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Making it to the area of the computer center, the three figures made it to the hall that contained the sealed door. Having hitched his horse, the cowboy walked with his gun readied “I just down understand the reason you have, for hitting me, ma’am…”, Grey shrugged off a reply to the conversation he was having with the blonde agent. Baring a thick purple eye, he looked over at her. “I’ll tell you again, don’t attempt to manhandle me or dictate my decision…you’re lucky I just punched you”, she insisted, as he gun was held cocked. As they turned the corner, still lowly discussing the incident, Sheng stopped them.

“Whow, Raptors…awesome”, the olive fighter smirked. Hearing a ‘Shhh’ from Lillian, the group halted in the sight of the terrorizing team. As Sheng crept an inch closer, the lady’s glasses scanned the creatures. ===============================================================================


“How fast are Raptors?”, the fighter asked before hearing the lady’s nonchalant voice immediately say, “…about a bit over 40 MPH...or faster...”. With a gulp of hesitating fright, upon staring into the shape eyes of the Raptor who just noticed him, he continued creeping. Ignoring his companions questioning of his action, he directed himself at the pack. “Whoa, bros…you dudes look…..hungry…”, he glanced at the razors that they had for teeth. With his firmly soft hands rose in calm surrender, Sheng continued making himself known. Talking and moving, he tried to catch the entire pack’s attention with his appearance of being a venerable prey.

“Sheng, there’s 12 raptors here...they could ri-”, Lillian begin to try to talk him down. “Lils, stop…”, he quickly halted her from reading off more stats of intimidatingly frightful facts, “I’ll handle this, you two get the center under control”. Keeping eye contact, he couldn't turn his focus away without haunting hisses bringing them back. “Could you give me a map?”, ha politely asked, as Lillian rushed the pamphlet into his hand. They all eventually turned towards him, as his gaped eyes stared into the face of a dozen vicious dinosaurs. Shaking of the tense fear, Sheng rushed forward, beginning to sprint down the hallway.

Running for the wall of hungry Raptors, he focused on the predators, as they yapped like a school of bloodthirsty Piranhas. Gaining speed, he hopped onto the cold concrete wall, before the snarling beast could start to run. Dashing across the concrete surface, he catapulted himself clear over most of the hefty-sized group, who kept their eyes on him; Light as a feather, he landing on them, using his quick feet to hop across their head, until he reached the other side. “I’ll, like, run them back to their exhibits!!!”, he fled down the hall and around the corner, as a storm of Raptor instinctually chased down the presumably easy prey.


Grey and Lillian

Watching the creatures speed after the fleeing prey, the cowboy stared in blankness. It seemed Sheng had ridded them of the mass threat. However, in the two’s sign of odd relief, they were reunited with worry. A few of the Raptors remembered the two figures still standing still. As the circled back, they slowed started stalking the two. “…What now?”, the cowboy turned to get assistance. But, as he did, he noticed the blonde was gone. Filled with nervous confusion, he questioned, “Lillian?”.

“You might want to run…”, he heard the cloaked agent, who stood beside him in full invisibility. “Oh…”, he exclaimed, seeing the four beast return. They hissed and yapped, measuring the southerner, moving in unison. In a instance, as his hands jittered in anxiousness, they pounced at him. “…SH!T!!!”, he yelled, as he nearly stumbled in retreat.

As they sped pass, in a blur of heated movement, the hidden woman soon reappeared. Staring down the hall, she pulled out of multi-used assault rifle. Aiming at the hall ends, she shot wall-planted cameras at the corners of both sides. Keeping a watch her surroundings, she approached the door, to examine it.



Blasting out of the compound’s doors, the cowboy hustled into the open field. Empty of people, he whistled for his horse. With his goosebumps hogging the spots of his neck that the honing predators breathed on, Grey called felt them getting closer. Unlike Sheng, the outlaw wasn’t superhumanly fast. And, peak human speed wasn’t going to outrun these things. With sweating speed hitting the sun-covered park, he finally noticed his horse ripping towards him. And, with a leap of faith, the ducked, allowing him to catch it’s neck.

