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This is amazing forever evil wins? this is not a surprise mediocrity rules the world now so. i am reading forever evil but i am very disappointed the first issue was ok but this villains month is rubbish. Even base on continuity this should be difficult to happen with all those Teams out there which are almost equals to the League like Stormwatch so they just let things happen like that? come on so no trinity (Superman, wonder woman & Batman) the world goes to shit please. Infinity is better it's a big scale event and sincerely is logic so many thing can happen in the universe at the same time and which are the result of events caused by one and the same mistake (Wolverine in infinity case) so I don't think too much stories which are linked some how are too big. City fall seems to be good i will try it.Battle of the atom has capture my attention now.

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So because we had the rip off (Hyperion & Zarda) who are into a relationship since the 80ties why not trying this with the original ones please DC i know that you were trying to make it happen (like in The Kingdom) but still people like more Superman/Lois and Diana/Steve Trevor relationship so be careful with this kind of ideas but for me why not it's a new direction can be very interesting for a while instead of the same old cliche we know since 1936

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Infinity all the way it makes me think on what is going to happen and there is too much variable so you can guest where it will lead you and this is awesome but forever evil too predictable doesn't make my brain work much the same can be said about Battle of the atom but Hickman work on Infinity master piece any think can happen.

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Infinity the best there forever too predictable for me but with Hickman you can't guess what is going to happen

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As suspected the invincible Batman with his 15 or 12 years of mastering every fighting style ,military strategy, Phd in every science won it. Now i hope he will cross to the Marvel Universe and beat a famous devoureur of world aka Galactus with his prep he can do anything.

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all of this is good but the writers seem to forget a lot of logic in this new 52 Universe if those guy from the CS are coming from an alternate earth and are taken over is it not suppose to be Stormwatch problem too? Because they are suppose to take care of extra-terrestrial problems as such . normally they are suppose to get involve until the JL are no more and what about the army with Wraith or if i recall is Argus who took Mr Majestic into stasis ?

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Scarlet the best there is following by ultimate Spiderman

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Batman vs Cyclops I was looking for it because this time we have two good tactician against each other Batman has a very good of weapons at his disposal for fight but the problem is he going to guess he needs it right a way or he needs cover when the fight start? No I am not sure and that will be the big mistake for Bruce this time. We all forget that this is a random encounter so batman doesn't know the power of cyclops he might even think is one of the mutant from "the batman: return of the dark knight" He might come from the shadow to try to scare Scott "Swear to meeeeeeee" like he likes to do and always stating Batman is the best there is in h2h doesn't make him not getting hurt from Joker who basically is not a martial artist of Scott level. People are saying Storm beat Cyclop in the 80ties but they forget to precise why scott lose to her : Wolverine said he lost because he was not much into it like Ororo it was more of an obligation to stand for the leadership his heart was not in the fight that is why he lost to her.But in a normal situation she should have never been able to beat him beside storm too is not a low level martial artist she held her own against a variety of dangerous opponents while she was powerless. Some of us are talking about slim moral and behavior when fighting but forgetting also bruce methods He will not look for cover strait he will first come close to the ennemy and talk or even trying to scare him off and that will be a big mistake from him .Scott h2h skills is added by his optic blast it to say h2h blast skills actually and while fighting he always takes advantages of his surrounding to use his blast and that is why he is very dangerous he has always a backup plan while fighting someone this time bruce is not fighting Remy Lebeau but a very good tactician. we should not underestimate the power of the blast he can have different result with it and he knows the level which can ko someone. Bruce will never guess Scott has an optic blast and that can be his mistake so for me Scott takes it 7/10 sorry Bruce you are the man but this time you are going to lose because you don't know who you are dealing with(No prep).

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Bezza said:

@supreme_maj said:

For me

1.Dr. Manahattan(or Silver Surfer)

2.Silver surfer(or Dr. Manahattan)

3.captain Atom (if we follow logic) because captain Atom <= Dr. Manahattan

4.Thor/ Superman sharing this place

5.Hulk (because of his rage)

6.Martian Manhunter

7. black Bolt

8.Doc strange

9.Nova Prime(Rider)

10.The Flash

I like your list better!! - but Superman has only recently bashed Captain Atom in "injustice", so should he move up a place? Does this mean Superman wouldn't be wiped by Dr M?!

Normally Superman was not suppose to bashed captain Atom in "Injustice" that is why i said "3.captain Atom (if we follow logic) because captain Atom <= Dr. Manahattan" but writers do what they want If we follow the feats of Captain Atom in his New 52 series he showed how powerful he could be even be able to create sentient being how can superman can be able to beat a guy who has warping power such as him. The problem is Dc has a policy nobody must beat Superman no matter how powerful the guy is. When captain Atom was Monarch Supeman was like a baby to him that was the true level of the cap but writers and DC cannot accept somebody to be more powerful than their icon number one even if it defy logic.

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He looks like a vampire now