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This series is just awesome since the beginning

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Did Batman beat Gorilla grodd before? If not I don't see Parker winning this Let's be serious Grodd is a telepath of high feats and parker besides his spider sens cannot fight psychic attacks this is a mismatch sorry

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@supreme_maj: I agree I have read Abnett and lannings Guardians of the Galaxy and any hero that is connected to space or is cosmic in any sence has to be written by them. So I say bring them back have them write your Hyperion book, take the current GotG title away from bendis (it's not bad it's just nouthing has happend in the book and it is on issue 17) and give it to Abbnet and lanning so they can bring back the cosmic book from marvel that we all love.

Yeah exactly If only they can also go and taken care of Majestic in the new 52 the way I see thing they put Maj in limbo and most of the Wildstorm Characters are B-list now too bad. I forgot guys try to go the Battle I made I need your point of views on this :

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@sog7dc: I have heard nothing but great things for this run.

They were perfect for Maj. They had the pseudo-scientific element that works great for Mr Majestic, they told huge unhinged bombastic stories with no trepidation, The art was phenomenal imo. This is the team that should get another shot.

Yeah very true it was a fantastic run, up to now i'm reading it. I hope if marvel want to lunch an Hyperion book they should choose those guys for the run

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No comment too complicated

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@supreme_maj: I was at LFCC and I got them from Lanning himself :) I was gonna get Abbnet to sign them as well but he left quite erly on Sunday.

too bad for Abbnet did you enjoy the reading? How do you see Majestic now? Try also to find the one from Casey, Holguin and McGuiness they cool stuff but form me the best is Abbnet and Lanning run

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@supreme_maj: I maneged to get all of andy lanning and dan abbeys run on majestic for £10 and signed by lanning himself.

Wahoo you are blessed keep it safe after some years it will cost a fortune. And by the way how do you find those books of Maj?

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@z3ro180: Yeah sorry mate have been very busy recently but hopefully i'll be around now

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Ooooh please guys this 2 companies are used to take what the other do but in different ways Dc has also his share of rip off Rampage= She hulk; guardians = cap america; vigilante= punisher; Doomsday & Grundy= Hulk; Imperiex= Galactus; and some time even fighting style and concept in the 90ties they change Dick Grayson into a kind of daredevil with staffs and jumping on ruffs now he is a kind of winter soldier with his new serie; wonder woman who was dealing with nazi and villains, in the 80ties started to fight gods and monsters like Thor the list is long and the same with Marvel so please stop those debates about companies rip off