Son Anarchy

Side: Chaos

Super Name: Son Anarchy

Real Name: Fawkes Son Jest (He changed his first name from ‘Oliver Jest V’)

Base of Operations: His Dungeon

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 175lbs

Age: 20 (allegedly) / Inestimable

Eye Color: Black (or White)

Height: 5’10 - 6'1

Ethnicity: British

Super Power Origins: Magic

Identity: Unknown

Occupation: N/A

Place of Birth: Jest Manor

Known Aliases: Son Jest, Olli Junior, Boogieman, Chaos, The Plainwood Stalker, The Vigilante of Chaos,

Avatar Appearance: V for Vendetta

Mini Biography: Born out of the unity between Olli and Tabitha Jest, Fawkes was born Olliver Jest V. He was born and raised on the estate of theirs. With a childhood of mystery, he was kept away from the many things that the Jest pair did. He didn’t see his father as often, since he was always working. And, watching his parents’ upkeep their roaming-magician routine, Fawkes was a introduced to the mysticism and chaotic ideology of his folks.

These ideals were fused and breathed into Fawkes. He had a really rich upbringing, being homeschooled and taught by her folks. By the time he a teen, he was a well matured young man. With a mind of his own, he lived in his own cabin, enlightening himself on life (or just being a rebellious teenager). Once he became a adult, he disappeared without a word.

Influences: V for Vendetta, the Joker, Horror Villians, Boogieman, Scarecrow,


Likes: His parents, His mask, Chaos, Horror, Crows and Owls, Bad luck, The howl of a Wolf,

Dislikes: Conformance, Law, His father's passiveness, Being the fifth 'Oliver Jest',

Best Friend: Aldor Gineto the Lab, Carrie Jest,

Style Inspirations: Anonymous, Horror,

Favorite Fashion Accessory: His mask, All Black

Favorite Places:

Favorite Musical Artist/Style: Classical, Jazz, Blues, Traditional,

Favorite Movies: Horror and Thriller movies,

Favorite Songs: Perfect Day,

Heroes: The Patriots, Che Guevara, Gandhi, Castro, Martin Luther King, Jr.,

Motto: ""

Ideal Vacation Destination:

Favorite Hobby: Reading, Causing chaos, Striking fear into people,

Favorite School Subject: History, Theater,

Favorite Foods:

Favorite Drinks:

Favorite Book: Anything on Chaos, Revolution, Anarchy, Horror and Gothic Novels,

Dream Job:



King Tizoc's Bio

Side: Good

Super Name: King Tizoc

Real Name: Bruno St. Gabriel de Santos y Martinez

Base of Operations:

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Brunette

Weight: 250 (Varies)

Age: 30

Eye Color: Green

Height: 6’2 ft

Ethnicity: Native Central American

Super Power Origins: Blessing

Identity: Known

Occupation: Pro-Wrestler / Professional Fighter

Place of Birth:

Known Aliases: Blazing Griffon, the Armored King, The Beast’s Spirit, the Green Cyclone, Grifo Ardiente

Avatar Appearance: Mike Haggar / King II / Tiger Mask

Mini Biography: Born out of a small town in South American, Santos was an orphan. Growing up in a rough and tough poor city, he had to fight to survive his up –bringing. He fought so much that he quickly partook in the underground fighting rinks, once he was in his teens. Strong and durable, he was heavily driven by the fact that he had nothing and no one. He was a wild brick wall to his opponents. Having admired pro-wrestlers since he was a small child, because of their hopeful and optimistic heroic personas, he started train in a grappling form of fighting. Becoming a force to be reckoned with, he was soon asked to join professional leagues, after beating every fighter in America’s underground.

However, unknown to others, and to himself, his body was blessed by the Aztec deities of Tezcatlipoca, Tepeyollotl and Quetzalcoatl. As a baby, he was unaware of his connections to the spirits of the Jaguar, Snake, Wolf, and Eagle. These being gave him the strength of the mighty. With power in his veins, he found that his abilities rose with the heightening of his adrenaline.

Now world renowned, King Tizoc is a icon figure of Martial Arts. A symbol of his homeland, he is a Pro-wrestling titan. Having held many champion ships in America, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and Europe, he is well decorated. Having crossed over into MMA, he has a record of 58-5-2 (as of 2014), and is still going strong. A gem to his people, they call him 'Grifo Ardiente', which translated into 'Blazing Griffin'. With the heart of a fighter, he is willing to fight anyone and everyone, if they'd wish.

