Something I'm honestly wondering about... (world war 2-related)

Ok, so we know that Cap and his buddies (Invaders, Liberty Legion, Crusaders, Howling Commandos, etc.) were pretty much running around mostly Europe during World War II... so... who was handling the Pacific Campaign?? I mean in current Marvel continuity, because I know that back in the day (golden and silver age) various heroes went all over the place during World War II, but it seems alotta stuff's been retconned since then and it seems like most of the WW2 heroes were predominantly occupied with events in Europe. Granted they occasionally faced off against Japanese villains who were, for some weird reason, hanging out in German territories or acting as underlings to guys like Skull and Strucker.
The only hero or group I can think of is "Captain Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders", the Howling Commandos-esque team Marvel made that was explicitly set in the Pacific. Occasionally they had some team-ups with Fury and his crew, but other than that, it seems as though the Pacific Campaign was largely devoid of such heroes and groups. Granted maybe the "island hopping" method didn't exactly work well within the constraints of a superhero comic book. *shrugs* 
Granted I could be wrong. Has this been addressed in Marvel Continuity? Have I overlooked some important facts??

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I don`t know either. Maybe the army did all the stuff in there. Also, there might be untold tales of Captain America and his pals fighting in the pacific (`though, they wouldn`t get to go to every place). Or maybe there was an unknown heroes and heroines there, that didn`t survive of those battles.  
As for some Japanese working for Nazis, maybe Strucker and Skull saved them once, and the villain-Japs needed to pay back that fafor.