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No. Not really.

Nobody seems to blame the others for their warped actions while possessed by the Phoenix, nobody took Jean Grey to task for what she did as the Dark Phoenix oh so long ago, which was FAR worse than what Namor did, (and the other Phoenix Five) hell nobody seems to CARE anymore what Cyclops did... so suddenly Namor should be held responsible for what he did during this time?

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Besides Red Skull, he's one of the few TRUE Golden Age Marvel villains that is still used from time-to-time... at least recently. Baron Zemo, Master Man, Warrior Woman, Baron Strucker, Arnim Zola, Baron Blood, Iron Cross, U-Man, etc. were all added to this time period in the 60's.

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His backstory and concept has loads of potential that is just ripe for further stories and development. Granted the nation of Japan has been sparsely utilized outside of Wolverine's ties to it and occasional/sporadic appearances of the Big Hero 6.

Would like to see him take more of a role in the world's affairs.

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@mysticmedivh: exactly.

Really don't understand why this is turning into an actual 'vs' debate. Was kinda hoping it'd be a far different discussion. Perhaps I was hoping for a discussion about character motivation and personality in regards to these matters. *shrugs*

Sorry about this blog post turning into such a thing. :/

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@gizmorino: No..... that's not possible... that can't be true....

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The hate on this thread is pure, i bet you are all with a red lantern ring right now(or when you were posting).

*coughs up bright red bloody energy* e_e how did you know?

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I used to be a Bendis fan... then he kept pulling crap like this.

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So they're gonna turn Richard Rider into a new cosmic entity so the huge cosmic plot hole that's Sam frikkin' Alexander (who belongs to this seperate group of Novas who just NOW opt to come to the forefront? Buncha frikkin' yellow-bellied cowards for not backing their team up with all the cosmic calamity that's befelled the galaxy in the last ten years) can keep being Nova? Disney Cartoon-enforced Status Quo?

Fuckin' lame ass!

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Well if you keep having the Joker appear, it A) lessens any impact he might have, and B) makes Batman look like a big incompetent boob. Oh wait, that one's way too late.

All I would like is for them to change his stupid face back. The current one looks so frikkin' dumb

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makes some level of sense to go with a different gender for the group in this reboot. You're not gonna be able to compete with the original crew dynamic, and no matter who you bring into it, (regardless of talent) they'll have the spectre of the original Ghostbusters hovering over them. So it makes some level of sense to go with an all-female group of Busters to start anew.

My only concern is, regardless of how they approach this, the type of comedies that got made in the 80's are vastly different from the types that get made today. I'm just worried that they're gonna dumb this WAY down and add in way too much 'slapstick' and forget that Ghostbusters is also meant to be spooky as well as funny.