Influences: Mike Hagger, King (Tekken), Tizoc, Armored King, the Hulk, Zangief, Luke Cage, Tiger Mask, Bane,


Likes: His homeland, Pro-wrestling, Fighting, His faith, Animals, His culture, Being a hero, Children,

Dislikes: Cheaters, Terrorist, The abuse of innocence, disappointing others, The tears of children, Criminals,

Best Friend:

Style Inspirations: His heroes

Favorite Fashion Accessory: A Luchador Mask, His facial hair,

Favorite Places: Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Britain, Texas

Favorite Musical Artist/Style:

Favorite Movies:

Heroes: Hulk Hogan, Bruce Lee, Tiger Mask, the Big Three of Lucha Libre, Bruno Sammartino, Mitsuhiro Momota,


Ideal Vacation Destination: Brazil

Favorite Hobby: Training, Caring for orphans, Making children smile, Karaoke,

Favorite School Subject: Gym, Health,

Favorite Foods: Fruit, Wheat and Meat,

Favorite Drinks: Anything

Favorite Book:

Dream Job: Being a hero to children


Brawnzan the Barbarian's Bio

Side: Neutral

Super Name:

Real Name: Brawnzan the Barbarian

Base of Operations: Camp Stonehenge

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Blackish brown

Weight: 180lbs

Age: 30

Eye Color: Grey eyes

Height: 6’3

Ethnicity: Homo-Primal

Super Power Origins: Genetics

Identity: Known

Occupation: King of Mt. Marsoon

Place of Birth: Mount. Marsoom (in the Land of Savages)

Known Aliases: The Caveman, Barbarian King, The Mighty One, King of the Savages, The Mighty Barbarian, Brawnzan the Mighty,

Avatar Appearance: Tarzan / Conan the Barbarian / John Carter of Mars

Mini Biography: Little is known about the back story of Brawnzan the Barbarian. Born at the summit of Mt. Marsoom, Brawnzan was the raised in the thick forest that surrounded the mountain. In the midst of the ‘Never Ending War’, his home was demolished by attacking Ogre forces, who were taking the mountain. Singlehandedly, he protected the mountain, without making his presence known.

Years past, the myth of the ‘Marsoom Man’ became infamously known throughout Ogre clan, as well as the rest of the Dark Legion. With fear, hatred, and mystery surrounding his name, the people of Northland begged or his hand in their potential victory. However, no caring about the affairs of the Savage wars, Brawnzan ignored their calls...The North halted their pleas, but the Eastern Empire were royally stubborn.

They used their vast military tactic to actually trap the primal man. The empire dragged him from his home and into gladiatorial slavery. They forced him to prove his 'rumored' might to be true. To which, he did prove himself. He slaughtered all who entered the arena with him. With cold disguise in his eyes, he hated the nation. So spoiled and privileged with enough wealth to bath the savage land in gold, they chose of sit of it and what the poor and helpless kill each other. They believed they were the only civilized people in the land...and Brawnzan hated cockiness. So, one night, he broke out and burned the entire arena, before running. He left the east and returned to Marsoom. He continued living his life in the mountains of the Marsoom range, protecting it from the savage lands around it...

Influences: Tarzan, Conan the Barbarian, John Carter of Mars, Hercules, Robin Hood, Samson, David, Beowolf, Achilles, Orran the Slayer,

Likes: His wife, Mt. Marsoom, Helping the weak, Loyalty, His weapons, The gorilla clan that raised him, His wife's wolf pack, Honor,

Dislikes: Betrayal, Dark Ogres and Trolls, Those who harm his family, Politic, The Alliance, Arrogance, The Eastern Empire, Slavery, Poachers,

Best Friend: His wife, Animals,

Style Inspirations:

Favorite Fashion Accessory:

Favorite Places: Mount. Marsoom,

Favorite Musical Artist/Style: Satyr / Faun

Favorite Movies: Never watched films

Favorite Songs:


Motto: "Bow to no man, and cower from no thing"

Ideal Vacation Destination:

Favorite Hobby: Roaming the forest, Swinging through trees,

Favorite School Subject: Survival

Favorite Foods: Wild Meat, Wheat and grain, Sweet fruit,

Favorite Drinks: The strongest Ales, Wines,and Beers

Favorite Book:

Dream Job: Being the ruler of his mountain



The Dude Ranch

The Dude Ranch

A few hundred acres of the edge of farmland, the Dude ranch was created out of chance. After Wolf bought his mansion, he held mildly over a hundred acres of land at his disposal. When his close friend: Sheng, he bought the field and forest that lied behind and around his property. Buying land twice as big as the estate that he already owned, he settled with a large piece of the natural terrain that sat there. With the assistance of his pal, he built a farm, ranch, and many other things on the land; making the estate into a national park, called ‘Dude Ranch.

