Phenix Starr's Bio

Super Name: The Phenix

Real Name: Phenix the Star

Base of Operations:

Side: Good

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Brunette (Sometimes Blonde)

Weight: Varies


Eye Color: Varies

Height: 5’10

Ethnicity: Zodiceak (Modern day Turkey)

Super Power Origins: Celestial Origins of the Cosmos

Identity: Known

Place of Birth: The Sun Kingdom of the Zodiceak Empire

Known Aliases: Phenix Starr

Outfit Appearance:

Mini Biography: vvVvv

Influences: Wonder Woman, Ms. Marvel, Captain Atom,



Tabitha Jest's Bio

Side: Neutral/Heroic

Super Name: Lady Jest

Real Name: Tabitha Ruth Westchester-Jest

Base of Operations: Jest Estate

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Jet Black

Weight: N/A

Age: 128 (She looks 25)

Eye Color: Blue (Originally)

Height: 5'8

Ethnicity: British

Super Power Origins: Magic

Identity: Known

Spouse: Oliver Jest (For over a Century)

Place of Birth: London, England, UK

Known Aliases: Tabitha the Magician, Tabi/Abbi, The Zatanna, Abbi the Gypsy,

Influences: Zatanna, Scarlet Witch,

Mini Biography: Born in uptown London, Tabi grew up in a very superstitious family. Her family were full of psychics, mediums, witches, and mages. At a young age, she knew how to read minds. With nurturing from her mother and aunts, her power grew stronger. She came to discover that she had developed more psychic abilities, by her teens. Once she hit her late teens, she was far more powerful than all of her mentors.

With her powers growing mightier, she found that she held a illness in bipolarism. Her brain grew worst as she tried to hone her abilities. This led her to leave her home, upon adulthood. She became a street gypsy, and started living in the cold of London. In this time, she discovered Oliver Jest.

Running a Travelling Magic show, he had built quiet a name for himself, around Britain. She found a flier of his, blowing in the wind. Catching it, she decide to see one of his shows, since he was coming to north London.

Upon seeing his show, she was mesmerized by his illuminating tricks. With her sense of magic, she was immediately trapped in the wonder of if he was really a mage, or not. His tricks were too authentic to be false, in her thought. So, after the show, she sneakingly went backstage to meet with him. And after a long discussion with him. Afterwards, with both of them being deeply struck by one another, he hired her as his assistant.

Avatar Appearance: Tabitha is regularly in a female magician outfit.

Facts vvVvv

Likes: Magic, Her husband, Theater, Cooking, Gardening, Books, Music,

Dislikes: Her husband's love for pain, Medication, Sadness,

Lives With: Olliver Jest, Their family dog: Aldor Gineto the Lab, Their house servent: Boris Bronson,

Best Friend: Olliver Jest, Boris,

Style Inspirations: Female Parlor Magicians

Favorite Fashion Accessory: Top Hat, Her Wand,

Favorite Places: Jest Manor, Paris, England,

Favorite Musical Artist/Style: Vivaldi, Beethoven, Franz Liszt,

Favorite Songs: Vivaldi's Four Seasons (Winter), Greensleeves,

Favorite Movies: Nosferatu, King Kong (1933), Frankenstein (1931),

Favorite Designers: She makes her own clothing



Ideal Vacation Destination:

Favorite Hobby: Visiting Theaters, Playing Piano, Flute,

Favorite School Subject: Music, Literature

Favorite Book: Shakespeare's Hamlet, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Homer's Iliad, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Favorite Foods: Roast duck, Blueberry Muffins, Any Type of Pie, Cod Fish Pie,

Favorite Drink: Honey soaked Ginger Tea, Red Wine,

Dream Job:



Hey bros, I figured it would be for the best to make Tabitha a bio, since she's basically in the Stayler'te club...So, here she is: Lady Jest...I'll post her powers later...


Kuminashi's Bio

Side: Good

Super Name: N/A

Real Name: Kuminashi Ibeyi

Base of Operations: The realm of ‘Polemikí̱ Téchni̱ Wǔshù’ (Martial Island)

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 133lbs

Age: 23

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’8

Ethnicity: Navajo and Japanese

Super Power Origins: Semi-connection to the Scroll Magic

Identity: Semi-Known

Place of Birth: Hinode Toji Islands

Known Aliases: Kumi, Shining Swan, Golden Lotus, Kumiko, Madam of the Wind, Gōrudenrōtasu,

Mini Biography: Kuminashi was born apart of the royal clan in Ningen territory, in the Hinode Toji Islands. She is one of the daughters of the Ninja Order of her native island. As such, she was raised to work for her family’s order. However, with a longing for becoming a great warrior, she secretly left her clan and ventured to find a way to meet the Grand Monks. On this path, she met Sheng, the one of the very few outsiders to meet the Monks. After deciding to become his second, she started her journey for the Monk’s favor.

Influences: Chun-li, Julia Chang, Ling Xiaoyu, Ibuki, Sakura, Mai Shiranui,

Pictures vvVvv

Likes: Training, Cute animals, Cute things, Babies, Gardens, Baths, Tabitha's sweets, Cookies, Colorful things, Crafting her Weapons,

Dislikes: Mean people, Animal abuse,

Lives With: HaidenSheng

Best Friend: Sheng, Wolf, Tabitha,

Style Inspirations: Traditional Martial Arts uniforms,

Favorite Fashion Accessory:

Favorite Places: Korea, Brazil,

Favorite Musical Artist/Style: Kpop, Sunny & Cher, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, The Beatles, One Direction,

Favorite Movies: All Pixar Movies, Grease,

Favorite Songs:

Heroes: Haiden Sheng, The Monks, Her Master,


Ideal Vacation Destination:

Childhood Crush:

