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Really. No-one.

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Are you guys just being fanboys or what? Adamantium skeleton = UNFUCKING DESTRUCTIBLE. The bub would cut Wade to pieces and separate them forever. End of story.

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Does anyone know a service where I can have comic books delivered to my house? Being the last guy to show up for a popular comic-book irks me to death because I usually have to wait for the second print or have to wait for the volume. I own an ipad and ipod touch, but I would really prefer a hard, physical print in my hand that I can keep forever. I would prefer a service that is easy to understand, reader-friendly (sales, deals, savings), reliable and affordable shipping, and has an unlimited number of comics. If anyone knows it and even uses it, please tell me what it is and tell me about it. Thanks/superzero

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I would appreciate that greatly.

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Next year at Comic-con I'd like to be a parody within a parody. So I'd decided I'd be your average post-2010 Deadpool fan. The closest reference I can find for a costume are the enemies within the recent Spiderman game- Shattered Dimensions. If anyone can find any pictures that I can reference to for the costume would be amazing! Thanks!

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Oh hey thanks! And as I said, this isn't just for me, so I thought I would share a lesser-known site that has LOTS of designs that are clever and neat-o. It's called Check it out!

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What did I do? This isn't just for me, this is also for other people who would like to know my same question. I've dug deep but found the same stuff spread across multiple websites.

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I'm trying to find some new cool shirts, and I was interested in buying something like a Robin shirt or maybe Nightwing, or possibly even Rorschach. No, definitely Rorschach. I was wondering if anyone knew anything I can dig through and find a couple of cool shirts or hoodies or even socks. Something cool and proudly geeky. And not just limited to DC characters, like I mentioned. For example, I went to my comic shop last week and they have a rack of clothes. One was an Invincible T-Shirt (Robert Kirkman), but they didn't have one in my size. So anything really goes. I know most of the websites out there (Think Geek, Midtown, Level Up Studios, Shark Robot, and Shirtoid). Maybe if you can find something centered on comics? Help me dig deep guys! I have money to spend.

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I'm SuperZero and I've been a lurker for almost 2 years and for some reason never decided to put a ring on it with this site. I love comics, but I haven't picked anything up besides a bit of Image in years. I am really trying to get back into it, but it looks like the only point I have to start at is The New 52. Everything else is an absolute mystery to me. I picked up ASM #666 (Spider-Island) today and read it and was just wtf-ing the whole time. JJJ is the mayor, spidey lost his spider sense, Aunt May has a new man, all sorts of crazy new stuff that you would have to be following quite closely to understand. Hopefully sealing the deal with this community will help me restore a lot of these broken points in my knowledge and help ease me into the culture. I'm an Image fan for the moment; they've been pumping out some really original and vibrant plots that I've seen in a long time. Invincible, Haunt, Walking Dead, Marksmen, and the list goes on.  I want to get back into Marvel but like I said for someone who hasn't picked up a book in too long, Marvel will be a pain in the ass to catch up on. Alternate Universes, brand changing events, intertwining appearances...this is just making me depressed thinking about it. Anyways, if you guys can support me, follow me, and keep tabs on me that would be amazing and I would appreciate it so much. Also, I'm not just a Dc or Marvel guy. I also love reading indies. Scott Pilgrim is one of my faves, so please be sure to contact me if you have a special indie I should check out. Thanks!

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In artwork one-shots, mashups like these should always be welcome. In actual story arcs, something as generic as Batman going into the digiverse is something I am quite skeptical about. Just look at the script of this short preview! Tron-ifying Batman is like Batman-ifying tron. If you've seen either, you'll know exact what I mean by this.

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