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He has teleported entire galaxies before. I think he can handle teleporting a few planets to his general vicinity. And then he could probably eat them, or store them in another dimension for him to visit whenever he wants to snack. Also he can just teleport himself to the planets, so either way, it should be no problem for him. He can sense planets with his cosmic awareness probably

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@Twentyfive said:

The plot never calls for such things to happen.

But it could happen?

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Galactus can teleport entire galaxies, and he can detect planets that he wants to consume with his cosmic awareness (if I understand correctly). Why doesn't he just teleport planets to himself, or extract the energy from them with his cosmic telekinesis? This would make him never weakened, and almost unstoppable.

Why does he not do this? Could he even do this, or am I wrong? If I'm wrong, why?

Thanks guys :)

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@menaceforever said:

His most powerful form is RKT so he could defeat Galactus in a 25 percent of the planets eaten range

Oo, so Galactus can't always solo my team. Who could always solo my team 100% of the time? If anyone - I don't mean to troll, I'm honestly curious.

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@menaceforever said:


I've been told that Thor, in his absolute most powerful form, can take on a weakened Galactus. Is that true?

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@BlueLantern1995 said:

Lets see how many solos you have(bold are the ones who solo):

  1. Silver Surfer
  2. -Thor
  3. -Fantomex with E.V.A.
  4. -Gladiator Kallark(don't know him)
  5. -Sentry
  6. -Hulk(maybe)
  7. -Wolverine
  8. -Spiderman
  9. -Deadpool
  10. -Warpath

7 out of 10 solo that I know of solo...this is pitifully spite filled.

I wasn't aware that they could solo the ENTIRE Covenant/UNSC - millions/billions of enemies.

Just out of curiousity - who could solo my team? Preferably someone in the Marvel Universe who I can buy an action figure of

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Scenario: My Team is going to storm/attack the entire Covenant and (team Halo for now). Team Halo is unaware of my team, and do not know any information about them.

Prep time for my team: 1 week

Morals OFF

My team:

-Silver Surfer


-Fantomex with E.V.A.

-Gladiator Kallark







Can I beat them? Why or why not?

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Silver Surfer



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@The_Thunderer said:

@Shawnbaby said:

The Avengers.Cap > Red Skull Hawkeye > Bullseye Thor > Magneto Hulk > Abomination Which just leaves Iron Man and Widow to keep Loki and Elektra busy until the rest of their team comes in to stomp. Even if Loki and Elektra win it will be them against Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, and Cap.
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@JediXMan said:

@supertank111 said:

Remember, S.H.I.E.L.D. took apart the Destroyer and weaponized it for themselves with that gun in The Avengers, so Iron Man might have Destroyer armor.

Hulk vs. Thing MOVIE versions - even match? Remember - Thing wasn't nearly as impressive as Hulk in the movies

Thor vs. SS (movie versions) - Possible even match.

Iron Man vs. Human Torch - possible even match.

Mr. Fantastic vs. Captain America - possible even match

Invisible Woman vs . . . Hawkeye? - Jeremy Renner (STUD) seduces Jessica Alba (MILF) and roofies her, rendering her useless in this battle

Now it is an even match!

Not really. There is absolutely nothing to say that SHIELD gave Tony tech.

Hulk > Thor.

Silver Surfer > Thor

Iron Man might beat Torch if Torch doesn't go nova.

Steve has absolutely no way of hurting Reed, and Reed can most certain restrain and/or suffocate Steve.

Surfer > Hawkeye and Widow.

No, this isn't working, And still, Surfer solos.

Thor knocks SS off his board - rendering SS powerless - classic SS weakness. Thor smashes SS's skull in, SS is out of the picture.

Chris Hemsworth Thor (ULTRA STUD TIMES INFINITY) seduces Jessica Alba (MILF) Invisible Woman - Thor hits that with the force of 1,000 suns, Jessica Alba IW turns on the Fantastic Four.

Thor throws Thing into the sun, burning him alive, killing him.

Thor creates a thunder storm with rain, putting Human Torch's flame out, making him useless. Thor then crushes HT's skull with the hammer, so Human Torch is dead, brains jackson-pollocked all over the floor. However, Chris Evans plays Captain America AND Human Torch, therefore by killing Cap or HT, you lose both of them, therefore when Thor kills HT, he also is killing Captain America - but Captain America is a trooper, he'll take one for the team. Then Jeremy Renner goes into Dahmer character (he played Jeff Dahmer) and eats Human Torch's brains, gaining fire power, and now Jeremy Renner has Human Torch powers, Hawkeye powers, Dahmer powers, and Hurt Locker powers.

Thor hits Mr. Fantastic in the head with lightning speed so that Mr. Fantastic can't react, and Mr. Fantastic is either severely brain-damaged to the point of mental retardation or is just plain dead. If not dead, he is surely not intelligent enough at this point to fight back effectively, so Thor smashes his skull in with his fricken hammer again, and then Mr. Fantastic dies.

Thor solos. Although Captain America dies, and the Avengers lose 1 member, Hawkeye is exponentially more powerful, and a new member is on the way because Jessica Alba Invisible Woman is impregnated by Thor.