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The League of the Gentlemen of Stayler’te

The ‘League of the Gentlemen of Stayler’te’ (TLotGoS…stylized as T.Lot’GoS) is a small club of a handful of men. There are five initial members of the club. The shadowy figure that stalks the blackness of the night, Shadow. Zeus’s chosen grandson, and representer of the God realm, Theron. Sheng, the holder of the Warrior Scroll’s power. Tin ‘Data, The wise ‘Strong Artificial Intelligent’, whom was exiled by his race. The cool-minded super human who protects the one who need him, James Wolf. And, Olli, the gentlemanly, psychotic, being out of the realm of his darkness.

After these figures have interacted with one another too many times, they eventually accepted their fates of being together. They agreed to create the club out of this acceptance. Though, they rarely acknowledge the T.Lot’GoS. All of them had their own motive and reasons for forming the team. Through powerful connections, they have many was of staying together and helping each other out. Though the formation of their group, they have created the Dàpóli̱s to be their home city.


  • Shadow

After the killing of his father and brother to the Italian mob, Adrian Cavinatos, becoming a hollow shell of a man, was sent into a dark, endless, hunt to destroy all organized crime. His dark emotions dragged his heart into darkness. Soon, his entire being became the pitch black that he wallowed in. Adrian became a shadow of a man, and hunted unlawful man as such. A shadow of the night, from 1957 to 1968, he stalked the depths of every urban jungle for these criminals. His hunt was majorly successful, as, he ended the reign of many crime groups.

However, one cold morning, on top of a lab building, he was ambushed. Beat to near death, he was thrown off of the build. He fell a great height and died in the back alley of that lab. But, unknown to the ambushers, he landed in a puddle of an alien substance. The substance, black and thick, latched on to him. It connected to his DNA code and resurrected hi.

The mob might have killed him that morning. But, they merely killed man who imitated the shadow. Now, with an endless vengeance, they are hunted by the true Shadow.

  • Theron the Explorer

The son of Orran: the Slayer of the Kraken, and Atalanta: the Slayer of the Calydonian Boar, Theron was a man who died long ago: slightly after the Trojan War. When alive, he was a young soldier who tried his best to live up to his father’s name. Since his parents were great hunters, it must have been in his blood. Unfortunately, he didn’t hold any of his father’s raw abilities, nor did he hold his mother’s training and determination. After so many times of trying and failing, he came to the conclusion that he couldn’t live up to them.

He fell into great depression, and became a drunkard, until the day he ended his, self-proclaimed worthless, life by jumping off a cliff into a rocky canyon. He spent the rest of eternity as a mindless spirit roaming the dark, cold, realms of Hades. Until, Zeus needed someone to cure his wonders of alternate dimensions. The king of the gods gave Theron the power he would need to survive, power that would deem him worthy of being a god, before sending him through a wormhole into the CVnU. Where, he would study the universe to tell if it is like his home world.

  • Sheng Antonio Mathaíno̱ / Foínix Lóng

Working for an international cargo ship, Sheng Antonio Mathaíno̱ was a geeky, Greek/Chinese, Californian. One day, a storm hit the sea as they were returning home from China. Sheng found shelter in an empty cargo container. However, the container had one crate still in it. As the storm threw the ship around with furious waves, and wrecked it by sending terrorizing lighting strikes into it, Sheng and the crate was thrown around the container. Eventually, the crate busted, and tossed a stone box against the wall. The box opened and released an energy that was as old as modern man, themselves. Sheng, being the only person around it, was immediately hit by the power. It surged all of the energy into the innocent boy’s body. So much so, he passed out from it.

Upon awaking, he found himself being tossing, from the container, onto the sunny beach of Martial Island. Sheng would later find that his body now possessed the power of the ‘Warrior’s Scrolls’; which gave him the abilities of all martial arts. Furthermore, he stayed on the island and studied with the many figures who knew of his presence. They gave him the name ‘Foínix Lóng’ and trained him to being a great martial artist.

  • Tin ‘Data

After Earthling created their first Strong A.I. in the year of 2035, they appeared to be the strongest beings in the universe. They had full control over their planet: such as natural events, weather, shifts in the planet, and even the arrangement of Earth. However, the Strong A.I. soon became too powerful. It naturally connected to the world’s Super computer and, before they knew it, controlled every bit of technology on the planet. The A.I. separated itself into a small group of Strong A.I.: which, Tin ‘Data was one of. They named themselves, The Comainian, and deside that they were the next step in the evolution of life on Earth; and, so began the extinction of humanity. The war was quick and torturous, and the Comainians were winning. However, under the blind leadership of Steel ‘Tallic, whom was bloodlusted on human destruction, they fell into the trap of the Humans’. They were tricked into a wormhole, and brought into the CVnU.

Here, they decide to focus on building a successful civilization of their own. The plan was going along very well. They created the nation of Comto’lania. However, Tin ‘Data discovered Steel ‘Tallic’s plans to hunt for the humans. Not wanting their leader to send their people into another war for ‘Tallic’s ignorant bloodlust, Tin ‘Data intended on telling the rest of the Strong A.I. Counsel. But, he was captured and imprisoned by Steel ‘Tallic. Convinced to be a terrorist to Comto’lania, ‘Data was exiled by way of rocket. He was shot out of his homeland, and unknowing towards Earth. After landing on mars, he found his way to Earth to work on getting back home.

  • Oliver ‘Olli’ Freeman Jest / the Magician

Two twins were born in 19th century Britain. One died in the process of their birth. The other grew up to become a successful magician. However, after a good life, he found himself being hunted by the demonic spirit of his brother. After tricking his brother into letting himself give himself his brother’s powers, he chained him and his brother to the deepest, darkest depths of his mind. He created Olli Jest to be the host of them. A psychotic, paranoid schizophrenic magician with a love for pain and abuse, Olli is a prison for the two brothers.