As one of the raptors leaped behind him, it hurled straight over the stallion. As hit the dirt with a thud, the black mustang turn and darted for the opposite direction. With the cowboy grip on by it’s neck, Apache Claw sprinted away from danger. Run into the open field, Grey lead the horse towards Sheng, who was now high-tailing his way towards the Velociraptor cells. “Okay, Pache…on my mark…”, Grey prepared his galloping steed. Leading the four storming creatures for their group, he kept a steady distance, as he eventually drew near the olive bro.

Finally gaining his positioning, he gripped the horse’s command, as it leaped into a graceful jump. Hurling towards Sheng, who was reading his map, the wild stallion flew over the pack. Flying into the thick treesline, Grey disappeared from the sight and consciousness of the Raptors, and the met the rest of their pack, on the pursuit of their shaggy-haired prey. As he read a map, he followed its direction to the creatures’ home. “Okay, okay”, he yelped as he hopped over one’s attempted at snapping at his feet, “…we’ll get there, soon. Thaan, I could get you some milk and cookies…”. Turning to face them, as he began to run backwards, “Wouldn’t you dudes want that over icky flesh?”, he shrug his shouldered in attempt to convince them. But, as one snapped dangerously close to his face, he knew they still wanted flesh…and direly wanted his. Blinded by a lust for blood, the snarling creatures nearly climbed over each other for Sheng’s frame.


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Would anyone like to fight...


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(not at all, it's perfectly in line with the values of the character)., I was a bit worried that I'd offend someone...


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Mounted on his black horse, the outlaw stared into the hovering sun. With squinted eyes of wonder, he thought about his home, for a quick second. “I wonder what they’re doing at this moment…”, the southerner thought about his real homeland. Before shaking the thought away, he pulled his 73 Winchester rifle off of his horse’s side holster. With a chuckling smirk, he looked back into the air, while loading the classic gun with tranquilizer darts.

Hearing another gun being loaded, Grey looked over at the blonde lady. Replacing tranquilizer darts and rubber bullets into her guns, she prepared herself. As she did, the Texan turned to see his olive toned companion staring at the corpse of terror. With passion in his pupils, Sheng calmly smiled, feeling a peaceful breeze consume him. “Hey…need a gun”, the fighter turned to see his horse mounted friend generously holding out a gunslinging Peacemaker for him. With a polite smile, Sheng spoke, “Oh no, sorry…guns really aren’t my thing”. As he saw the gapped smile of Grey’s, the outlaw spoke. “…bad shot?”, the rowdy gunman question, getting a signature grin in reply… “Eh, never used one…too erupt for my taste. ”, Sheng looked at the brown haired gunman.

“Okay, uh…I haven’t caught your name?”, he asked. Stepping forward, the shaggy haired bro informed. “Sheng…”, he smiled, as the cowboy stared. Noticing the odd sound of his name, Grey immediately figured it wasn’t of the western world. So, he made an innocent but ignorant guest, “Chinaman?”. Glimpsing at the straight faced Lillian, as if to get confirmation from her. “Yeah…well, part”, Sheng replied before a thought popped into his head. “You speak Chinese?”, he optimistically asked, like a hopeful child. Getting chuckle in response, Grey answered with a question. “I’m a Spanish Scot, with a bit of Apache blood, from Texas…what’d you think? ”, he stared at the two. “…so, is that a yes?”, Sheng asked.

With a laugh, Grey looked ahead, “hehe, sorry…that’d be a no…”. As he gazed ahead, he thought of what they had to do. “So…where to, now?”, he look between the two figured. Lillian stepped between the two men, as she assessed the plan. “I believe we should head to the science lad to protect the genetic material”, she self-elected herself as the decider. However, the heroic fighter had other plans, “I think we should go to the control center, to protect the poor people working there”. As they bickered over their polarizing choices, as Grey looked over one of the park’s maps. “…well, since I can’t find the science lab, on this map. We’re going to the control center…”, he decided, on the whim of him not being able to properly read the map.

