Shadow's Bio

Side: Heroic Neutral

Super Name: Shadow

Real Name: Adrian Cavinatos

Base of Operations: Anywhere

Gender: Male

Hair Color Jet Black

Weight: 185lbs

Age: 80+ (Phs 25)

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 6'1

Ethnicity: Italian

Super Power Origins: Alien ink like substance he fell into the night he was ambushed and thrown off a building.

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Unknown/Believed to be either Chicago, New Jersey, or New York

Known Aliases: Evil's Shadow, The Urban Myth, The Real Public Enemy,

Avatar Appearance: Shadow is regularly dress in a 1950/60s pitch black suit (similar to that of Kazuya's in the SFxT Trailer) with a Black Domino Mask (sometimes, without), and a Fedora Hat.

Mini Biography After the death of his brother Adrian used his Jack-Of-All-Trades fighting experience and knowing of criminals and detective work to take on his brothers killers which lead into a career of secret crime fighting that spanned from 1957 to his supposed death in 1968.

Influences: The Shadow, Kazuka in the SFxT Trailer, The Spirit, Vito Scaletta, Venom,

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What do you think?

Once back when I was 16 I use to hang out on the PSN alot. I meet this lady(No names (Mostly because I can't remember)) one day in a lounge room, she told me beforehand "I don't have time for kids if your under 18 keep walking" now just wanted to talk to someone so I lied and said "Yeah I'm 18" and we talked for a good five hours. So around 3 in the morning I was tired, and was about to call it a night when all of a sudden she sends me her number and told me to call her. I thought about it for some time and called her thinking the call wouldn't go through because she live out of state. *Ring....Ring...Hello..Click* I hung up, nervous I lied again and told her I didn't call her when she asked not knowing she had *69 ( Last-Call Return ), she call back I nervously hide in the dark living room(I don't know why) with my sister think she'll stop. She didn't and woke up my mother, I lost my PS3, Computer, TV and was yelled at everyday for the next three months. d-_-b


Midnighter's computer

I want to know what are limits to Midnighter's computer. I've heard that he wouldn't be about to predict Insane people like The Joker but than they say he'll be able to predict Deadpool who insane. I heard a person who could use 100% of they're brain like Ozy from the Watchmen would be to unpredictable for his computer to read. Would he be able to read a robot like Terminator?


The Creature Thread

I'm a big Cryptid ans Folkloric creature fan, and I couldn't find any threads on the Vine about them. So, I thought I'd start one. Mythological creatures are included as well,

I start it off "What's your favorite Creature"



The Watchmen vs Their Inspiration

Dr. Manhatten vs Captain Atom

-no prep or BFR

-Takes place on Mars

Nite Owl vs Blue Beetle

-no prep

-In a dark Subway Station

The Comedian vs Peacemaker

-one month prep

-Jungle of Vietnam

Rorschach vs The Question

-two months prep

-Abandoned Prison

Ozymandias vs Thunderbolt

-no prep

-Ozy's Fortress(from in the movie)

Silk Spectre vs Lady Phantom

-no prep

-High Rise Apartment

Who Wins?


Wonder Woman's Sword vs Adamantium

Can Wonder Woman's Sword cut Adamantium? In Kingdom Come she states the sword made by Hephaestus could "carve electrons off an atom". In a forum on ComicVine someone stated Magneto liquified the Adamantium in Wolverine by controlling it at a Molecular/Atomic lvl. So can WW's Sword cut through the molecules/atoms of the Adamantium, in tern cutting through Adamantium itself?


What if the Crisis wouldn't have happened?

If the Crisis wouldn't have happened what do you think would have happened to PC Superman (In terms of power)? Would he keep adapting new powers, would his already existing powers just get stronger? Could he become/get to the lvl of Prime? As time went on and more powerful Villains (DarkSeid, DoomsDay ect) would he get more plot-device power to defeat them?

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