonder woman/Hulk I never saw a crossover wonder woman against Thor or the Hulk (even if through out the years they have been upgrading her ) because there is no debate on it among writers they know where all those characters stands. People who are talking about Blue Marvel fighting Diana please she can't survive this (he fought the Sentry and the avengers to a standstill )fight . If it was her against King Hyperion she will be dead. Her skills this her skills that she can't even beat a brawler like First Born who has shown no skills in h2h but kicks her ass like a small girl is the same way Thor will do to her. She can deflect Thor lightning? In your dreams don't compare Thor lightning to the Marvel Family lightning you can deflect a thunderbolt which surround you completely (Please go and read Infinity last battle against Thanos), there characters you don't compare . This will be the result of the encounter like the one with Titania

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The Illuminati takes it even with no prep time some of them met a team like the justice league before"The squadron Supreme" so for some of them it will be a parallele version of Hyperion, Power Princess, the whizzer, Doc Spectrum, Lady Lark, except for Cyborg but most of Reed team are genius they will know he's a cyborg so can be very dangerous. Their first worries will be Superman/Hyperion so Strange will dispose of him as fast as he can, Namor will take care of Diana to keep her busy Xavier will try to know through Tk who they are dealing with .Green Lantern not knowing there is a Thelepathe among them will not have the ideas to shield his team mate so the prof X will try to shut down their brain to ko them.The only one who will stay awake will be green Lantern xavier will ask Black bolt to shut at him so his construct will not resist the force of Black B voice or Strange will use the ring of Cytorrak to hold him.

Yeah for me the Reed club takes it maybe if Martian Manhunter was among it should have been something else

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He stops at 5 moral on or off there is no way he can pass Daredevil and the Punisher at the same time there are not batman sidekicks those guys are tough when solo together they are insanely dangerous. Daredevil is good in h2h his skill if not is almost comparable to the bat his sens and reflexes can prevent him to get hit by any kind of projectile throw at him with Franck as a back up? please he stops at 5 I don't need to talk about Tasky and cross because he will never pass 5