  • Wolf’s Mansion

Three stories or modern-built architecture, Wolf’s home is an expensive work of art. Housing five rooms, a full kitchen, living room, den, four bathrooms, and a theater, the house is a huge place. With a garage that could home’s a sale’s lot full of vehicles, Wolf keeps all of his many beauties in it. From foreign Porches and Ferraris, to Luxury and costume sports cars, to classic GTO and 50s Hot Rods, he has over a few billion dollars’ worth of cars in his garage. The mansion is a technological marvel, with state-of-the-art everything, being a smart-house, and is regularly updated by Tin’Data.

With a pool house the size of a mansion itself, it has three rooms, three bathrooms, a living room, indoor and outdoor pool, a spa, Jacuzzi room, and a restroom. The pool house is deemed the ‘Party House’ by the dudes. But, like the loose and clubber vibe that the pool house has, the entire home of Wolf is an awesome bachelor pad of easy living. Surrounded by ivy, vines, trees, and vast jungle, the house is engulfed by the rainforest that surrounds it.

  • Sheng’s Tree House

High up in the top of a redwood trees, Sheng’s home is a hefty sized tree house built out of thick brown wood. Accommodating three rooms, a living room and kitchen, the house is a well-structured home in the sky. Built around three trees, the house is surrounded by a group of smaller tree houses. With critters living as well, colorful birds and small tree critters roam the area. Like a tropical tribal village, the site is a gorgeous place in the trees.

Tall Trees Rainforest

Large and lush, the forest is a vast region of natural wonder. With acres and acres of thick trees that stretch to the sky, the jungle is a moist and misty rainforest of lively beauty. Stretching for miles, it reaches over hills, rocky cliffs, across lakes and rivers, and out to the beach. Homing many species of animals, the forest is very lively. With lakes that glow beautiful colors, under moonlight, and lantern-lit wilderness that’s roamed by lightning bugs, the illuminating forest is truly magnificent.

  • o Dude Hill and Mt. Awesome

Dude Hill is a huge hill-like mountain that lies in the middle of the land. With Wolf’s home planted on top, it is covered in the same plant life of the forest, the hilltop is covered in dew in both morning and night. With a clear glimpse at the moon, the star shines bright and illuminating over the summit.

Right to the north of the hill is Mt. Awesome. Named after its mesmerizing look, the mountain has an engulfing view of beauty. Holding a large portion of sky-piercing woodland trees, and jaw-dropping waterfalls and mountain curving hills, Mt. Awesome is a wonderful paradise above the clouds.

  • o The Open Field

On the outland, the open plains are the many free fields of green grass and exposed gardens of vegetation. Catered by Sheng, these fields have been gardened and groomed by him since they were purchased by his bro. large fields being the running ground of hordes of wild steeds and horse.

  • o The Long and Winding River

Long, winding and thick, this river stretches across the estate. With clear blue water, it disperses misty air and breezy winds of clear oxygen. Nurturing the plat and wildlife, the life lives around the many riverbeds that lie through the land. Bringing many fishes and insects in from other domains, the water is home to a rainbow of sea life. The river itself curls through hilly terrains and mountain cliffs. Over waterfalls and through streams and lakes, the long and winding river is the heart of the forest.

  • o Camp Crystal Creek

Sitting near the center of the estate, this creek is an open lake that lies under the steep side of Dude Hill. The lake that takes up miles of space, and digs deep into the ground; named after the shine of a crystal, the lake glows blue and white under the pale moonlight. Because of a mix of plankton and mercury, the water glosses and gleams bright.

Off to the side, a line of cabins and docks sit at the shore. Constructed out of wood and board, the wooden cabins are the home of summer camps, boys and girls clubs, and scout meetings. The Creek, in general, has a rich history with scouts clubs and wildlife protection programs.

  • o Southern Bayou

In a foggy and misty area of the estate, the bayou is a region where the LW River flooded the plain land of the south, long ago. Rising more than three feet over sea level, the swampy water is murky and deep. With wetland trees that stretch high and wide, and thick fog that fill the small gaps between them, the Bayou is a dense trap to outsiders. Untouched by Wolf, Sheng and Dr. Denton are the only one who venture into the murky wetland, with the latter actually living there.