Favorite Hobby: Gardening, Playing hand-held video games, caring for animals,

Favorite School Subject: Science, Gym

Favorite Foods: Bread, Muffins, Fish, Fruit,

Favorite Drinks: Banana milk, Water, Strawberry shakes, Hot chocolate, Sweet tea, Root beer float,

Favorite Video Games: Kirby, Donkey Kong, Pokémon, Yoshi's Island,

Favorite Book: Comics,

Dream Job: Becoming a Monk



Doctor Denton

Side: Neutral

Super Name: Brute Savage

Real Name: Doctor Donald Denton

Base of Operations: N/A

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Brown (Human) / Varies (Savage)

Weight: 175 lbs (Human) / Varies over 800 lbs (Savage)

Age: 58

Eye Color: Green (Human) / Varies (Savage)

Height: 5’10 (Human) / 6’8 (Savage)

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Super Power Origins: Mutation

Identity: Known

Place of Birth: Louisiana

Known Aliases:

Avatar Appearance: Doctor Denton is a slim, lab coat baring man. With greyish brown hair, he is in the highlight years of his life. But, in creature form, he is a beast that resembles a mixture of a reptilian and a werewolf.

Mini Biography: A timid scientist, Doctor Donald Denton spent most of his life studying a serum that could strength the immune system to an extreme degree. Believing that, if he did so, human would not have to worry about diseases and viruses…

Though, he never gain enough backing to work on his projects and experiments, he did find a private source of funding, which helped him secretly study his serum. For many years, he studied the animal kingdom for inspiration; leading to a mixture of cold and warm blooded DNA strands, which he called the ‘DLS’. After fusing the mixture with a steroid-like serum, given to him under the label of ‘Cellar Steroids’, he mildly mixed the two serums to find that a successful end-result. However, in a foolish mood of excitement, he pour all of both serums together, not knowing how strong the compound would become.

As well, with not enough funding to pay for test subjects, he tested the DLS prototype on himself. The mixture was too strong, and caused him to have a mild stroke, followed by a massive one. When he awoke from passing out, he found himself in a chilly swamp, at night…as he gain consciousness, he started a horrid transformation into a beastly monster.

Influences: The Lizard, Werewolves, Venom, Killer Croc, the Hulk, Reptilians, Swamp Thing,

Pictures vvVvv


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Doctor Denton's Bio

Side: Neutral

Super Name: Brute Savage

Real Name: Doctor Donald Denton

Base of Operations: N/A

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Brown (Human) / Varies (Savage)

Weight: 175 lbs (Human) / Varies over 800 lbs (Savage)

Age: 72 (Spiritually) / 27 (Physically)

Eye Color: Green (Human) / Varies (Savage)

Height: 6’0 (Human) / 6’8 (Savage)

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Super Power Origins: Mutation

Identity: Known

Place of Birth: Louisiana

Known Aliases:

Avatar Appearance: Doctor Denton is a slim, lab coat baring man. With greyish brown hair, he is in the highlight years of his life. But, in creature form, he is a beast that resembles a mixture of a reptilian and a werewolf.

Mini Biography: A timid scientist, Doctor Donald Denton spent most of his life studying a serum that could strength the immune system to an extreme degree. Believing that, if he did so, human would not have to worry about diseases and viruses…

Though, he never gain enough backing to work on his projects and experiments, he did find a private source of funding, which helped him secretly study his serum. For many years, he studied the animal kingdom for inspiration; leading to a mixture of cold and warm blooded DNA strands, which he called the ‘DLS’. After fusing the mixture with a steroid-like serum, given to him under the label of ‘Cellar Steroids’, he mildly mixed the two serums to find that a successful end-result. However, in a foolish mood of excitement, he pour all of both serums together, not knowing how strong the compound would become.

As well, with not enough funding to pay for test subjects, he tested the DLS prototype on himself. The mixture was too strong, and caused him to have a mild stroke, followed by a massive one. When he awoke from passing out, he found himself in a chilly swamp, at night…as he gain consciousness, he started a horrid transformation into a beastly monster.

Influences: The Lizard, Werewolves, Venom, Killer Croc, the Hulk, Reptilians, Swamp Thing,



Ed Blaze's Bio

Side: Neutral

Super Name: Blazing Inferno

Real Name: Perry Edward Ruth

Base of Operations: N/A

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Jet Black

Weight: 188 lbs

Age: Dead [27 (Phy)/ 85 (Spt)]

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6’0

Ethnicity: Italian Irish

Super Power Origins: Ghostly/Spiritual and Demonic

Identity: Known

Place of Birth: Boston or Brooklyn

Known Aliases: Blazing Inferno, Ed Blaze, Blaze/Blaize, Scorch,

Avatar Appearance:

Mini Biography: Perry 'Steel Willed' Ruth, along with his girlfriend, Sarah 'Blue Jay' Mayor were a youthfully wild couple. Blazing the roads of the 1950s, they met their end in a furious motorcycle accident.

But, they were eventually resurrected, and set upon the city, to do the deeds of those who brought them back. Whatsoever, the two, who were brought to life because of their wild and rebellious spirits, used their newly founded ghostly abilities to kill there, so call, 'bosses'. Afterwards, they set out to live their free lives as unkillable souls.

