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Redddd ROBIN 0

This issue had me hooked from the cover. It sets up the mystery quite well. My only complaint with this issue is that the villain wasn't much of a threat. This issue shows just how smart Tim Drake truly is. It also shows his dedication. I always enjoy seeing heroes and villains in their costumes with their 'masks' off and it was cool to see Drake and Grayson in this manner. lol, I loved Damian's suggestion of how to deal with the snooping, aggravating reporter. This was also my first time being ...

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Gotta Love Batman 0

An excellent issue. Everything from the cover art to the last page was amazing. David Hine and crew did a superb job. I LOVE how in the issue those in favor of Batman dealt with those in favor of the Joker. If it was applied in real life there would be less crime because there would be less criminals. Another good part was what Batman did to understand those under the influence of the Joker Juice. The storyline is one of the best I've seen in a long time. The Joker followers definitely get what'...

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Go Red Robin! 0

The cover art is fantastic. I love the premise of Red Robin having a list and hunting down villains. He comes across as very confident while not being cocky.Tim Drake is quite lethal with his batons(?). I like that he is so young. Damian AGAIN comes across as a little punk who needs to grow up. Was very pleased to see Drake kick his butt. The fight scene was done well. They do a good job of showing how badly Damian grates on Red Robin's nerves. Is also interesting to see what caused the battle t...

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Superman Baby 0

I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. It was good to see Superman in more of a light setting. Instead of fighting villains with powers he is helping everyday ordinary people. He walks around and just helps people. It helps us see how he simply cares about people and wants to help them. Spoiler I guess. In one instance he didn't even save someone's life. He simply used his x-ray vision to tell the person what was wrong with their car. Stuff like this shows that Superman can help people with the small ...

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