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Hello, I'm a reporter who was asked by Yokergeist (SuperNATEgames) to interview him. Ah screw it. I'm just playing the role of a reporter. I just wanted to make a goodbye thread, so I decided to tell you my story "interview style". Heh heh.


Reporter: Hello Yokerge- um, do you prefer SuperNATEgames or Yokergeist?

Yokergeist: More people remember the "villain". I accomplished much more on this website as SuperNATEgames, but people know only Yokergeist. So call me Yokergeist.

Reporter: Alright Mr. Yokergeist. Tell me about your life before joining Comic Vine.

Yokergeist: Well, I had a YouTube channel where I posted gaming videos. I was actually kinda popular. I stopped posting this June, but I'll be back to posting new videos soon. Maybe top tens and prank videos.

Reporter: How exactly did you find Comic Vine?

Yokergeist: I did what 99.69% of people on this website did. I looked up "Superman vs Goku". I read some other battles, and I decided to join.

Reporter: Why did you begin to post in the off-topic?

Yokergeist: I began posting in the off-topic because unlike the battle forum, I could post whatever the heck I wanted when it came to comics. Not just battles. I also wanted to gain a LOT of posts. I looked up to a user named "Floopay" because he had lots of posts and was nice. I wanted to surpass him in posts, which I did. *chuckles*

Reporter: What made you stay on Comic Vine, and not leave?

Yokergeist: The users. All of them were nice and unlike anything I had ever seen on most websites.

Reporter: Who were your favorite users?

Yokergeist: Floopay, King Saturn, Powerherc, Laflux, Samamista, Jokergeist, and Dragonborn_ct were some of my favorite users.

Reporter: Here comes the controversial Geist questions. First of all, why did you join the Geists?

Yokergeist: I never "joined" them. I was the one who started them. When Jokergeist got banned, I noticed a guy called Pokergeist who took his place. I thought to myself that it would freak people out to see a third Geist. So I created an alto-ego who was obsessed with eggs and loved to troll.

Reporter: Tell me about this "trolling" you speak of.

Yokergeist: It's not actually as bad as you might think. I created three or four funny threads like "I just went to heaven". I stopped trolling but my reputation remained.

Reporter: What was "SuperNATEgames" doing while you were doing all this?

Yokergeist: I/he was posting. Literally. Just posting in threads like NO 0! Heh heh.

Reporter: How did Jokergeist and Pokergeist react when they saw you, Mr. Yokergeist?

Yokergeist: They asked me if I wanted invade the website! It was meant as a joke, but we played around with people, and they would freak out when a mod would say we don't share an IP address.

Reporter: Tell me how you gained over fifty members.

Yokergeist: I don't know. Probably the same reason I joined. People thought it would be cool to have an alto-ego and join a clan of so-called invaders. Me, Jokergeist, and Pokergeist were the leaders. We called ourselves the "Trinity". We even had a Geist Hierarchy when we got serious about invading.

Reporter: Tell me more about how and why you actually wanted to invade.

Yokergeist: We got the idea to actually invade because we got sick of the new users. They would call us trolls (I was the only "troll", and I hadn't trolled in over six months) and harass us. We would annoy them back, and they would call the mods who of course, joined their side. We got sooo sick of the mods.

Reporter: How did you communicate with the other Geists secretly?

Yokergeist: Seriously? PMs of course! Which my good friend JokerPoker would try to exploit.

Reporter: When did you stop trying to invade?

Yokergeist: When we realized we were idiots! So instead, we took advantage of a glitch and changed our main account names into our Geist names. People got freaked out when they saw Yokergeist suddenly appear as number 4 on the "Top off-topic posters".

Reporter: What happened next?

Yokergeist: We just continued posting and goofing off the next couple months. We had no intentions of invading.

Reporter: So, how did you get banned?

Yokergeist: Well, I got into an argument with a user. The user would constantly say "I flagged your post" to almost all my posts. I got really pissed off so I told my Geists to flag him. Apparently telling people to flag someone is against the rules, because I got a perma-ban with no warnings, and no explanation. The other user, got no punishment. That's what I call discrimination you geistist son of a-

Reporter: Alright, alright, how did the others get perma-banned?

Yokergeist: I actually have no clue. I heard that a few of them invaded a wiki or something. Literally only 4 or 5. The mods ban us all for some reason.

Reporter: What happened after the mods banned you all?

Yokergeist: Almost all of us stopped visiting this website. We still talk from time to time.

Reporter: What do you think of Comic Vine now?

Yokergeist: I hate it. They took away my 12,000+ posts, and my friends. The new users are still annoying, but I still love all of you who were nice to me and helped me. The mods are stupid for banning one of their top users though. I spent hours a day on this website.

Reporter: *sniff* Anything else to add?

Yokergeist: Yes. I'm leaving this once-good website and moving to a new one. A website where mods actually give WARNINGS before bans and ARE NICE to their top users. Oh, and actually REPLY to PMs. It was nice meeting all of you on this website and it was (for the most part) eggcellent. I love all of you, and I'll see you again... Eh, probably not. *Turns into an egg and rolls away*

Reporter. Wait, where the hell are you going? I'm not done yet! *Chases the egg*

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Your back? I haven't seen you since I got banned.

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Yeah! I guess I'll have to catch-up and pass y'all in posts for a second time!

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JokerPoker isn't a troll. I'm sorry if you want to kill yourself, but if you have suicidal thoughts over a comic website, you need to see a doctor RIGHT AWAY.

Also, how's the girlfriend? I heard she's hot. Anne Lucy is her name, right?


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How has the vine been while I was gone?