Chief Commando's Bio

Side: Good

Super Name: Chief Commando

Real Name: Ryker War Hagger

Base of Operations: The Transport Station of Stayler’te

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Brown

Weight: 250 lbs

Age: Unknown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6’3

Ethnicity: Russian, Greek, American, Scottish, Japanese, German,

Super Power Origins: Himself

Identity: Known

Occupation: Commander of Stayler'te, Veteran

Place of Birth: The Labs of Stayler’te

Known Aliases: War, One Man Army, the Terminator, Captain,

Avatar Appearance: Mainly Solid Snake / 616 Nick Fury / the Comedian

Mini Biography:

Influences: Action Heroes, the Punisher, Mike Hagger, Chuck Norris, 616 Nick Fury, Rambo, Deathstroke, the Comedian, Solid Snake, Buck Rogers, Judge Dredd, Team Fortress,

Likes: The Heat of War, Action, Being a Leader, Raisin cookies, exercising, Sega Saturn,

Dislikes: Politics, Politicians, Richard Nixon,

Best Friend: Tin' Data, Wolf, Sheng,

Style Inspirations: Action Heroes,

Favorite Fashion Accessory: Sun glasses

Favorite Places: The Battlefield

Favorite Musical Artist/Style:

Favorite Movies: His life is the best movie

Favorite Songs: The sound of his facial hair

Heroes: God, Himself, Chuck Norris,

Motto: "I am the Law"

Ideal Vacation Destination: The Battlefield,

Favorite Hobby: Being amazing

Favorite School Subject: He studied himself in school

Favorite Foods: Anything that hefty and wild

Favorite Drinks:

Favorite Book:

Dream Job:


Agent 669's Bio

Side: Neutral

Super Name: Agent 669

Real Name: Stacey Lillian

Base of Operations:

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Blonde

Weight: 145 lbs

Age: 25

Eye Color: Olive

Height: 5’8

Ethnicity: Russian

Super Power Origins: Marksmen, Gunman, Combatant

Identity: Secret

Occupation: Secret Agent and Assassin

Place of Birth: Florida

Known Aliases: Spy 69, Blonde Bomber, Stacey, 007,

Avatar Appearance: Nina Williams / Cassie Cage / Cammy

Mini Biography:

Influences: Black Widow, Cassie Cage, Nina William, Cammy, James Bond, Spy (Team Fortress 2)

Likes: Being the best, Her job, Bubblegum, Exercising, Tricking people,

Dislikes: Jokes about 69, Blonde jokes, Losing,

Best Friend:

Style Inspirations:

Favorite Fashion Accessory: Sunglasses,

Favorite Places:

Favorite Musical Artist/Style: EDM,

Favorite Movies: James Bond Films,

Favorite Songs:



Ideal Vacation Destination:

Favorite Hobby:

Favorite School Subject: History,

Favorite Foods: Cherry Bubblegum,

Favorite Drinks:

Favorite Book:

Dream Job:



Grey Silver's Bio

Side: Neutral

Super Name: The Silver Bullet

Real Name: Grey Silver

Base of Operations: His ship, ‘Invader 83’ / His car '69'

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Blondish Brown

Weight: 210 lbs

Age: 28

Eye Color: Pale Blue

Height: 6'1

Ethnicity: Scottish, Apache, Spanish/Mexican,

Super Power Origins: Organic android shell for an Alien

Identity: Known

Occupation: Cowboy, Piracy, Smuggler, Bounty Hunting, Explorer, Treasure Hunter, Bank and Train robber

Place of Birth: Kansas

Known Aliases: Silver Bullet Grey, Ojo muerto, The New Age Outlaw, The Savage, Public Enemy #1, Dead Eyes, Grey Reaper, El que no muere,

Avatar Appearance: Nathen Drake / Jonah Hex

Mini Biography:

I am a country boy, born and raised in Kansas. My ma and pa were a young pair of folks trying to survive. A cattle wrangler, my pa became a drunkard, running off and leave my ma and me. And, after he disappeared, my ma just ran place to place, from man to man. By the age of 12, I was fed up with it, and I ran.

