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Bats because although they are pretty even at skill level, and Iron fist does have his chi & fist (which he can only use once or twice), Batman has diversity in terms of weapons and is superior in terms of fighting strategy. If Iron fist had armor or other weapons at hand that would probably tip the odds in his favor.

In this case, batman can use his weapons with reach (whether or not he sees the iron fist, hell deduce that Danny Raid will be a close range fighter) such as gas, tazers, baterangs, grenades, etc to bring him down.

Sure it will be a close match, but I don't see how Danny can deflect that much arsenal without Armor or using his iron fist Multiple times (keep in mind that Danny can only use the iron fist once maybe twice before he gets exhausted).

Although they are matched in skill level, strategically Iron fist is not as sound as Batman...

Sorry mate try to update your archives you are talking about the iron fist from the 70ties the current can use his chi anyhow and as long as he wants it.

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@jashro44: It must pain you to see Panther get his ass beat like that.

He was doing well until the end. Besides iron fist was bloodlusted and black panther was not. If T'challa wanted to he could have jammed an anti-metal claw down Danny's ear instead of a sonic device. Besides he showed great durability and speed (fight Danny faster than eyes can track even under water).

Alternatively it must be pretty bad seeing batman lose the polls so badly for you....

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@jashro44: I'd have to search for it.I do recall someone firing it at Bruce and Bruce was unscathed from it.Maybe @patrat18 can help too on this

Alright no problem.

He was doing well because also this iron fist had no discipline he was blood lusted but not in control so he could not strategies like he should, so he was less skillful than he was supposed to be

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This time the Bat has got more than what he can chew sorry iron Fist is a killer an Immortal Weapon in Character he can kill an opponent and people who are saying Batman knows 127 martial arts so he can beat Danny, he has more skill than Danny are you serious the only one I see with Danny level is karate Kid even lady shiva cannot compete they are good martial art practitioner but even at their level they are not good at using their chi this show who is higher in the martial art world ( But don't worry soon DC will start to use the chi for Batman and their other characters after all Batman fought 48 hours without rest if i remember well in a tournament ) and in Kun Lun they learn so many different martial arts (traditional) not modern ok but Danny has been so much into fighting that he knows the modern H2H fight even Black Panther could not compete against him it was even an Iron Fist who was not in control of himself who beat Black Panther for this fight I see Danny take a majority 9/10

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I could not vote I don't know much about this version of Shredder so I think base on what people gave as argument the best of the two won this was a good match up k4tzm4n as always now let the bat try to fight against Iron fist I think this will be a very Good challenge for him

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This series is just awesome since the beginning

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Did Batman beat Gorilla grodd before? If not I don't see Parker winning this Let's be serious Grodd is a telepath of high feats and parker besides his spider sens cannot fight psychic attacks this is a mismatch sorry

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@supreme_maj: I agree I have read Abnett and lannings Guardians of the Galaxy and any hero that is connected to space or is cosmic in any sence has to be written by them. So I say bring them back have them write your Hyperion book, take the current GotG title away from bendis (it's not bad it's just nouthing has happend in the book and it is on issue 17) and give it to Abbnet and lanning so they can bring back the cosmic book from marvel that we all love.

Yeah exactly If only they can also go and taken care of Majestic in the new 52 the way I see thing they put Maj in limbo and most of the Wildstorm Characters are B-list now too bad. I forgot guys try to go the Battle I made I need your point of views on this :

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@sog7dc: I have heard nothing but great things for this run.

They were perfect for Maj. They had the pseudo-scientific element that works great for Mr Majestic, they told huge unhinged bombastic stories with no trepidation, The art was phenomenal imo. This is the team that should get another shot.

Yeah very true it was a fantastic run, up to now i'm reading it. I hope if marvel want to lunch an Hyperion book they should choose those guys for the run

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No comment too complicated

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@supreme_maj: I was at LFCC and I got them from Lanning himself :) I was gonna get Abbnet to sign them as well but he left quite erly on Sunday.

too bad for Abbnet did you enjoy the reading? How do you see Majestic now? Try also to find the one from Casey, Holguin and McGuiness they cool stuff but form me the best is Abbnet and Lanning run