Influences: Ghost Rider, Deadman, Rockabilly, Lobo, Dante (Devil May Cry), Hellboy

Likes: His hair, His bike, Marilyn, Beth and Eastwood, Leather jackets, Women, Being dead, Being a rebellious outlaw, Fighting,

Dislikes: Authority, Rules, Losing, Squares, Douches and bullies, Jail, Cops, Responsibility,

Lives With:

Best Friend: Wolf, Sheng,

Current Crush:

Style Inspirations: Greasers, Rock n' Rollers, James Dead,

Favorite Fashion Accessory:

Favorite Places: New York, Chicago, Boston, New Jersey,

Favorite Musical Artist/Style: Chuck Barry, The Clash, Elvis, Buddy Holly, AC/DC, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Bill Haley and the Comets, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Little Richard, The Remones, Bob Marley, The Temptations,

Favorite Movies: Rebel Without a Cause, Some Like It Hot, Psycho, Seven Samurai, Disney's Snow White, American Graffiti, The Outsiders, Return of the Living Dead, Wild Ones, Easy Rider,

Favorite Designers:

Favorite TV Shows:


Motto: "The only voice that I need to listen to is myself"

Ideal Vacation Destination:

Childhood Crush:

Favorite Hobby: Caring fore his bike and weapons, Listening to Rock music, Maintaining his hair, Fighting, Riding his bike,

Favorite School Subject: ...Didn't like school, Work Shop,

Favorite Foods: Pizza, Hot Dogs, Apple pie, Pancakes,

Favorite Drinks: Scotch, Shakes, Coca~Cola,

Favorite Magazines:

Favorite Book: Comics,

Dream Job:



Dàpóli̱s, the city of Stayler'te

City Name: Dàpóli̱s [Also Known as Awesome City]


Believing that they should have a common place to live and roam, The 'League of the Gentlemen of Stayler’te' decided to create a joint realm. A realm that, at the very least, distantly connect all of their separate realms together. This realm was their home base. However, while their home base was a common ground for them, the group agreed that it, being a town inside of a station, was too risky for the connection of their worlds to be on Earth. So, to avoid their realms possibly harming earth, they created a safety realm for their home base to lie in.

Naming this realm Dàpóli̱s, in regular Stayler'te fashion, they made the realm into a country that they could live in. Forming a fully functioning nation, with a rich history and so on, the group placed their base within the city, and made the city into their playground. Now, Dàpóli̱s acts as the link between Stayler'te, and it's realms, and Earth and it's universe. Opened by a portal, it is the only thing connected to Earth...


'The First Settlers'... A painting of the brave and faithful men and women, who set sail to a lost world. This is on of the many historical painting that rest in the Hall of National History.

While the rest of the world was plague and war, bloodshed and drying tears, a slaughter-fest’s of mute causes; a once noble and royal knight, Sir Nester Osiris Knight, exiled from his native land, took to the see with a fleet a 500 people. Travelling for distant land, in the early 1400s, Sir Jest discovered what would become his legacy: Dàpóli̱s. A beautiful chunk of paradise, from the tropical islands and beaches, to the rocky-hilled deserts, the land was mesmerizing. So much so, the land was destined to become the home of the near-utopia, which Sir Jest would create.

The Statue of Wonder, this homage to Sir Jester standing in the Hall of National History.

A city that is full of history and culture, Dàpóli̱s is a utopia of beauty and liveliness. Filled with great monuments and national magnificence, the country is full of stunning landmarks. Built by a near endless economy, this was accomplished by the enormous amount of riches that lied within the land, Dàpóli̱s is heavily funded. With that, the country is constructed with very detailed architecture and fine designs. The big districts are paved in the best-looking structures; An artist wonderland of engineering and construction.

Geographic Landscape:

  • Giland

Connected to land, Giland is the main area of Dàpóli̱s. Translating to ‘Land Land’, in Greek; Giland was the first piece of solid land that Sir Nester Osiris Jest, and his fleet of explorer ship, landed on. Covered in huge, bushy, green trees from the hilly inland, to the warm and tropical beachside, the land was a pure beauty to Sir Jest. The land was as large as a European country, being roughly 183,500 sq. miles is size. Upon discovery, he knew he wanted to base the home of his people here. So, he started the small town of Dàpóli̱s.

    • Downtown Dàpóli̱s

The first town of Dàpóli̱s, Downtown is the core of the entire city. Built upon the diamonds, gold and oil, the city was highly funded from the start. It was a town of dreams and opportunities; and still is, to this day. Stretching to the sky with gaze-worthy skyscrapers, Downtown is a concrete jungle of success. A commercial district of high showing and important business deals, the fast paced area is always lit with wonderful activity. Filled with engrossing lights, fast-moving cars, and lively people, Downtown Dàpóli̱s is never slow.

The beautiful city is as tall as New York, and very much like the ‘City that Never Sleeps’. The district takes up Giland’s central valley. The city sized district stretches to the shorelines of the east and as far west as Heavy Rock and Starville Valley.

    • Starville Valley

Sitting in the hilly valley to the west of Downtown, Starville Valley (Or ‘the Valley’ as it is also known as) is a lot like its eastern twin city. It is equally as big, if not more spread out, as Downtown. If Downtown district is the New York of Dàpóli̱s, Starville Valley is Los Angeles. Build in the hilly valleys; it is district that is primarily hot and sun-kissed. Sir Jest nearly died deep in these desert hills, upon first exploration. But, he say, “the night’s stars stared upon him, like angels in Heaven.”. This is what led to the district’s name, as well as if reputation as a lucky and success-struck city. Built off of the riches of Heavy Rock Bay and Downtown’s successes, the district was highly paved in assets from the beginning.

Presently, every speck of the city spells success. Being a huge commercial district, the Valley is the home of Clubers and Wanna-be-Entertainers. With areas of the city filled with clubs and casinos, the region is extremely lively.

