Shadow's Bio

Side: Heroic Neutral

Super Name: Shadow

Real Name: Adrian Cavinatos

Base of Operations: Anywhere

Gender: Male

Hair Color Jet Black

Weight: 185lbs

Age: 80+ (Phs 25)

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 6'1

Ethnicity: Italian

Super Power Origins: Alien ink like substance he fell into the night he was ambushed and thrown off a building.

Identity: Secret

Occupation: Vigilante

Place of Birth: Unknown/Believed to be either Chicago, New Jersey, or New York

Known Aliases: Evil's Shadow, The Urban Myth, The Real Public Enemy,

Avatar Appearance: Vito Scalitta

Mini Biography After the death of his brother Adrian, used his Jack-Of-All-Trades fighting experience and knowing of criminals and detective work to take on his brothers killers which lead into a career of secret crime fighting that spanned from 1957 to his supposed death in 1968.

Influences: The Shadow, Kazuka in the SFxT Trailer, The Spirit, Vito Scaletta, Venom,

Likes: Silence, the dark, being alone, his brother

Dislikes: Being annoyed, Extroverts, Over-talkative people, The Mob, Olli Jest

Best Friend: N/A

Style Inspirations:

Favorite Fashion Accessory:

Favorite Places: New York, Chicago, London

Favorite Musical Artist/Style: Jazz, Swing, Early Rock n' Roll, Blues

Favorite Movies:

Favorite Songs:

Heroes: His Father,

Motto: "..."

Ideal Vacation Destination: Nowhere

Favorite Hobby: Listening to Jazz,

Favorite School Subject: History

Favorite Foods: He doesn't eat anymore

Favorite Drinks: Liquor (Especially Scotch and Rum mixed)

Favorite Book:

Dream Job:


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(I actually never told about shadows powers)


- Origins:

After the alien substance connected to Adrian, it permanently attached itself to him. The substance, that he would later call 'ink', dug into his body and formed into his DNA. Doing this made Adrian and the ink one being. He is now the ink and can freely control it. This gives him the powers of the ink (which are a lot like a symbiote's power).

- Shape Shifting:

The ink is Omni-sized and can increase/decrease to any size as long as there is something for it to form it around; Or as long as it is connected to the source, which is Shadow himself. It can also change Shadow's appearance. However, it can only change minor features (that's all Shadow knows how to change, as of yet).

The ink could change its density as well. For example, it could thicken itself to be as strong/hard as steel or stone, and loosen itself to be as loose as water or gas.

- Peak Human:

The Ink enhances Shadows ability to that of a peak human. It increases his muscle abilities, lung capacity, ect. It protects him as well; increasing his immune system to the point where germs are quickly eliminated. He could no longer get drunk, poisoned, drugged ect. His skin is also toughened along with the close he wear to protect him from damage.

- Durability & Healing:

Durability is Shadow's strongest ability. While he, being a human, is as vulnerable as any other human, his ink is unharmable in all regards. It can heal back, to it's healthiest state at accelerated pace, from anything. Outside of that, his ink can multiply and expand from the smallest particle of matter. Even if it is virtually annihilated, Shadow can regrow himself. This is because of his Ink's connection to him. Once the substance fused with his body, it fused with every part of his being, even his spiritual being. The Ink did this for the sake of being able it spawn back from a non-physical level. It also makes Shadow immortal on many levels.

As well, since the Ink strengthens his body, it strengthened his immune system. He's immune to disease and even aging. His body could take in a toxin or cancer to his body, and totally annihilated the problem, or push it out of his body (usually in the form of puking or sweating in all out).

- Weapons

Shadow is a 'Jack of All trades' type of fighter. While not mastered/highly trained in any form, he knows enough from all forms to hold his own in a fight.

His ink is his main weapon. he forms it into or around average weapons, like guns, knives, ect. To avoid having to carry all of those type of weapons, he usually just free for his weapons. Raising the density of the ink weapon would make it as dangerous of the real thing (If not more).

To avoid killing, he regularly strength the ink that shoots from his guns. Instead of making them shape enough to pierce the body, he makes them strong enough to be able to knock out his opponent (Picture paint ball bullets with the force of a baseball or bat).

- Intellect

Shadow is a very smart man, formally and informally. However, his intellect is more on the side of detective work. He is extremely good at reading situations. A mind that could graze over ever possibility in a moment, before acting on anything. For example, He could understand the vocal patterns that would be lying or truth, the body movement of an attacker, or the exact placement of something. As well, he rarely ever forgets anything. Shadow nearly always remembers faces, body types, voices, places, smells. In part, all of this is due to the fact that the ink had altered his brain. By doing so, it made his brain capable of being so.

- Weakness

Though he has the powers of the ink, Shadow is basically a street lvler. He wouldn't be able to do much to a person of world class lvl. Also, though he's immortal, he could still be knocked out after enough beating.