When you can't have a crossover, want to show how awesome your team is in comparison to the competition, do a parody or just a nice tribute piece, why not make an analogue??
These are teams, or individuals, within the various comic companies that borrowed certain elements from their competition's biggest heroes or teams. 
There's ALOT of Superman analogues btw. ALOT

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You can add the Squadron Sinister, who are another Marvel take on the JLA; the Crusaders, Marvel's take on the Freedom Fighters (who appeared in Invaders the same month as DC's Crusaders appeared in Freedom Fighters); the Recombatants, DC's homage to the DNAgents who appeared in Teen Titans, and, if Comicvine had entries on them, Project Youngblood, which was the DNAgents' homage to the Teen Titans.
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Actually, add to the above: 
Colonel Tusker, Alan Moore's homage to General Jumbo 
Tom Rosetta
, Moore's homage to Kelly's Eye 
Android Andy
, Moore's analogue of Robot Archie  
Jack Staff, who started out as a story idea for Union Jack 
Eternal Warrior
, an analogue of Adam Eterno 
, an analogue of Captain Hurricane by way of the Hulk  
General Tubbs, another General Jumbo analogue
Kapitan Krieg, an analogue of Master Man, himself an analogue of Superman 
Warrior Woman, an analogue of Wonder Woman  
Darna, a female analogue of Captain Marvel crossed with Wonder Woman
Zsa Zsa Zaturnna, an analogue of Darna 
Captain Barbell, another Captain Marvel analogue
Sergeant States, a Captain America analogue
There's more analogues of British heroes by Alan Moore in his Captain Britain strips, Grant Morrison in his Zenith strip, Paul Grist in Jack Staff, Ian Edginton in The Establishment, and Warren Ellis in Stormwatch, but most don't have Comicvine entries.
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