    • Queen Belleza Beach

As beautiful as the land, this beach is mesmerizing to virgin eyes. Environmentally similar to the Valley, Queen Belleza Beach is a tropical wonderland of beautiful shorelines, shop-filled boardwalks, beachfront studio homes and mansions. It spans across the entire western coastline. Streets of sunlit upper-class men, filled with Corvettes, BMWs, Mustangs, and many other types of expensive cars, this coastline district is a very high-class one. Most of the homes, if not all of them, cost over $500,000 to rent alone. But, the Beach Bunnies, Surf Dudes, and Toy Dog-carrying-bimbos have more than enough to pay for it.

  • Heavy Rock Bay

Once a small valley off of Giland’s edge that carried the flow of lava, from Mt. PeePee, Heavy Rock is more like a black trench; a deep canyon on the bay floor, it is now filled with the water of Heavy Rock Bay. Covered in cooled lava, the trench is concealed in thick black rock. It had grey soot, rising out of the trench’s cracks, blowing through its wind. For that reason, when Sir Jest walked through the black land, seeing the black ash filling the water, which covered the trench, he first spoke the words, “This land is heavy on my soul. ”, which lead to its name.

    • Heavy Rock Base
Heavy Rock Base

Sitting over Heavy Rock’s trench, Heavy Rock Base (or ‘HRB’ or ‘HR Base’ for short) is a small city-sized, bayside district. Starting from Black Rock, out in the actually bay, the base stretches along the entire bay. It is used as an industrial zone, with a huge bit of Dàpóli̱s’ economy coming from it. Starting with the coal-mining, started during Sir Jest’s lifetime, that discovered most of the land’s riches (gold, oil, diamond, silver, ect). Now, the area is most industrial and military centered. Many Military camps fill the medium-sized district. Large housing-projects and townhouses sit for the many troops and industrial workers to live close to their jobs. From heavy industrial jobs (coal mining, shipyards, oil refineries, power planets), to light industrial jobs (consumer-orientated product producing factories, and consumer goods), are set up in the district. While, there is a lot in HRB, the district is wide-spread enough to comfortably, and legally hold it all. As well, there is plenty of room to expand, in necessary.

  • Kýrios Qíjī Island

The first place that Sir Jest discovered, this island was a tropical paradise. Filled with beautiful trees and fruitful environments, it caught the eyes of his people, immediately. The island, which was a little bigger than all of Hawaii’s islands put together, was so mesmerizing that the fleet almost settled for the island as their town’s base; instead of further search, until they found Giland. An island of wonder, Jest named the tropical rock Kýrios (Greek for ‘Main’) Qíjī (Chinese for ‘Wonder’). The island is surrounded by the warm Pacific that hugs the island’s sun kissed beaches.

    • Historic District

Created on the northwestern side of the island, the Historic district was the first glimpse of Dàpóli̱s. A nature surrounded district, the area has been a significant and momentous district since its inception. Now, Built of mostly brick, the antique architectural area is as much of a true wonder as the tropical island that it standing on, and takes up most of. There are as many parks and greenery lining the streets as there is brick building. Street side palm trees stretch up above the two-three story building-lines. Along with that, bushy ivy crawls up the side of most gates and buildings in this side of town. The Historic district if filled with the artsy people who love the vintage scenery that fills the area. Hipsters, college students, and the intellectual types are what you would find in this side of town.

    • Eastern Region District

Taking up the remained of the island, the Eastern Region District (or ‘E.R.D’ for short) is very similar from the Historic District. The only difference between the two districts is the more modern looking architecture of the E.R.D. With buildings that stand at 30-50 stories tall, the district matches the Downtown building that stand across the water from them.

  • · Hyusig Islands

Small islands that is known for its beauty, Hyusig is a group of islands that was rich with sweet breezes and colorful woodlands. With a sun gently kissing it, the islands births many delicious fruits and attracting plants. It was so rich that Sir Jester state that the land was worst on the best of his people. So, he charged a tooth and nail, metaphorically, to leave their.

Because the islands were small, in fact, the smallest group of islands, he made most of the land into residential land. Now, only the upper middle and high class live in these gated communities. One region was made into a suburban patch of neighborhoods called Redbrick Grove. Named after the bricks that were used to build the houses, the huge homes all look very similar to one another, and are filled with the highly bourgeois.

The rest was dedicated to the wealth of the country; named ‘Royal Gardens’, the region was named after the garden that Sir Jester built the first mansion, his mansion, in. The community is filled with highly expensive mansions and homes for celebs and fortuned people that could afford them.



  • · City Hall

“The fruit of me, this is my gift to the world. I give, to my people, the best nation I can give them…bask in my genius, and help create the legacy of Dàpóli̱s” ~ Sir Nester Osiris Jest

“The vision of my greats will shine as bright as the sun. I open the doors of my family’s prize joy…a city of dreams; this Hall is the dream catcher.” ~ Patrick Ashford Jest

In the time of the cities discovery, a City Hall was not created. Sir Jest spent most of his life, after founding the city, building Downtown into the metropolis that it would later become. He set in motion the line of Jests that would lead the city, in a Monarchy fashion. His son, Nester Osiris Jest II, took command after him, Nester Jest III lead the city after him. However, it was not until Patrick Ashford Jest, in the year of 1758, that the hall was built. Constructed on a northern hilltop, the Hall looks over the Royal Channel. It sits in the mist of the Historic district.

  • · Hall of National History

“Learn from your father, learn from his, and his before him…study their successes and failures, their methods of life and shunned practices. For, once you do that, you will already be at and above their level and one step closer to placing your son ahead of you.” ~ Sir Nester Osiris Jest

Sir Jest found it very important to teach history to the young minds that came after him. He constantly stressed history in school and the learning of one’s background, as well as that of one’s nation. This stressed idea, the Hall of National History was constructed in 1740. It was built right across the Hall Courtyard from the City Hall, within the Historic district.

