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These are all really old pics I drew back when I was in Junior High - Early High School d-_-b

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Amazing... no sarcasm really that is freaking cool!!!

You draw really well!!

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Thanks bro d^_^b

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@superstay: WOW DUDE! I LOOVEET!


Your Buddy Holly is super awesome. If I seen that in some sort of store or something (and it was inked) I would buy it! (If it were cheap) =p

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Thanks sorry I commented so late but for some reason your comment didn't show up in my inbox. But thanks man I almost didn't post them because I don't know why but they look weird to me now. But Thanks d^_^b

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lol thanks man, I really like the Buddy pic too

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@superstay: Really man! your art is distinct! you are an artist!

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Nice. You're really good at drawing.

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@UnderDogs_OverBoard: which is your favorite d?_?b

@MrDirector786: Thanks bro d^_^b

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Those are really good, man. There's an artist show off forum on this site, you should give it a try! :]

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@superstay: the Bruce Lee and the Beatles!


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Not bad, but just for the future, there is The Artist Show Off forum that you can post these in. :)

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Those are real cool, man! You still draw?

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Why is this not like facebook? I want to hit the like button.

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@ARMIV2: Yeah, I don't draw classic people anymore though

@Crimson Orchid: yeah I didn't think of that

@Xanni15: I'll think about it