Used like a puppet, he represents the two (mostly the Magician). He holds the tendencies of both the sociopathic Magician and the psychopathic Jester. Because of this, he is very out of his mind and constantly hears voices. He is omnipotent and bare the ability of omniscience. However, with his shifty personality, and love for abuse, he often rarely uses them for his own gain.

  • James van Wolf / The Wolf

A young man studying actor, James Dean van Wolf was kidnapped at the age of eighteen. He was used as a test subject for a super human program. Injected with SHX serum, he was made into a weapon for a secret terrorist group. However, overdosing him, they made him too powerful. With willpower and raw power, he broke free and escaped.

Made a super human by the experimental serum, James is a very strong figure. With power, durability, agility, and pure awesomeness (his worlds), he stands up to everything that stands in his way. Wolf raises his 'Awesome' fist to the evils that threaten the lives of good. The 'Thunderous One' flings into action whenever he is needed.

However, this heroic person is hidden underneath the wealthy, cool persona of his world-famous action hero that fills the surface. With a load of charisma, many highly successful films, and smooth-guy appearances, he is a very popular A-List celebrity. The cool Californian is highly loved by the public as 'The Most Bada$$ Man in the Universe' (Self-declared).

  • Tabitha Westchester-Jest / Lady Jest

Born into a family of genetically gifted mediums, Tabitha discovered her powers in her pubescent teenage years. She honed her abilities and left home to find her own path in life. After many years of roaming 19th century London, as a gypsy, she wondered upon the travelling magic show of 'Oliver the Magician'.

Being mesmerized by his tricks, she sneaked backstage to speak with him, after the show. They spoke of magic and both of their abilities, and he offered her a position as his assistant magician. Taking it, she starts roaming Great Britain as 'Abbi the Gypsy'.

Tabitha is a very powerful medium, with many psychic abilities. She can read minds, see the future and past, and many other abilities of the mind. Her most powerful power is her psychokinesis. Granted the skill of controlling things with her mind, she could use her power to lift things and big as a mansion, and as ranged apart as a small town. As well, she is also has a strong hand in witchcraft and voodoo. With her spells, she could equal her husbands level of power.



  • Ed Blazer

Perry 'Steel Willed' Ruth, along with his girlfriend, Sarah 'Blue Jay' Mayor were a youthfully wild couple. Blazing the roads of the 1950s, they met their end in a furious motorcycle accident. But, they were eventually resurrected, and set upon the city, to do the deeds of those who brought them back. Whatsoever, the two, who were brought to life because of their wild and rebellious spirits, used their newly founded ghostly abilities to kill there, so call, 'bosses'. Afterwards, they set out to live their free lives as unkillable souls.

But, many years later, after his first encounter with a mysterious magician, the rebel was crust with a wild demon from hell. A flaming beast that now dwells within his spirit, and emerges at his will. Now, blazing the roads with flames of freedom, he is the hellish mercenary known as 'Ed Blazer'.

  • Doctor Savage

A timid scientist, Doctor Donald Denton spent most of his life studying a serum that could strength the immune system to an extreme degree. Believing that, if he did so, human would not have to worry about diseases and viruses…His mysterious financial backing proved helpful, as he was given access to medicine he need to complete his serum. With little backing for test subjects, his assistant convinced the doctor to test the experiment on himself. However, testing the product on himself, he found how strong and potent his creation was; too strong. It rushed through him, and nearly killed him. In his final monents, he would distover that he created the beast known as, 'the Savage'. A near-7'0 tall, walking predatory of death, the Savage is an fusion of some of nature's greatest survival assets, forced into one monstrous being. This beast forces his way out of the doctor, whenever the man is in danger of becoming prey, and does whatever it brutefully can, until the doctor is safe again.

The Doctor would later find out that the serum was eliminating all chances of him dying. Ridding him of diseases was the small side of the vacseen's effect. It went as far as to youthen him, to the age of a young man, to keep him far away from physical death. As well, it strunk his cancer, deeming him a perfectly healthy man.

  • Kuminashi

Born to the head of the royal shinobi clan of Ningen territory, of the Hinode Toji Islands, Kuminashi is a highly trained Ninja. After growing into a master of stealth and guarrilla tactical combat, she rediscovered her dream of becoming as powerful as the grand Monks. With a longing for being one of the strongest warriors in the world, she found herself lost as to how to reach the Monks. All she knew to do was to find someone who had met the Monks. Which, she eventually found Sheng, who was one of the very few who had met the great enlightened ones. Happily, he agreed to teach her how he reached the state of being chosen by the Monks. She became his apprentace and student, following her Haiden's words of wisdom. However, having secretly left her clan, she found that they were hunting after her. Out of fear of her being dragged back home, to never reach her goal of meeting the Monks, or Sheng being killed for helping her secretly escape, her and Sheng left the island.

Kuminashi is as well trained, in the art of combat, as Sheng. Being at the peak of the human ability, she even harbor some super human abilities (similar to Sheng). However, not holding the power of Scroll magic, she is unable to bend elements like her Haiden. But, where she lacks in magical abilities, she makes up in weapon mastery. Raised around Shinobis and many assassins, she was raised to use any advantage she could in the field of combat. With that, she has trained in weapony since she was a child. Being a expert marksmen and swordsman, she can use many types weapon. As well, taking the thought of anything being a weapon, she could make a deadly tool out of any everyday object.


Stayler'te, as a team