A collection of Dàpóli̱s’ entire history, as well the history of the world around it, through these halls, a grand amount of history is kept. Five floors (three above ground and two underground), each being at least 1,000,000 sq. feet, make up the humongous museum. Filled with over a 100 million historical artifacts and exhibits, ranging from animals, fossils, sculptures, paintings, historical artifacts, rocks, plants, and many other things, the museum is marvelously big.

As well, thanks to many great engineers, the museum holds the technology to robotically enhanced exhibits. With lively prosthetics and authentic-looking clothing, the museum can have displays of historically important people and creatures that would react as life-like as the real being. As well, with audio and sensors, they can react and speak to the guest. This advancement makes the museum a very amazing sight to see.

  • · Statue of Lord Enlightenment and Lady Harmony

“Look up and stare at the face of excellence and beauty…their amazingly nurturing eyes will bless you with their gaze, in return.” ~ James Todd

One of the first drawings of the Statue of Enlightenment.

The guardians of the city, both of these statues were built out of the gratitude of the people. At the height of the migration, ship of people would be greeted with the 85 meter tall, stone statue of the city’s angelic mother. With illuminating feather-cover wings of beauty, a graceful face of amazement, and her harmonious horn of grace, she stands on her heavenly pedestal of granite, off the southern bay and blesses ever face that enters the city via sea.

Across the city, in the bushy hills, the statue of Enlightenment stands in full view; Standing 100 meters into the sky, the statue of the city’s noble father watches over the land-entrance to the city. The white stone, clear and marvelous, makes up the masculine framed man. Bravely and boldly dressed fully down to his bare skin, he looks upon everyone, on his hill-gripping pedestal of granite. He lookouts for and protects his city, from so high above.

  • · Lake Belleza

Lying on the eastern side of Downtown, this airy lake is a gift to the Dàpóli̱s. As large as ‘Lake Michigan’, Lake Belleza is a huge blue body of water. Sitting at 300 square miles, the lake is known for its crystal blue sparkle. Gloriously glistening under the shining sky, the lake was befittingly named ‘Beauty’. Digging to the depths of over a thousand feet, the lake is a national monument, and is a part of its own national park, of the same name.

  • - Overland Glory
The inside of a Overland Glory station; featuring the popular shipping variation of the companies logo.

Large and grand, Overland Glory (also known as OLG) is a transit company. Founded by Ted Longdistance and Jed Newton, in the early 40s, the OLG stared at a large cruise ship. With growth in popularity and finances, Jed and Ted expanded their business. After buying more ships, they soon purchased the first trolley carts and taxi cabs in the country. “With gentlemanly service, we’ll get you there” was their motto; Overland Glory quickly rose to become a symbol of traveling, within Dàpóli̱s. As the 50s rolled into 60s, OLG become a multi-million dollar company, Jed and Ted added more to their newly established empire. They bought ‘Marvel-Air’, and became the sole airline. By the late 70s, they sealed the deal, by purchasing the train stations, to become a civilian transit monopoly.

With many stations and ports placed around the country, the now billion-dollar company brings in a huge amount of revenue for Dàpóli̱s. With its gentlemanly art deco design, Overland Glory is a nostalgic piece of Dàpóli̱s’ past, and represents the fancy history of the country’s modern golden era.

  • · Fort Strongfist, Fort Heavy Rock, and SS-Dragon Fleet

Placed at the western bay, in the Historic district, this military base was founded in the original Historic district. 500 acres of base, the fort is surrounded by a huge brick covered concrete wall. Stretching four stories up, with watch towers, cannons, and heavy machine guns manning the top of it, Fort Strongfist is strongly protected. It is mostly used by National Guard and high-leveled military men; most of the main military work is sent across the channel, to the Fort Heavy Rock in Heavy Rock Bay.

A huge base, it was expanded off of, in Dàpóli̱s’ early years, until it became a military fortress. As heavily guarded as Fort Strongfist, this 1000 acre base is four times as manned. Housing tanks, war ships, bombs, and many other secret forms of weaponry, the base is given the name, ‘Death Ground’, because of it. Nester Jest III, the founder of the base, named the fort ‘Heavy Rock’ with the intentions of it being the heaviest fortress of power that they had.

The SS-Dragon is the sea-roaming home of Dàpóli̱s’ navy and air force. Three huge Super Battleships, and two Aircraft Craft Carriers, they sit out at sea, whenever they’re not docked at HB Bay. Like the two forts of Dàpóli̱s, the SS-Dragon fleet is also heavily armed with hefty cannon fire, turrets, laser cannons, and missiles.

The Mercer Tower, after it was freshly constructed in 1945.
  • · The Mercer Tower

Stretching high into the sky, Mercer Tower is the home of DPL News; and, a broadcasting tower of both the citywide radio and television news. Ever since Bernard Mercer Pierce, a wounded veteran, stormed the battlefields of 1756 with his horse Maybell, to relay news to the troops, from home, the High-Heir found news to be very important for the nation. For that reason, when the tower was built for the DPL News headquarters, it was named in honor of Bernard Mercer Pierce. As well, a marble statue of him and Maybell stands in the brown brick courtyard of the building. The Mercer Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Downtown, as well as all Dàpóli̱s,

  • · The Tw cOCs Tower

Positioned across the street from Lake Belleze, the Tw cOCs (Technical Web Central Control System, also known as Twc (Technical Web Control) for short) is the home of the city’s central network infrastructure. With network towers placed all over Dàpóli̱s, this building grants its users (most notably, the DPPD) access to all networks in the city. The TWC was created by John Helter, a computer hacker, at the turn of the 1990s. He saw that internet was going to be the future of the world. So, he figured that, like everything in life, there would be those who would use and abuse it for malicious intent. That led to the creation of the Tw cOCs.