Finalizing the decision, the cowboy grabbed the back of Lillian’s suit, using his strength to lift the lady to the level of his saddle. Planting her on the back of his horse, without of consent, he smiled as Sheng before galloping off. As he did, the olive artist sped behind them, utilizing his ability to easily keep up with the running horse. With the pouty face of the irritated blonde, the three made their way to the control center.

(To anyone who finds the use of 'Chinaman' offensive, I'd happily delete it, if you'd wish...)


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@warsman said:


Death of at least one Kurdain is assured.

Hopefully it's not the one I paid for.

@orpheus_knightfall said:

In, but would someone do me the courtesy of explaining?

In the Undying Throne universe it is a mix of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead (basically, zombies in medieval times). So far most of us have been covering the GoT part of it, but I'm finally biting into TWD bit.

Dude, that sounds like something that would make hair grow on my chest...


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@orpheus_knightfall: (OoC: Cool...I'll just leave the prisoner...also, I hope you wouldn't mind. But, I'm imagining Timely looking like Armadillo, from RDR...)

Frozen in the sound of silence, the wondering boy stopped when he saw no one inside the office. A dust old building, the workplace held a few rusty cells. One of which held a dozed prisoner. Grey’s shoulders dropped in disappointment, as he realized the sheriff was not there, and neither was Lewis. Wiping his eyes in tiredness, he remembered that he spent the entire night searching the desert. Standing in the threshold, the cowboy stretched his muscles, before turning to the prisoner.

Rotten Redneck Prisoner

“Hey, fella…where’s the sheriff?”, he rose his voice to hear a shrug in tired denial. “Nah…I don’t know where that man is, as you can see, I'm locked behind this cell, here”, he paused with a laugh. “…why, I ain’t seen nothing but this here room for six months…”, the criminal spoke as Grey leaned against the wall. Dozing off a bit, the outlaw stared at the blabbering man. “Maybe he’s wetting his pecker, or maybe he’s wetting his pecker, hehehe…..”, the rotten tooth prisoner stated, as he lied in his cell, staring at the cracked ceiling. But, quickly jumping up, he looked at the boy. “But, between you and me, I suspect he’s at the doctor…..he’s been having an ‘itching’ problem, hehe…..a real bad one”, the man snickered. “Why, I couldn’t tell ya if it was red pocks, white pocks, purple pock, or even pocks at all…..but, word to the wise. When you see him, keep them there gloves on…”, the jailbird happily spread dirty rumors about his officer.

As the cowboy listened, a yawn had awoken him to how tired he really was, and how little he cared about the criminal’s jokes. With a light chuckle, the browned haired youngster stepped outside. Feeling his body grow still, he found a chair, sitting on the porch of the building of authority. His feet ached, as he slowed slumped into the warm seat. Feeling the soothing sun over him, he leaned his weary head back, and folded his arms. “I’ll…just wait…..for the good ol’ sheriff…”, he snored the statement of a sleepy plan. Grey was now falling into the realm of stilled dreams.

With his broad-rimmed Stetson cowboy hat tipped over his face, as it leaned back, he mildly snored into his hat. With his face shielded from the heated sun, he tilted the chair back, in a light rocking motion. Sleeping on the porch, seeing nothing but the dark inside of his brown felt hat, the often-hunted gunman rested in peace.


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Yeah...I love the vibe of the old pulp heroes and golden/silver age comic heroes. I kind of have their influence in some of my other characters. But, with this dude, I went full camp...and, so far, I love it...


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The Hideout of Freedom

Hidden in the center of a hill, the Hideout of Freedom (or just the 'Hideout', for short) is the secret base of Captain Super. Hidden by aches and aches of open forest distantly around it and miles of mountain immediately around it, the lair is a haven of the crime fighter's deeds. With secret entrances scattered through the thick landscape of the forest, the Hideout is a well disguised system of caves and caverns.