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343269 Hellboy Gets Married; Integer City; The Deleted; City of Roses; Nexus; Monstrous; Kill Me; Saint George: Dragonslayer; The Many Murders of Miss Cranbourne; Alabaster: Boxcare Tales; Issue Overview 01/21/14 02:16AM 5 Approved
314239 Issue Overview 12/25/13 05:20PM 77 Approved
210236 Psy vs. Psy, Part One Issue Overview 09/12/13 08:36PM 8 Denied
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171729 Desert Treasure; The Sucker Seeker; Heart; A Penny Burned Issue Overview Fionna and Cake FTW! 08/02/13 04:58PM 29 Approved
62304 Bad Day at Turtle Rock; Act One: The Story Begins Issue Overview Just fillin out some details ^_^ 05/14/13 08:00PM 29 Approved
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26467 Volume 1 Issue Overview Its the first collected trade. Im not sure I did this right though. Should the volume been called "Captain Marvel Trade Paperback"? 04/18/13 09:11AM 50 Approved
24637 Captain Marvel: In Pursuit of Flight Volume Overview You should add it because its missing 04/16/13 05:59PM 50 Approved