The futuristic towers staring at the city

With it, its users can walk through the backdoors of every internet and online wall in the city. It gives the police, for instance, most of the needed info to find and defeat their enemies. As well, the FBI and Secret Service both have access to the system. However, the higher the level of government official, the most access they have; with Secret Service having access to all online info, including all personal and locked Intel.

But, the system is able of being hacked into, though its anti-hackers are extremely skilled and good at combatting hackers. But, it has been hacked into, by many underground hackers.

  • · University of Dàpóli̱s


Important Figures:

  • · ‘Heir’ Erik Jester
A painting of the good Heir, he is very loving of the 1700s

Born as the direct decedent of Sir Nester Osiris Jester, Erik Jester is the ruler of Dàpóli̱s. His father ruled before him, and his grandfather ruled before his father. So on, and so one, his family line was created by Sir Jester. Because of that, along with Erik being the oldest of his siblings, he is the ‘Heir’ of his forefather’s land. He wears that white-haired cap, which was weaved to mimic the naturally white hair of their first leader. As well, he changed his last name from ‘Jest’ to ‘Jester’, to match Sir Jester; though, the family name has been shorted to Jest, since the mid-1800s.

Standing at the height of 6 ft., Heir Jester is an average built man. With blue eyes and a thick eagle nose, he processes many of his family’s trademark features. Taking his place as Heir at the age of 17 (the mandatory age of becoming Heir is at 25. But, one could be crowned Heir before said age, if the previous Heir deems them worth…or, if another situation is presented (Previous Heir’s death or impeachment, or vote, by way of the people.), Heir Jester has been in command for 16 years; he is currently 33 years of age.

Being a calm, cool-headed Heir, he has never led the country into war, like many of the Heirs before him. Most of his reign has been focused of usefully furthering Dàpóli̱s’ economic state. He is one of the countries more passive leaders; far more optimistic than his father and grandfather, whom were haunted by the possible downfall of the nation.

  • · ‘High-Heir’ Julius Jester Jr.

“Any moment now, that’s how long I ultimately have…I believe I was destined to died, since the day I was born. Death will come from anywhere. It will stalk me until I am finished.” – Julius Jester

The previous Heir, Julius is the father of Erik Jester. At the age of 48, he Julius was born on the sixth of June of 1956. With a royal father who off to voluntarily fight on the frontline of a [rather pointless and boring] war, his mother was alone in a log cabin, out in the middle of the desert. Placed there as an order from her husband, who thought that terrorist were bound to find her in the city, she went into labor and gave birth alone in the blazing hot cabin. Rumor has it that in the middle of his birth, a Vulture smelled the blood of the soon-to-be-born Heir and flew in the window to try and take him as prey; ‘First Lady’ Jester had to strangle the bird with her son’s bloody umbilical cord. None-the-less, Julius was born.

He grew to become a weakly child. He has bad asthma, a body that could never carry much weight, bad eyesight, and terrible coordination. He spent most of his life buried inside his room, reading books and doing homework. Highly introverted, he did not want to become Heir. Having been told of the many wars that his father fought in, and the hundred assassination attempts that he lived through, Julius was afraid of the title. He saw the rulership as a countdown to his death. For 25 years, he built up more and more fear of the Heir and the world beyond his bedroom walls. But, rules were rules, and laws were laws, at the age of 25, he became Heir (though, his father had to beat him all the way to the inauguration.).

Having an incredibly paranoid mind, Julius was not seen much, in his years in rule. He was often never seen. If it wasn’t for the fact that he routinely had speeches and discussions in the News, safely from his Office, most wouldn’t have known he was still alive. Ironically known as the ‘Protector’, he founded many of the systems and policies that protect his citizens. He strengthened the nation’s defensive system, and military. While, the citizens were fearful of all of the countries money being spent on defenses and military advancements, fearing that he would be another war-monger like his father, Dàpóli̱s never went to war in his time as Heir. He made peace with many of the nations that his father started disputed with. As well, he settled strong alignments with neighboring countries.

However, his paranoia grew worst and worst. His wife and family knew of this. And so, one his oldest son turned 17, Julius Jester II was impeached from his position, with the case of being unfit for the job. Now, at the age of 58, he is the ‘High-Heir’ (a position that is given to previous Heirs (similar to a Vice President, but in reverse.) of Dàpóli̱s. He has been forted in his room ever since he was impeached. No one, but his Wife, Mother, and children have seen him since.

  • · Chief Ryker War Marshall

“War is my middle name…I fought for this nation for many years. I’ve took bullets, blasts, cannons, wild beasts, fires, traps, and any other attack that this word has thrown at us; and laughed. I chew bricks in the morning and weaklings at night. I beat down the Devil’s door, and when he opened, I slapped him and made him make me a batch of raisin flavored cookies.” – Chief Marshall

Chief Marshell is the highest ranking officer in Dàpóli̱s’ Military. He has been in the military since the creation of it. He was the first man to volunteer to take up sword and pistol for the newly birthed nation. Having fought in every war, every battle, and stand that the nation has had (don’t ask us how), he is known as the ‘Heart of Dàpóli̱s’ Fist’ or ‘Dàpóli̱s’ Fist’. Big and macho, he is the steal-minded, death defying, son of a b*****.

  • Ramsey Jester

The younger brother of Heir Erik Jester, Ramsey is the typical responsibility-hating younger brother of a man in high power. Where, Erik has an entire country to care for, Ramsey cares for nothing but what extravagant fun he’s going to have at the moment. He is constantly in the breaking news column for ridiculous, lavish, or wild act of his rockstar-like life. Whether it’s the adventures of his limo (named ‘Kitty Trap’), the near endless list of his conquest, him crashing many parties, wrecking many hotels, or just running down the street drunk and nude, there is rarely a instance where he isn’t doing something loony and outrageous.

