Theron Barbaros's bio

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Super Name:

Real Name: Theron Barbaros

Base of Operations: Anywhere or the Realm of the Gods

Side: Hero

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Pitch Black

Weight: 285lbs

Age: Around 4310 (As of 2014) / Phy 25

Eye Color: Hazel Brown

Height: 6’3 3/4

Ethnicity: Barbarosian and Greek (Demi-God)

Super Power Origins: BornDemi-God

Identity: Known

Place of Birth: Lycurgus of Arcadia, Corinth, Greece

Known Aliases: The Son of Orran the Hunter, The Exploder of Outside Worlds

Outfit Appearance: Theron wears an armored suit crafted by the god Hephaestus. The suit was created in the image of modern earth heroes. The blue armor to represent the beauty of the Greek waters. The red boots and cape represent the strength of Greek people and their land. And the gold trimmings represent the richness of Greece and it's gods.

Mini Biography: vvVvv

Origins of the God Realm

Since the dawn of humanity, the gods have played a major part in their growth. Controlling the element, turn of events, and sometimes the human’s themselves. As human cross into other areas of the world, many different pantheons emerged to help those civilizations. The pantheons that were good at their jobs, their civilizations were the ones who lived through the ancient age; And those gods, who’s humans survived to become country or empires, eventually met one another. Most of the pantheons leaved of one another and made contact with each other. Many of the pantheons conspired with one another about world events of the time.

But somewhere around the middle ages, that change. One day the ‘Moirai’ (Fates) came to Zeus, on Mt. Olympus. They told Zeus what would be the fate of the gods. “The sun is setting on us all. The best thing for us to do is to move on from this world”. The fates explained the full degree of the problem. After, Zeus discussed it with other pantheon leaders, such as Odin, Ra & Horus, Tezcatlipoca, Shangdi, Ashur, The Great Coyote, along with others. Many of them explained similar cautions. Ra told about how Atun came to him as he was carrying the sun into the sky. He said that Atun told him that the gods need the leave this world. Odin said he received word that all of the gods need to whip the world free of them.

“I’m not running from fate. I’m a god!! There is nothing that could kill me.” ~ Zeus

“Just because you can’t die, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t parish; Such as your fathers did before you.” ~ Odin

“We could at least fight. Whoever’s coming should have to fight for what we’ve spent life times building.” ~Ashur

“What if what’s coming isn’t a specific entity; but a general one. Such as extinction…If so, there would be nothing to fight.” ~The Great Coyote

“We would simply dry up into the sands of time, and become a fragment of history.” ~ Ra

After a long meeting with many gods disagreeing with the idea of running from earth or killing themselves, and the other gods agreed that fate itself wasn’t in the gods favor and they should listen to it or be doomed to whoever’s favor it’s in. The god Atun and Gaia appeared before the consul. “I have the solution” Atun said as he opened a portal to a separate realm. “If we’re being forced to leave, than let’s leave to another realm. A place we’ll have far more control over. Take every magical/folkloric fragment of this world and leave the humans to their natural world; and we’ll leave for a godly world.” After some hesitation from the gods, they eventually agreed.

So, each pantheon, one by one, left earth, taking everything mystical with them. From the godly kingdoms like Olympus and Asgard, to the monstrous monster like Vampires, Cyclops, Dragons ect. They whipped the planet clean of any reminisce of their power and magical presence; leaving the humans behind with nothing but the memories of their worship. The gods, upon arrival to the god realm, separated and build up their individual areas. They reconstructed their civilizations and land, and took over their jobs as gods. Over the course of time humans of earth forgot about them, with only the more mystical gods staying behind: Yahweh, Hinduism, Jesus, Buddha ect; until, finally abandoning them for science. Those gods would take the last spec of godly force/energy from reality, into the god realm.

Events, leading to the Discovery

Some of the gods still watched the Earthlings through one-way portals. Seeing the growth of humanity brought many questions to the minds of the gods. One that they never thought of, being content with their own world, was the existence of other dimensions; And if those realities were like theirs. "Did they have gods too? Was their another set of the same pantheons in this universe? Did they suffer the same fate as us?" Those thought rushed the heads of the gods. The only gods who didn’t wonder, were the one who were perfectly satisfied with their realm: such as Native American and the Egyptian pantheon among others, and the creator gods who knew the answer: such as Yahweh, Atun, Shiva, the Great Coyote among others.

Zeus was one of the gods who pondered over the though constantly. Until one day he sent Hermes to roam the universe for signs of other dimension. Hermes quickly roamed the whole length of the universe and found a wormhole. It sat many million light years away. He returned and told Zeus of the wormhole. After discussing it over with the other Olympians, he decided to send someone to explore what might lie behind it. Since the gods were needed for their jobs, he turned to the mortals.

