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I'm thinking about how good my vanilla milkshake tastes....Yum!!!!

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It seems to be a very dark take on the superman mythos. It's something I'm going to be looking forward to. :)

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My name is Joshua but everyone calls me JT. I'm from Henderson, Kentucky. I'm 25 years old and I'm a roofer. :D

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I just got amped after seeing Captain America's new uniform as well as Nick Fury's!!!! This is going to be awesome. Picking up Uncanny Avengers day one!!!! :D

I hope Steve Rogers starts carrying his pistol like he did when he was under Timely. :)

This year really has been getting better and better. One of the best years of my life.


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Since I haven't yet seen The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spiderman, or The Avengers as of this very moment, I'm going to go with a villain from a film that was released last year.


Captain America: The First Avenger became my all time favorite film instantly. Something about it was just cool. The film itself was very well done. I loved the motorcycle scenes and Hugo Weaving's depiction of "Johan Schmidt" was all I thought it would be. It dripped with a very 1940's vibe. Chris Evans' performance of "Steve Rogers" was extremely easy to relate to. Plus Hayley Atwell, who played "Peggy Carter," is a STONE COLD FOX!!!!

I LOVED everything the film was and I am heavily anticipating the sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier which releases April 4, 2014.

Thank you Joe Johnston, Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Hayley Atwell, Hugo Weaving, and all the rest of the stars as well as crew members for making this truly something I will remember for the rest of my life. This certainly was a wonderful film!!!

I really enjoyed it. :D

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In my opinion, this is incredibly cool. I don't have an iPad at the moment but I hope to buy one soon. The Marvel Comics and the DC Comics apps, from what I've seen, look to be extremely awesome. I like the fact that I can read comic books on the go. That's one of the main reasons I'm getting an iPad. This "AR" app is a nice extra thrown in. :D

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My origin with comics are a little complex and sad. I'll have to give some backstory before I go into what got me interested in being a serious comic book collector.

First, I've had a very troubled past. My grandfather passed away when I was four. It took a lot out of me. He was like god to me. Cancer took him from me and I saw what that horrible disease could do to a person. My grandfather was tough as nails. This man had been through everything in his time and just kept getting back in the saddle. No one ever thought cancer would do him in at such a young age. He was such a strong individual. His death impacted me in a lot of ways, much of which didn't readily present itself.

After my grandfather's death, I went on through life, as anyone would. I attended school...all those things. I found out quickly that I was the person that bullies preyed upon. I was smaller than the other children and very scrawny. In junior high I was shorter than my sister and I was bullied until I developed severe depression. The schoolwork, coupled with the depression, was overwhelming. Eventually I dropped out of school in the 11th grade. I couldn't take getting up every morning and just wondering before I went to catch the school bus..."What's going to happen today??? Am I going to have to fight someone??? Am I going to get hurt???". The depression kept getting worse by the day and it just became unbearable. So I left school and went on with my life.

Basically, I learned very early in life that this world is very ruthless, mean, and incredibly unfair. A world in which I felt hopeless.

When I eventually dropped out of school, I had turned into a very bitter, angry person. One that hated himself and the people around him. I didn't let anyone close except my mother, father, and my sister. Even then, I really wouldn't open up about how bad I felt, about how my life had spiraled out of control since I was four, which was the time of my late grandfather's passing.

I now have very low self esteem, no self confidence, and I'm not the person I used to be. Before all the suffering I endured, I was a very sweet, soft spoken young man with a great personality and sense of humor. I was very outgoing, fun, and had a zest for life. I'm not that person anymore.

I began to develop chronic anxiety problems after the atrocities that life had bestowed upon me, which further complicated things. At around age 18 I started thinking back about my horrific past and the way I was treated throughout my entire life by various people. People who had bullied me...The people who had turned me into what I am and do not wish to be. I began to think about how I haven't accomplished anything.

My grandfather had so much hope for me. He wanted me to finish school, go to college, get a nice job, meet a decent woman, and settle down much like he did. This anxiety and depression has robbed me of a life full of happiness. A life my grandfather would have wanted for me and one that I so badly wish for.

I really don't know what to do with myself. I'm still in that depressive mood, left with a bad taste in my mouth which was planted there by the torment from a life I didn't deserve. A life filled with so many negative things and people.

I became a comic book collector because of one character.

That character is Captain America.

He too was bullied and was smaller than everyone else during his youth. He was someone I aspired to be. Someone who was optimistic unlike me. He was, in my eyes, a true hero.

I started reading Captain America comic books around the time Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting had their run with The Winter Soldier. I was hooked. This new hobby has given me hope. Hope that maybe tomorrow will be better and I'll achieve all the successes that I so rightfully deserve as does everyone else. I look to Captain America AKA "Steve Rogers" as a role model which has helped me through some of my problems. I still have many problems as well as many things to overcome, but Captain America has given me the strength to not give up on my life and to keep heading forward. Heading towards the life my grandfather wanted for me.

This is why I am a comic collector.

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Hi folks!!! My name is JT. I'm new to Comic Vine as well as comic book collecting. It's my new hobby. :D