Comic Book Hall of Fame

There are so thousand and thousand of superheroes, villains, and comic being in the comic industry. From Superheroes to Fantasy Warriors, Gods to Human who rise to the ultimate, it is an endless possibility of what could be. This is a list of Heros/Villians (or general characters) that I believe had some of the biggest impacts on the art. As well, helped make it what it is today. These chacters are huge inspirations for Comic Books.

Disclaimer: The list is in no particular order; As well, this list is still in progess.


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Nice list!

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Thanks guys I actually forgot about this list, it not finished. d^_^b

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Dude I just noticed all the typos I made, I must have been speeding through this. d~_~b

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this is precisely what a list should be

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Thanks, it's still isn't done. Their are a lot need to be done to it. As you could see, characters like Thor, Auqaman, The Watchmen, Barry Allen, Namor ect...don't have good summaries. It's kind of a never-ending list, since their are numerous influences in comics.


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What an awesome list!

Possibly the best list on the Vine!

Thanks for making this list.

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Wow bro, thanks......I don't know about that, but thanks


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great list especially since you have Aquaman in there you used to rarely get any credit thank you for appreciating my favorite hero.

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Thanks bro,

Yeah, Aquaman is a very good character, who needs more love from the comic community. He's one of the few original superheroes, who survives the silver and bronze age.