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@reaverlation: I did it doesn't appear big enough, on my cell at least. I'm just curious as to how Allen did it.

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@ssj_god: well Trion Juggernaut breaks the Skyfather limit. But if I had to create a amalgam to compete against them, I'd go The Coon (South Park) and Blank Man.. Or Squirrel Girl and Seaman (South Park)

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@ssj_god: a couple of other notes:

1) Superboy Prime was deathly afraid of the Flashes it was his greatest fear. He most certainly wasn't faster than them and a morals on West, a pissed off Bart and a.. Well Barry, pulled him into the speedforce which fu**ed him up even more. They practically spared him of death my offering imprisonment though Pisboy prime "escaped".

2) Wally's best "prime" feats would be moving faster than instantaneous teleportation which literally means negating time itself, and harming an amped CoIE Anti Monitor (not defeating but giving him hell). So between all that, phasing and the speedsteal, Zoom and Leech should be no issue for him if he's moving that fast. He doesn't even need to be close to them to use those abilities. Again, I'm not sure to what extent the radius would be of Leeches power.

3) Wally and Nates combined superior time travel, speed faster than instantaneous teleportation, speed steal to things as big as planets and as small as subatomic particles like electrons (including the neurons that fire in ones brain that are required to literally mentally function) and finally their ability to warp reality make them a bi*ch to put down under these circumstances. That said, you might want to limit them a bit more to make it fair. Suchas no speedsteal and/or no reality warping. This way there can actually be below Skyfather level contenders and better debating.

Nb: might be cool to make it a battle royal as opposed to having them all pitted against 1 amalgamation. Sorta creates a rock, paper, scizzors battle.

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@ssj_god: I'd think so. Like I said, Thawne's flashpoint (his most powerful incarnation) powerups were directly fought off by Barry Allen who has the same powerset as Wally to a lesser degree; and no speedsteal which actually works hyperactively vs speedsters. Thawnes powers failed against Barry to some degree thanks to the positive speed force cancelling the negative speed force, which Wally has. Thawnes ability of erasing from existence is just messing with the timestream, which both of them (Wally and Barry) can do, (Wally conclusively) faster than Thawne.

Basically if we're using Flashpoint Thawne vs Wally in his prime then Wally still has better speed showings than him, still hits hard enough to utterly destroy him, still has speed steal which specifically works on speed force users hyper effectively, and can survive Thawne's onslaught every bit as effectively as Barry did, if not moreso. Most of Thawne's gained powers were rendered unimpactful in the long run, despite being creepy or shocking when he aged a bunch of regular folks.

Wally had like 2 whole appearances after Johns took over with Flash Rebirth. He was literally completely out of the picture for the entire Flashpoint Thawne arc so there's no actual comparison to be made from what happened during Flashpoint. Plus Johns had a way of ignoring Wally's powers in favor of illustrating Barry's return to the mantle. The guy had West knocked back by Zoom and Professor Zoom then nearly KOd by a falling building (no speedsteal and no moving out of the way.. Heavy PIS/CIS)

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@ssj_god: Wally's much, much faster than Eobard based in feats. Eobard has no defense against the speed steal, which Dredeuced has proven over and over. Whatever Thawne tries to do, West could do faster. Even when Thawnes speedforce ate through Barry's (which was not the same speedforce of Wally in his prime), Thawne still couldn't kill Barry who is no where near Wally's speed and doesn't have the speed steal. So Professor Zoom is negated by Wally West but Idk about Leech vs Shaman Nate. Assuming that Nate with Wally's power gets the first laugh then he could possible deal with Leech before Leech/PZ could capitalize.

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@reaverlation: thank you, I see that it was issue 3, but do you have scans or now how he did it?

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@killemall: when did New 52 Barry contain a nuclear explosion? Do you have scans, I don't doubt it I just wonder how he did. He seems very limited in New 52

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@ssj_god: okay. I'll look forward to it

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@ssj_god: haha if you make an amalgam you'll be the most hated poster on the vine.