Marvel Movies???

Great ideas for future marvel movies, let me know what you think ?
Spider-Man 4
                                                                                      Spider-Man 5
Spider Man                                                                                         Spider Man
Mary Jane                                                                                           Mary Jane (pregant)
J Johan Jameson                                                                             Betty Brant
John Jameson                                                                                   J Johan Jameson
Robbie Robertson                                                                             Robbie Robertson
Betty Brant                                                                                          Gwen Stacey (death by Kaine)                                                      
Captian Stacey (death by Carnage)                                              Aunt May
Gwen Stacey                                                                                      Ben Urich
Aunt May                                                                                             Phil Urich
Ben Urich                                                                                            Curt Conners
Lizard                                                                                                  Sergi Kravinov (cameo on telly)Carnage                                                                                              Alistar Smythe
Miles Warnen                                                                                    Jackal (death by Kaine)
Carolyne Trainer (cameo at science showing)                        Kaine
Spencer Smythe (")                                                                        Scarlet Spider (wears Werstling suit from 1st film, death by Jackal)
Hobbie Brown (")                                                                             Green Goblin 1 (at end)
Phil Urich (")                                                                                     Uncle Ben (cameo)
Micheal Morbius (")                                                                        Spencer Smythe (death by Kingpin)
Adrian Tommes (")                                                                         Kingpin (in shadows)
Kaine (")
Norman Osborne (")

Spider-Man 6                                                                                  X-Men 4                                                                                                                       
Spider  Man                                                                                    Psylocke
Eddie Brock                                                                                    Professor Xavier (returns in psi created clone)       
Mary Jane (married)                                                                    Wolverine
Mayday Parker (dies)                                                                  Storm                                                      
Aunt May (dies)                                                                             Phoenix (returns as Phoenix)                                                     
J Johan Jameson                                                                        Iceman 
Robbie Robertson                                                                        Archangel (Horseman) 
Betty Brant (leaves)                                                                     Beast 
Kingpin                                                                                            Quicksilver (X-Man)
Kraven the Hunter (at the begining)                                         Magneto (final battle) 
Green Goblin 1                                                                               Scarlet Witch (X-Man)
Spencer Smythe                                                                           Destiny   
Spider Slayer 1                                                                              Mystique (powers restored) 
Spider Slayer 1.2                                                                          Rouge (")  
Darkhawk (in end fight)                                                              Toad (cameo) 
Daredevil (")                                                                                  Sabretooth 
Puniser (", working for the Kingpin)                                        Pyro (cameo)
Uncle Ben (cameo)                                                                      Nightcrawler 
Kaine (")                                                                                         Juggernaut 
                                                                                                         Banshee (cameo)
The Star Jammers                                                                      Polaris (")
Corsair                                                                                           Havok
Hepzibah                                                                                        Colossus
Ch'od                                                                                              Sunfire (Horseman)
Raza                                                                                                Corsair (final battle)
Ms. Marvel                                                                                     Deathbird (Horseman)
Deathbird                                                                                       Guardian (final battle)
D'Ken                                                                                               Vindicator (")
Cyclops                                                                                           Vulcan (after credit scene)                                   
Havok                                                                                              Goblyne Queen (Horseman)
Vulcan                                                                                             Ms. Marvel (final battle)
Lilandra                                                                                           Apocalypse
The Imperial Guard                                                                       Sinster 
                                                                                                          Cyclops (not dead, final battle)
Thor                                                                                                  Antman
Loki                                                                                                  Antman
Hela                                                                                                  Wasp                                        
Odin                                                                                                 Scott Lang (becomes " 2)                                                                                                
Sif                                                                                                     Comrade X
Valkyrie                                                                                           Egghead
Enchantress                                                                                  Porcupine
Geirrodur (makes Thor's hammer)
Beta Ray Bill (cameo)
Baldar, Hemdal, Fenris Wolf (")

Marvel-us Storylines

Age of Apocalypse

Marvel has been going for a while now and they have had countless plot twists, turn and clones...
What has been your Favorite so far ?

The Clone Saga
The Alien Costume
Mutant X
Wolverine Origins
Dark Phoenix Saga
Days Of Future Past
World War Hulk
Civil War
or The Secret Invasion ?