Leaving in the middle of the night, I ran to Texas; the land of grand, I thought. It was really the land of rednecks and stuck-ups. I tried forming to the work of my father; cattle herding and farm work. But, I guess his blood runs deep in he, and I eventually quit. I looked for quick ways to make easy money. That's when I met deep trouble, by the name of moonshine. I was hired to push moonshine into Texas, from Louisiana and Georgia.

This job went very well. I was paid good, gained respect among my peers, and exposed to many ways of our fine country. But, that all came to an end when I was caught by some tight-britches with a badge. He sent me to jail, and held me there for three years. I was now a jailbird. However, prison couldn't hold me, I put my quick wit to the test, and found a way out. Using a fake gun, I tricked and jailed those bastard, before escaping to the forest.

When I reemerged, I was set on making money, and lots of it. I wasn't going back to jail, and I wasn't ending my fight for cash. I started robbing banks and stealing from the wealth trash that looked down on me. I've been at this for years, and it's been good to me. I'm sitting on a butt-load of riches, and I get to see the good qualities of the world.

Influences: Jonah Hex, John Marston, The Lone Ranger, Robin Hood, Outlaws, Nathan Drake, Indiana Jones, Miguel (Tekken), Cody (Final Fight/Street Fighter), Wolverine and Deadpool,The Man with No Name,


Likes: Outlaws, Money, The west, His car, Women and fun, Exploring and hunting, Wildlife, Fighting and shootouts, Bar fights, Freedom, His popularity, Gambling and card games, Cigarillos,

Dislikes: Prison, Unnecessary killing, Game hunting, Boredom, Lectures, Pompous city folks, Drunkards, His father, His stepfather, Processed cigarettes, Chewing tobacco, Corrupt Lawmen

Best Friend: Betsy Bell,

Style Inspirations:

Favorite Fashion Accessory: Cowboy hats, boots, and belts,

Favorite Places: California, Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Texas,

Favorite Musical Artist/Style:

Favorite Movies: Gangster films, Pulp Noir films, Westerns,

Favorite Songs:

Heroes: Outlaws, Rebels,

Motto: "Enjoy life, one step at a time"

Ideal Vacation Destination:

Favorite Hobby: Watching crime films and westerns, Knife tricks, Getting in prison and breaking out, Bat fights, Card games, drinking games,

Favorite School Subject: Didn't Go...

Favorite Foods: Tacos, Pie, Peppered/Spiced potatoes, Beef and beans, Jerky, Stew and soup,

Favorite Drinks: Rum, Coca~Cola, Irish Whisky, Brandy, Scotch, Coffee,

Favorite Book: ...

Dream Job: Not having one

Grey the Martian

Side: Good

Super Name: Grey Silver

Real Name: Grey the Martian

Base of Operations: His ship, ‘Invader 83’

Gender: Male

Hair Color: No hair

Weight: Unknown

Age: 91[as of 2015]

Eye Color: Varies (Usually a dark black or blue)

Height: Varies

Ethnicity: Martian and Venusian

Super Power Origins: Biological

Identity: Unknown

Place of Birth: Mars

Known Aliases:

Avatar Appearance: Black Manta / Grey Aliens

Mini Biography: Born of Mars, Grey was one of a few. Out of the small group of Martians, he was an even small group of half-bred Martians. Birthed from a Martian man and Venusian woman, he was created in one of the limited meeting that the two races had yearly. In the Earth year of 1924, he was birthed within a cave of Mars, and chosen by his parents to be hidden from his society who still held animosity towards the mix. So, he grew up at the mouth of the planet's cave, while the rest of his people lived deep within the planet.

Upon his coming of manhood, he decided to visit Venus, for the first time in his life. He wanted to see the people of his mother. So, he bought a rather-cheep ship and launched into space. Heading to Mars, he viewed the beauty of system. As he did, he crossed Earth, which hovered between his parenting planets. Amused by its lovely appearance, he flew close and into its upper atmosphere. The date was 1937, in Earth years. However, he quickly made it to Venus.

Staying for a while, when he left, it was 1947 on Earth. He had to head back home. But on his way back, he revisited Earth. This time, he wanted a closer look. Flying into Earth's field, he unknowingly seen by few. Appearing as a flying dot of light, he was soon shot down. Hit in his side, he fell into the Pacific.