Being Erik’s younger brother, he is next in line for the cap (until Erik bares a child), but, he has spoken against taking the position. He has stated that he would rather live his lavish lifestyle of parting and fun, than to take the responsibility of his brother. While he is very close to his brother, he mocks his brother, as well as the Heir title, constantly in interviews.

  • The Police Force

Founded in the early 1800s, to spar the military from having to deal with domestic affairs, the Police Force of Dàpóli̱s was originally a branch of the military. For the men who were not medically fit for war, they served as patrol men to protect the country’s streets. After two centuries of serving and protecting, the well-respected Police Force takes to the streets in cases of need. With the boom of Dàpóli̱s 21st technological advancements, Dàpóli̱s has armed their protectors with the country, no matter who the threat was.

Dressed in lightly armored suits, which give them the abilities of near peak-humans, they are rarely challenge by the past threats of the city. With enhanced abilities, they have successfully protected their country for many years.


The Wanted List

  • · Mr. Rainbow

Named after his act of randomly coloring his high-top pompadour, along with his flamboyant attitude, he is a very colorful man. An ex-model, he stands at 6’2, with a well portioned physique. Trademarked by the back-covering dragon tattoo that colorfully lies behind him, he is one of the lively elements of Dàpóli̱s.

A simple owner of a few highly popular clubs and casinos, around the Valley area, the self-proclaimed ‘King of the Star Life’ has made himself the base of Starville’s party life. Building dazzling clubs and hotels around the coastline, he is among Dàpóli̱s’ richest. However, opposite from his party-loving business, as well as his flamboyantly colorful demeanor, he has been accused of connections to the mob, many times before.

The fact that any opportunity of competition has violently came to an end; from clubs ‘mysteriously’ catching on fire, club owners turning up missing and leaving the club in his hands, even random casino robberies and explosions, Mr. Rainbow has a convenient matter of never having competition. Along with that, there is the point of his near-endless funding; he is constantly believed to have tides with mobs.

  • · Anonymous X

“Everything that grows, much die…that’s the way of life, and the way of this organization. This city has been the center of its world for a long time…..let’s see how it survives a little flaming chaos. Let’s bring it to its lowest.” ~ Anarchy, the leader of Anonymous X

Centered on the chaos of anarchy, this group is a secret society of madmen. Hiding in an unknown location of the city, they prey on the hope of bringing Dàpóli̱s to its knees. Having hacked into the Tw cOOs, they watch the city, and silently hunt for political figures, and anything that will strike fear into the eyes of the people. They have been the sole drivers of many assassination attempts, since the 1940s.

It is unknown as to what they look like, since any image that has surfaced, of them, have shown Guy Fawkes masks, clothed in full black. Their voices are always distorted, and their motives are very clear. The only thing that is known is that they lust for the chaotic fall of Dàpóli̱s.

  • · Frank Zombie

A mysterious figure, this hulking beast is a fearful sight to the city. At an undead shade of grey, the corpse rises from the dead, and terrorizes whoever bothers him. Not remembering his living life, he roams the world in a frustrated fit of rage. Believed to be magically reanimated, Frank Zombie rises every time he dies, no matter how he died, previously. He destructively rampages through the world, unlit he’s put down, again.

However, killing this beast is not easy. He holds the durability to survive missile strikes. He can singlehandedly tare commercial airlines apart, he is a handful for anyone. As well, he gains more power as he lives. The longer he’s been alive, the stronger he becomes.

  • · Gill the Gator

A product of a failed experiment, of unknown reasons, Gill the Gator was Gator was born. After the minds of a mad surgeon and a crazed criminal were taken from them, it was placed into the head of a Reptilian beast. Resembling a crocodile or alligator, the horrifying beast was supposed to be the muscle of the two’s; meant to gain the brains of the surgeon, and the savageness of the criminal. However, the experiment went wrong when their entire mind got sucked into the creature. They were fused together and forced to live as a reptilian with a split personality.

Driven mad by the annoyance of each other, they roam the viciously sewers, planning any way to terrorize the city who, they believe, placed them in the situation to ruin their lives. With the scaly durability of high-tech bulletproof armor, and enough strength to shred through a bus, Gill the Gator is a big threat to the city.

  • The Greasers

Men for Hire, that's the Greasers; a duo of a mercenary and assassin. These two are highly trained killers, who would take on any hit for a good price. Appearing as rockabilly wannabes, they seem like they are straight out of the 50s. However, weirdly enough, they are straight out of the 50s. Jamey 'Steel Willed' Ruth and Sarah 'Blue Jay' Mayor were a youthfully wild couple. Blazing the roads of the 1950s, they met their end in a furious motorcycle accident.

But, they were eventually resurrected, and set upon the city, to do the deeds of those who brought them back. Whatsoever, the two, who were brought to life because of their wild and rebellious spirits, used their newly founded ghostly abilities to killed their, so call, 'bosses'. Afterwards, they set out to live their free lives as unkillable souls.

They eventually started doing mercenary and assassination jobs, once they started to need money. Now, they are highly valued on the 'Men for Hire' list, being paid by mobs and kingpins to carry out hits.

A “polarizing group of misfits”, stated by the authorities of Dàpóli̱s, this group is the self-titled protectors of the country. Bursting into action whenever trouble shows its face, they combat whatever the police can’t (which is much more than the government would like you to think). The citizens of the nation deem them as saviors. The heroes are cheered for, whenever they show their face, in the city.

However, vigilantism is a crime in Dàpóli̱s, and the law is well aware of the fact that they aren’t men of it, even though they protect it. So, they are titled criminals, and are wanted men. Because of this, their home base is hidden within Dàpóli̱s. Most of them hide their identities and stay out of the public (some of the time). But, they take the government’s warnings with a ‘grain of salt’ and continue protecting the city that they love.


