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each one of team one takes it with slight difficulties but the two of them it's a stomp please. They are too fast for team two with their durability, strength, sens and healing factors let be serious here there is no way team two an take it they must prepare their coffin.

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Hyperion is so underrated. i wouldnt mind him becoming a mainstay of the avengers

I agree with you he is so underrated and this issue was a great one it was deep a struggle with himself (with what he has been thought and what he has discover with his life experience and trying to amalgam all taken apart the flaws)

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@lanstar said:

S U C K E D. Period. Thor, Nick Fury, Midas (who cares – uninspired), Uatu (just taps out?? No other explanation – just tired?), etc... I admit I was interest in the storyline when this first launched and for a few issues it looked good but as it progressed things started to feel so forced and 'gimmicky". What it really smacks of its total disrespect to those who support Marvel by purchasing their material. To mess up Thor – a major event, gimmick out Nick Fury (LMDs and all) and basically make everything a long homage to Bucky (who I love),… sorry Marvel seriously messed this up and unfortunately they are developing a track record of crap with their crossovers. DC has done a far better job, not perfect, but far better.

Like what? This forever evil crap? or Death in the family? Since countdown and final crisis they are no better than Marvel please all of them are the same now, but Infinity was ok

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Wait, didn't Roma and the blonde whatsherface (forgot her name) die a few years back with Sage taking Roma's place? Or did Marvel forget about that?

Exactly what i was wondering Aaaaaaaaaaaaah continuity

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Yeah the best fighter won : "The Immortal Weapon Iron Fist" sorry for Bruce but this time he could not win this. Batman Vs Punisher interesting but Batman will beat him hard even if some writers like to make Punisher more dangerous like he's supposed to be in random encounter with the Bat he will end up in Jail straight and fast

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Iron Fist has a wide variety of powers besides the ability to basically destroy anything with one punch. If a batarang comes at him he'd catch it, and can even through it back charged with chi. Although Danny hasn't utilized it much, he has previously used his chi for energy blasts, and previous iron fists have charged projectiles like arrows and bullets with their chi. That eliminates any long range advantage Batman may have. And despite the name, we've also seen his power isn't limited to his fists. This is the way Danny usually utilizes his power, but he can also self-heal, hypnotize, heighten his senses, and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting. Batman might've had a chance against the old Danny where his Chi was limited to his fists, was less powerful and it tired him out. But years of utilizing the power I guess, and then learning from the book of the iron fists has increased his abilities to an extent that has yet to be explored.

Also people are way overestimating Bruce's fighting ability and underestimating Iron Fist's. In a hand-to-hand fight where batman doesn't have any of his gear, and Iron Fist doesn't use any of his chi abilities, Iron Fist would win. Batman and Danny were probably around the same age when they lost their parents. But when Batman started learning how to fight and all that depends which source you consider canon. What's for sure is that he also spent significant time doing other things like sharpening his detective skills, travelling and etc. Meanwhile Danny literally fought all day, every day until he became the iron fist.

Let's compare instructors. Batman may have learnt some cool martial arts, but Danny learned from his fellow students and Lei Kung. Lei Kung is immortal, and all he does is fight and teach others how to fight. Imagine the skills he would develop in his long-life. It would be far beyond anything any of Bruce's teachers could have developed simply based on their lifespan. As if that wasn't enough, K'un L'un had their own forms of martial arts, as well as knowledge of martial arts developed in all the seven cities of heaven. Batman would have no knowledge or defense against these moves. Meanwhile, K'un L'un and previous Iron Fists have connections to Earth and going by his past appearances it seems that Danny is aware of the various earth-developed fighting forms.

So Danny having access to knowledge and experience way more advanced than any Bruce could know is bad enough, but Danny was also the BEST fighter in a culture where everyone's a fighter. Bruce never had the school of hard knocks to this degree. He's a big fish in a much smaller pond. Danny beat out all the competition to become the best fighter before he even had his chi abilities. He managed to rip a giant dragon's heart out with these skills. No weapons, no armor, just his wits and martial arts.

