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Guy don't forget the AXIS happen so Thor isn't in his right mind actually and he is sleepless too so this is why he is behaving this way

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Zeus takes it Superman or a sundippe superman cannot fight Zeus it's a complete stomp it's like comparing a lion to a rabbit

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Bucky takes it he's too dangerous for Greeny to beat him 8/10 for the Winter Soldier

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Team one gets it Diana can't beat the hulk don't even dream about it but the over all will be a tough fight i will say Shazam is the weak link not Diana. Sentry is a beast

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If Grodd doesn't have a psychic powers Peter will beat him senselessly. Grodd could tag flash because of his mental abilities here he has none I don't see him lay a punch on spider his spider sens will help him to dodge all of grodd attacks. Peter has beaten foes stronger than grodd the likes of Titania, Rhino, Venom(Mac Gargan) just to mention those. I am sure Peter can clear this

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AAaaaaaaaaaaaah I remembers those Namor ongoing I don't know why Marvel is wasting him like this he should get his serie. Even Aquaman is doing well now in his ongoing and the original submariner is just another character inside a team books mais vraiment c'est pas serieux comme comportement Marvel

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This is a very big surprise Arrow wins this come ooooooooooooonnn.A vote is a vote congrats Ollie

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Let's be realistic here DC doesn't care about characters who are not from their trinity characters and justice league just see the numbers of batman family title even Harley Quinn got an ongoing but wildstorm characters? Their origin have been altered in a way it didn't go in their favor we can see Zealot she doesn't have the charisma which made her the matriarch of the coda on earth, Grifter just meuhhhhhhhhhhhhh... just look how he is behaving in the 52 future end this is not Cole Cash, he is like a sissy, soon the Midnighter will get his ass kicked by Batman let's wait and see Majestic got own by Jericho who could not even possess his father please even enhanced legion of deamonites could not possess Majestic but Jericho. When I heard about the new 52 i got annoyed because of all those years lost but when news came out that it was because they also want to merged their different universes i thought why not it can be cool but now it sucks it's all for dc characters

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Elektra she's too fast for Ollie and she doesn't waist her time under estimating her opponents and her pains tolerance is high green arrow will lose a fight against her surely 7/10

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I like Green Arrow but against black widow i will lose after a very difficult fight she's too skill for him and too fast and she has the experience of working with a better archer and marksman(Hawkeye) than Oliver she takes it 7/10