My Top 10 Superman Origins retellings.

The Superman origin story has been retold many many times, through TV, Comics and books. As superman is my favorite hero I have seen alot of them but some in particular have stood out to me. These are my favorite retellings:

#10 Superman #1

This version was way too bare bones for me and didn't improve on the original action comics #1 version, but makes it on the list mostly because it was the first comic devoted entirely to Superman.

#9 John Bryne's Man of Steel series

this was one of the first fully fleshed out origins of Superman and did some really cool stuff, some of which now seems quite weird. I mean he moves his face really fast so people can't tell who he is? really?

#8 Kevin J Anderson's " Last days of Krypton"

This did great stuff with what happened on Krypton that prompted Jor El to send Kal El to Earth but didn't deal with what happened when Kal El reached Earth Still a great read though.

#7 Superman the movie

This was fun stuff, did some rather strange things but Chris Reeves did a great job as Clark.

#6 Action comics vol 2 #5

It was nice to see Krypto save Kal El and from Zod and Morrison did a nice quick job of telling the origin story. The best part of this issue was the back up story.

Pa Kent passing off a still born farm animal as an alien was hilarious.

#5 Superman Secret origins by Geoff Johns

This was great stuff, it made me hapy by bringing back superboy and the legion and the last issue of this was just straight awesome. this would have been higher on the list but it retconned the next series out of existence.

#4 Superman Birthright

While I didn't like the random ability to see aura's around living creatures let's just say that if the rumors about the upcoming Man of Steel movie being heavily based on this series end up being true, I will be a happy man.

#3 Smallville

I'm midway through the tenth season and I've very much enjoyed it the entire time. Erica Durance and Tom Welling do awesome jobs as Lois and Clark respectively. Chloe Sullivan was a fun addition to the Superman Mythos and It was nice to see Green Arrow on TV.

#2 Superman Earth one

I know some people don't like the hoodie wearing brooding Clark Kent but I love what JMS did with the character and the origin. I can not wait for volume 2.

#1 All star Superman #1

Eight words. That's all it took. You gotta love it.