Danny doesn't wear armor because he doesn't need it. We've seen him dodge just about everything. If he doesn't he can use his chi to deflect it, and if it's an energy blast he can even absorb it. He doesn't use weapons because he doesn't need them. He is called the living weapon for a reason. Without even using his chi he is an incredible force to recon with. Once you take his various chi abilities and incredible feats Batman simply doesn't have a chance. There's nothing he has that poses a threat to Danny.

Well develop with what Wolverine08 also shows, you just said it all

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Thor wins here Sinistro can't defeat an enemy who doesn't know fear the only fear Thor has is not be able to fight in Ragnarok Sinistro can instill fear in Thor so he cannot defeat him Thor will take him out easily his construct will be shattered by the blows from Mjolnir because even Superman whose striking fist are less than Thor's hammer used to destroy Sinistro's construct there is no debate here Thor takes it pretty easily Sinistro's pain tolerance is not enough to sustains Thor striking powers

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I'll say this: Even though many people supposedly wanted this battle, it seems pretty one-sided so far. To my honest surprise, most are saying Iron Fist takes it pretty easily. If Danny is really that impressive and "in another league," I have to ask - why did people request this battle to begin with? lol... it's just kind of funny.

We just wanted to see the arguments people will bring for the Bat and compare it with Danny showing because maybe people knows more stuff on Bruce we don't but so fare nothing which can beat Danny

At any rate, some of the feats being presented, such as Danny "casually" knocking out Hercules, or decimating a speeding freight train with his bare fist, are certainly impressive. However, I also have to ask - is it in Danny's character to lead in with such high-powered attacks on an opponent that he has never faced before and knows nothing about? From what I've seen, it isn't.

The problem is Iron Fist doesn't waist time in a fight he's not a show off like wade or Taskmaster. When a fight starts he always try to finish it as fast as he can so he takes your measure and then he increase his capabilities so the moment the fight will start he will try to end Bruce.

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@theking47 said:


This is a huge mismatch. MMH is less than nothing to Surtur.

I disagree friend. Intangibility, invisibility, some of the greatest psychic abilities in the DCU and Superman level strength is nothing to just write off.

I already said I believe team one wins. I'm just saying team two isn't something to be trifled with.

Meaning you don't know who is Surtur there is no way this guys can spend more than 15 mn against Surtur

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Bats because although they are pretty even at skill level, and Iron fist does have his chi & fist (which he can only use once or twice), Batman has diversity in terms of weapons and is superior in terms of fighting strategy. If Iron fist had armor or other weapons at hand that would probably tip the odds in his favor.

In this case, batman can use his weapons with reach (whether or not he sees the iron fist, hell deduce that Danny Raid will be a close range fighter) such as gas, tazers, baterangs, grenades, etc to bring him down.

Sure it will be a close match, but I don't see how Danny can deflect that much arsenal without Armor or using his iron fist Multiple times (keep in mind that Danny can only use the iron fist once maybe twice before he gets exhausted).

Although they are matched in skill level, strategically Iron fist is not as sound as Batman...

Sorry mate try to update your archives you are talking about the iron fist from the 70ties the current can use his chi anyhow and as long as he wants it.

@jashro44 said:

@patrat18 said:

@jashro44: It must pain you to see Panther get his ass beat like that.

He was doing well until the end. Besides iron fist was bloodlusted and black panther was not. If T'challa wanted to he could have jammed an anti-metal claw down Danny's ear instead of a sonic device. Besides he showed great durability and speed (fight Danny faster than eyes can track even under water).

Alternatively it must be pretty bad seeing batman lose the polls so badly for you....

@reaverlation said:

@jashro44: I'd have to search for it.I do recall someone firing it at Bruce and Bruce was unscathed from it.Maybe @patrat18 can help too on this

Alright no problem.

He was doing well because also this iron fist had no discipline he was blood lusted but not in control so he could not strategies like he should, so he was less skillful than he was supposed to be