Choosing to Theron

Instead of using a living mortal, Zeus left for Hades. While in the underworld, he would find Theron. The son of Orran: the slayer of the Kraken, and Atalanta: the slayer of the Calydonian Boar. Theron was a man who died long ago: slightly after the Trojan War. When alive, he was a young soldier who tried his best to live up to his father’s name. Since his parents were great hunters, it must have been in his blood. Unfortunately he didn’t hold any of his father’s raw abilities, nor did he hold his mother’s training and determination. After so many times of trying and failing, he came to the conclusion that he couldn’t live up to them. The though of failing them as a son continuously ran through his head, driving him into a deep streak of depression. He became a drunkard, as well as drove himself in isolation, until he eventually killed himself.

Zeus found his soulless body wondering the misty wilderness of the ‘Asphodel Meadows’. Immediately, After regaining his soul from Hades, Zeus reconnected Theron to his body. He explained to the depressed man what he was needed to do. Theron would be sent into the wormhole on a mission to learn about the ones who lived on the other side. He would be given the power he would need to survive whatever the hole might have to offer.

And so, Zeus sent a volt of Olympian power rushing through Theron before calling Hermes. At the speed of light, Hermes came as soon as the king called; To be told to take Theron to the hole, In which he did. Quicker than Theron could blink, he was flashed millions of light years away, to the other side of the universe. Hermes let go of him, coming to a dead halt, causing Theron’s mass to pull him into the hole. He quickly flowed through the hole, to end up on the outer rim of Venus, aimed for Earth. Quickly, Earth’s atmosphere sucked him in like a vacuum, throwing him straight into the Pacific Ocean. Upon entrance he caught flame and passed out before hitting the ocean. He landed off the coast of San Francisco and awoke deep in the bottom of the San Fran bay.

Influences: Superman, Greek Myth, Black Adam, Captain Marvel, Hercules,


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Powers & Abilities

Theron powers are gifts from the gods of the Olympus. They gave him these powers to help him on his Exploration of this unknown realm (The CVnU). Zeus used the power of the twelve Olympians to give Theron the abilities he has. This is his base level of power. Although, If given more Olympian magic, he could become more powerful. As well, as a effect of having Divine World's power, many of his powers and abilities aren't effected or altered by logic and physics.

  • Strength of Hercules:

Theron was given a fragment of Hercules’s strength; which, at base level, allows him to roughly lift five hundred thousand tons. At his max he could lift around three million tons. Furthermore, as stated above, he can become stronger if he receives more Olympian magic.

As well, Combined with his speed, the strength of his force could increase. His durability is equal to the amount of force he can distribute.

  • Speed and Flight of Hermes:

Theron was given a fragment of Hermes’s speed. At the max of his speed, he could easily break the sound barrier. Though his speed has not been measured, his max speed is estimated to be around Mach 15 (11,418.1058 mph / 5,104.35 m/s); making him a high-hypersonic being. However, he only does max speed when he really needs to, and rarely pushes his ability to that level. He regularly uses the speed of Mach 3 to 5 (3,806 mph / 2,738,218 m/s). His speed also takes a big hand in his reflexes, giving him bullet timing abilities.

Also, Hermes gave him the ability to fly; in which, he’s able to go at his running-speed, as well. As a effect of being fueled by Divine World's power, his speed is not effected by logic and physics. Again, this ability can be risen by more magic.

  • Senses of Orran:

Super Vision: Telescopic, Microscopic, and Nocturnal Vision

Super Hearing: Microscopic and Radar Hearing

Super Smell: Microscopic Smell

  • Invulnerability/Durability of Apollo

Theron was given a fragment of Apollo’s damage resistance. His body could take high amounts of damage, about as high as he's able to dish out. However, the longer his body gets harmed, the more it’ll ware [Bruises, Cuts, Broken Bones ect.]. His body does have super healing, but he would not be able to heal fully if he’s continuing to take damage. Also, because his energy is a magical energy controlled by the Olympians, they keep him from being absorbed/stripped of it.

  • Energy Projection of Olympus

Theron was given a fragment of the energy from Olympus. It courses through his being. So, He is able to project this energy into a laser beam attack, which he can shoots from his eyes. The energy is a mix of electricity and heat. However, it could take form of pure electricity or fire. As well, he could shoot in many degrees, from the lowest vapor ray, to the highest melt engulf of flames. However, if it is used too much, his Olympian magic will deflate. So, using high amounts of his laser vision would lower his magic; in turn lowering some of his other powers, most noticeably is his invulnerability.

  • Combat abilities of Ares

Being raised as a Barbarosian man, Theron is trained in the rough style of Pankration. Like most Barbarosians, he holds the fearless, death-accepting mentality that is known from Barbaros. This mentality shines through in his fighting style.

  • Intellect of The Gods

Theron was given the ability to easily grasp knowledge of things, such as languages, mathematics, combat ect. He can quickly grasp awareness of what's happening around him. In turn, he can think at a very fast pace.

  • Teleportation of The Gods

Theron could freely teleport back and forth from his current position, to the Realm of the God. The Gods are also able to locate him anywhere with this ability.