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Ugh why is such a good creative team wasted on a nonsensical title? They could be renovating other areas of the New 52 and it's a shame to see their talents wasted on a fundamentally flawed series.

A shame for you, maybe. I don't buy other comics but certainly don't come making statements like this. You might not want it and what you think good I might think fundamentally flawed or not give a hoot to waste my money. But i sincerely doubt I'll waste time chasing down articles on those books to just spew hate at something other people might like.

Yes, I shall be buying this! I too have zero interest in Lois or Steve. Lois seems happy with her life and Steve...where is Etta? They need to develop her because she and Steve in the old verse had a nice thing. Fact it was the only time I liked Steve.

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Wow gorgeous. All 3 covers!!!! I am so on board with this couple. I was never interested in any DC's romances to the point I got into the source material. Never found any ultimate or interesting as this one. This is the one got me spending money!

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chemistry is not about being "too alike", it's about everything. How they complete eachother with their differences and silarities.Being too similar isn't very good for this. this is why you will see more WW/Bat shippers, their personaties can contrast. Very common in internet people say that WW and SM look like siblings, leia and luke. SMWW isn't that new...

yeah I don't know Azzarello but I trust in him, at least no supes

Actually this is junk that sold to make trashy romance novels or teenage romance. Real healthy relationships are based on equality and trust and respect. Batman/Wonder Woman shipping was based on WW chasing after a guy who did not give her the time of day. A man treat you as if you a bother to him and his mission and let's not forget he was quick to tell Catwoman ( who takes no crap from Bats btw) he loved her while WW came off pathetic. SM and WW are equals who have similar goals but quite different approaches. She is the daughter of Zeus, but she was raised a warrior and princess from a different culture...he's the son of farmers, a reporter and very much calls earth his adopted home. They are different. But they have enough they share together to make them connect and value what each other care about. BM/WW shipping did zero for WW. Similarly what has Orion contributed to her other than piss her off? It should not be a woman's task to put up with difficult behavior from men. There is this unrealistic notion, that is typical of stories bouncing around here they try to sell you the foolish idea you can change a bad boy so put up with his crap. I don't think there is anything romantic about that. WW and any woman should be in a relationship where she can gain a partner to make her happy, feel connected, or even if he challenges her it is to help her grow and should be in a respectful manner. So far all you have been going on as far as I see is that Diana should be with these stupid jerks because they behave badly. No other reason. You want to drag in strength and godhood as and when it suits you. WW is a feminist icon and it should be about sending a powerful message to men and women. The person you are with should value you as you value yourself.

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Aren't appreciation threads for appreciation and not for trolls to come and shout down how much they hate something? It's kinda dickish to do.

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I fear a lot of people will dislike WW in this story. I've already said I feel she is going to be the main "bad guy" here, but I also hope they can justify her actions.

Taylor calls it her convictions. I get it is AU but WW to behave like this manipulative, cold hearted, and aggressive war monger overnight? In Red Son she was working under a different regime, in Kingdom come it took her years and the world becoming darker, losing her royal station to become angrier and militant. Nothing can justify this extreme depiction. I guess they need an evil fall guy...girl for everyone to hate. I mean poor poor little Superman. He lost everything and now WW is pulling his strings. No it's not his fault. He lost lois and his baby and his city...your heart has to bleed. But Diana is the she devil taking away his corrupting him. Wow is this WW or Maxima we talking here? Taylor tries to show the other heroes true to their core but he was writing Diana off key from day one.

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I agree with a lot of the theories CV comes up with regarding titles and major players in the comic universe. The fact that SUPERMAN would lose WONDER WOMAN to ORION is ridiculous. Hearing it debunked was good news.

I'm glad to hear that debunked too. But I have to say I want to see how Lobdell does address this involvement as he calls it. Is he going to treat Diana like a piece of meat as well? You know, Wonder Woman is suddenly just used to either break Trevor's heart or get her ass slapped by a jerk or now maybe some time wasting for Superman. His Clark so far seems to spend a heck of a lot of his time mooning over Lois Lane so you know as much as I loathe the very idea of Diana with that dickish Orion...if Clark ( DC ) is using Diana for triangle nonsense...then the faster Diana dumps him the better. I like Lobdell's Superman. It's got fresh ideas and Clark when he is not mooning like a fool, is a witty and confident guy and like sm/ww relationship but as seen in JL, which frankly has been lacking a lot of development. I have yet to see Lobdell write this remotely interesting. WW fighting alongside Superman is what I see all the time and that was all that H'el was about. I don't see why people come here to hate on Lobdell. I am sure half to them don't read his books or even picked up the WW book.

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@mattydenero said:

I agree with a lot of the theories CV comes up with regarding titles and major players in the comic universe. The fact that SUPERMAN would lose WONDER WOMAN to ORION is ridiculous. Hearing it debunked was good news.

What's so ridiculous about it? I think it makes more sense than SM/WW and it could be funny too

Funny as in slap her ass and be a sexist pig funny. Yeah, sure. That's always funny. Lobdell's funnier than Azzarello though.

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It was cheap. He could have taken that DNA from her shoulder . . .

It was basically lazy characterization and gimmick. It's one thing taking the dna, he's an asshole under Azzarellow's pen and so he wants to grope her ass...fine... but Wonder Woman of old would have dealt with the guy and Azz wanted people to talk so Diana just turns around and has the outraged girly what the? Her reaction was the stupidest out of all this. It's so cliched how Azzarello is writing Diana's reactions to Orion. Like some prim princess with the bad boy. He's giving Orion the platform to just annoy someone like Diana...a woman who would have long slapped Orion down . Throwing up her hands and going ugh...again...this very girlie outrage.This is an Amazon. A warrior. A man coming in and doing this shit isn't going to be allowed to get away with it beyond the first time he called her Legs. Diana just frowning at him while he throws sexual innuendo at her for issues now, I was sitting thinking...huh? WW doesn't do that. It is pandering to Orion and giving him a notch on his belt to do something totally unacceptable and it's the typical lazy let's put good girl with bad boy and let bad boy mistreat her but it's entertaining because good girl is so good she will change bad boy. Might as well be one of those teenage novels we reading the way this is being set up.

I can't wait for the New Gods to get out of the Wonder Woman title. The book is slow and decompressed and WW herself is barely defined in terms of her life or what she can do power wise. She barely seems to do much for herself. Oh yes, so the people who were saying Superman would undermine her because he is powerful and flies etc...don't worry Orion is equally or more powerful , has an astro harness and is rescuing her now.

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If WW goes for Orion,.. we'll have the Stereotype I NEVER expected out of wonderwoman.

The one where a good woman will "just be friends" with a good man, (Steve Trevor), Be luke-warm with a great man, (Clark Kent), but will love the dirty drawls of a bad man who treats her like crap.


I HOPE they don't go there,.. WW is supposed to be more than "meat".

I know,right? I don't care if he is a God or he thinks he's the bees knees, it's a garbage message and WW is not some slab of meat.It's kind of amusing and ironic the strong feminist character and some readers would love obvious sexism and push for Orion to be rewarded by nabbing Diana cause it is entertaining to them. I think back to the reboot of the new 52 and the soap boxing across the net over two adults having consensual sex (Catwoman) but here we have obvious sexual innuendo, inappropriate touching , rudeness but oooh ship it!

And now there is a foreshadowing of her as some object to be fought over between Superman and Orion in some "triangle". Triangles on the whole are lame but is that how we really want Diana in this scenario? Way to make her even more of a joke after the slap. I hope this is all just a red herring to create discussion by DC and Diana will show that strong women who have confidence and self esteem don't fall for jerks.