His body was knocked unconscious. He would awaken to find himself in Area 51. Confused and afraid, he was flushed with rushing thoughts. Because of this, the room started shaking and rumbling. Not knowing that his mind was doing this, he was soon freed from his restraints. Met was officers and military gunfire, she ran with fear, and hid in the first room he could find open. In this room, he found the armor labeled under the B.A1. Seeing it as good protection, he dawned the outfit, and ran for his ship. Immediately, he blasted off, after finding it. Taking off for space, he found the sky filled with military aircraft. So, instead of zipping to the black abyss of the sky, her rushed to the black abyss of the sea. Hitting the Pacific, he hid there ever since.

Influences: Martain Manhunter, E.T., Alien stereotypes, Majin Buu, Jellyfishes,




Phenix Starr's Bio

Super Name: The Phenix

Real Name: Phenix the Star

Base of Operations:

Side: Good

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Brunette

Weight: Varies


Eye Color: Varies

Height: 5’10

Ethnicity: Zodiceak (Modern day Turkish)

Super Power Origins: Celestial Origins of the Cosmos

Identity: Known

Place of Birth: The Sun Kingdom of the Zodiceak Empire

Known Aliases: Phenix Starr

Avatar Appearance: Wonder Woman

Mini Biography: vvVvv

Influences: Wonder Woman, Ms. Marvel, Captain Atom,Starfire,



Tabitha Jest's Bio

Side: Neutral/Heroic

Super Name: Lady Jest

Real Name: Tabitha Ruth Westchester-Jest

Base of Operations: Jest Estate

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Jet Black

Weight: N/A

Age: Inestimable (128 (She looks 25)

Eye Color: Blue (Originally)

Height: 5'8

Ethnicity: British

Super Power Origins: Magic

Identity: Known

Occupation: Gypsy / Assistant and wife of Olli Jest

Spouse: Oliver Jest (For over a Century)

Place of Birth: London, England, UK

Known Aliases: Tabitha the Magician, Tabi/Abbi, The Zatanna, Abbi the Gypsy,

Influences: Zatanna, Scarlet Witch, Madame Xanadu,

Mini Biography: Born in uptown London, Tabi grew up in a very superstitious family. Her family were full of psychics, mediums, witches, and mages. At a young age, she knew how to read minds. With nurturing from her mother and aunts, her power grew stronger. She came to discover that she had developed more psychic abilities, by her teens. Once she hit her late teens, she was far more powerful than all of her mentors.

With her powers growing mightier, she found that she held a illness in bipolarism. Her brain grew worst as she tried to hone her abilities. This led her to leave her home, upon adulthood. She became a street gypsy, and started living in the cold of London. In this time, she discovered Oliver Jest.

Running a Travelling Magic show, he had built quiet a name for himself, around Britain. She found a flier of his, blowing in the wind. Catching it, she decide to see one of his shows, since he was coming to north London.

Upon seeing his show, she was mesmerized by his illuminating tricks. With her sense of magic, she was immediately trapped in the wonder of if he was really a mage, or not. His tricks were too authentic to be false, in her thought. So, after the show, she sneakingly went backstage to meet with him. And after a long discussion with him. Afterwards, with both of them being deeply struck by one another, he hired her as his assistant.

Avatar Appearance: Tabitha is regularly in a female magician outfit.

Facts vvVvv

Likes: Magic, Her husband, Theater, Cooking, Gardening, Books, Music, Her son,

Dislikes: Her husband's love for pain, Medication, Sadness,

Lives With: Olliver Jest, Their family dog: Aldor Gineto the Lab, Their house servent: Boris Bronson,

Best Friend: Olliver Jest, Boris,

Style Inspirations: Female Parlor Magicians

Favorite Fashion Accessory: Top Hat, Her Wand,

Favorite Places: Jest Manor, Paris, England,

Favorite Musical Artist/Style: Vivaldi, Beethoven, Franz Liszt,

Favorite Songs: Vivaldi's Four Seasons (Winter), Greensleeves,

Favorite Movies: Nosferatu, King Kong (1933), Frankenstein (1931),

Favorite Designers: She makes her own clothing



Ideal Vacation Destination:

Favorite Hobby: Visiting Theaters, Playing Piano, Flute,

Favorite School Subject: Music, Literature

Favorite Book: Shakespeare's Hamlet, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Homer's Iliad, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Favorite Foods: Roast duck, Blueberry Muffins, Any Type of Pie, Cod Fish Pie,

Favorite Drink: Honey soaked Ginger Tea, Red Wine,

Dream Job:



Hey bros, I figured it would be for the best to make Tabitha a bio, since she's basically in the Stayler'te club...So, here she is: Lady Jest...I'll post her powers later...