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The Wolf's Bio

Side: Good

Super Name: The Wolf

Real Name: James ‘Dean van Wolf (Short. James Wolf)

Base of Operations: His home

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Blonde

Weight: 195

Age: 27

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 6’1

Ethnicity: French-Dutch

Super Power Origins: Super Human serum by the name of ‘SHX’

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Harmosa Beach, California

Known Aliases: Mr. Wolf, Thee Action Hero, The Awesome One, Mister Cool, The Rolling Thunder, The Thunderous One, The Most Bada$$ Man in the Universe

Mini Biography: While in college, studying to become an actor, James van Wolf was a cool-minded eighteen year old. One day, after hanging out with his friends, a drunken James was kidnapped by a secret group. Because of his somewhat stereotypic features, in the eyes of the group, he fit best for their experiment. They spent have a year force injecting him with a super human serum. They mentally tortured him as well, in order to break him. They planned to break him down before building him into the super soldier they wanted.

However, James gained the strength to fight his way to freedom. Afterwards, he went through a breakdown before re-finding himself. Upon his discoveries, he rejoined college and later became an actor. With his charisma, peak-physical features, and skills, he quickly became a star and action hero, with many successful films, he has become a huge star in Hollywood.

While being a huge star, van Wolf felt his now super feats could be used outside of making great action movies. He felt they could be used to help people. So, he dawned the name, 'The Wolf', and became a protector of justice.

Influences: Action Heroes, Spike Spiegel , Wolverine, Wrestling Personas, Captain America, Steve Fox, Cody (Final Fight/Street Fighter), Ken Masters, Terry (King of Fighter)

Likes: Working out, Acting, Women, Being awesome, California, Beaches, Levi's and Converse, Pro Wrestling, Sports, His hair, Sarah Mclachlan,

Dislikes: Pessimist, Being stereotyped as a 'dumb blonde', Smelling bad,

Lives With: No one

Best Friend: Sheng, Ed Blaze, Kuminashi, Theron,

Style Inspirations: Himself

Favorite Fashion Accessory: Baseball Caps,

Favorite Places: California, Miami, Texas,

Favorite Musical Artist/Style: AC/DC, The Clash, The Misfits, The Doors, Led Zeppelin,

Favorite Movies: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, All of his Movies, Dazed and Confused, Star Wars, The Big Lebowski, The Evil Dead, Enter the Dragon, A Hard Day's Night, Grease, Pulp Fiction, Blues Brothers, 300, Warriors,

Favorite Songs: The Clash's London's Calling, The Beatles's Drive My Car, Anything by AC/DC, Don't Fear the Reaper,

Favorite TV Shows:

Heroes: Himself, The Rock, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Spike Spiegel,

Motto: "...just be awesome"

Ideal Vacation Destination:

Favorite Hobby: Working out, Watching Movies, Skateboarding, Training,

Favorite School Subject: Gym, Theater,

Favorite Website:

Favorite Foods: Hamburgers, Tacos (preferably chicken), Pizza, Fish and Fries, Hot Dogs, Turkey Burgers,

Favorite Drinks: Water,

Favorite Video Games: Uncharted, Doom,

Favorite Magazines: Dude Mag, Dazed and Confused, Gnarly Dude Mag

Dream Job:



The Magician & The Jester Bio

Side: Neutral/Heroic

Super Name: The Magician

Real Name: Oliver Jest (Behind the Scenes: Oliver O’ Regal)

Base of Operations: In Oliver’s Mind

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Jet Black (Originally)

Weight: N/A

Age: 133(Logically) / 28 (Physical)

Eye Color: Brown (Originally)

Height: 6’1

Ethnicity: British

Super Power Origins: Magic

Identity: Unknown

Place of Birth: Blackburn, England, UK

Known Aliases: Olli the Magician, The Magician, Oliver, Olli, Olli Jest

Influences: Mandrake the Magician, Doctor Fate, Doctor Strange, Dr. Manhattan

Mini Biography:

Avatar Appearance: Olli is normally dressed in a gentlemanly 1800s suit, with a top hat...

Likes: Chaos, Magic, His Wife,

Dislikes: His Medication, Silence, The Voices in his Head,

Lives With: Tabitha Jest, Their family dog: Aldor Gineto the Lab, Their house servent: Boris Bronson,

Best Friends: His Wife, Boris, Dr. Denton,

Style Inspirations: Parlor Magician

Favorite Fashion Accessory: Top Hat, His golden pocket watch,

Favorite Places:

Favorite Musical Artist/Style: Franz Liszt, Beethoven,

Favorite Movies:

Favorite Songs: Beethoven's Fur Elise, Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No.2,



Ideal Vacation Destination:

Favorite Hobby: Writing, Reading, Playing Piano,

Favorite School Subject:

Favorite Foods: Roasted Anything, Salmon Chips,

Favorite Drinks: Irish Whiskey,

Favorite Book:

Dream Job:

The Jester

Side: Neutral/Evil

Super Name: The Jester

Real Name: Unknown (Oliver calls him Conner, which he hates)

Base of Operations: In Oliver’s Mind

Gender: Male (Originally)

Hair Color: N/A

Weight: N/A

Age: Same as Oliver (Logically, if he would have lived)

Eye Color: N/A

Height: 5’11 (Assumably)

Ethnicity: British (believed to be)

Super Power Origins: Supernatural

Identity: Unknown

Place of Birth: Blackburn, England, UK (If he would have lived)

Known Aliases: The Court Jester, He Who Is Angry, Conner

Influences: The Joker, Loki, Court Jesters, Dr. Manhattan

Mini Biography: Unknown

Avatar Appearance: