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When Darkseid defeats Kal-L and asks, "Where did you get such power?" Then sniffs and uses his omega beams to apparently destroy Kal-L's Fortress of Solitude, what is that chair-looking object inside? I assume it has to do with Ixaya/Highfather, so does that mean that highfather is responsible for the creation of Earth-2 or that he empowers Kal-L in some way?

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My views are definitely opposed to Gail Simone's, so I was having the same reservations you are. However, I was surprised at how well Gail presented the issues in the book. The book is told from the point of view of the members of the Movement, so all the cops are presented as being corrupt. But, as Gail cleverly intimates, this may not be the case with the police captain. Similarly, she hints that the Movement may be too quick in passing their judgment and too harsh with their punishments. And that is why I loved the first issue; it showed both sides and hinted that there is much more to come. Overall, a perfect first issue. It makes me think of the Movement as sort of a modern and more flawed X-Men - just a bunch of kids trying to "stick it to the man" with a lot to learn.

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@madeinbangladesh: Absolutely. My recommendation, just skip issues 1-5 and start with issue 6. The first five were not that good and really have nothing to do with the new storyline. This new arc is basically a continuation of his Uncanny X-Force run.

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I was really impressed with this title. I had originally planned on just buying issues 0 and 1, but after the great zero issue, I'm going to pull it for a while and see where it goes.

P.S. I think Beowulf is Deathstroke.

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Oh I don't think it's anyone we know, but I do think the First Lantern will turn out to be a human.

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@XImpossibruX: I don't know. I think it could be awesome. Wonder Woman is probably the only woman on the planet (that isn't related to Superman) that could bear Superman's child. I mean, could you imagine a half kryptonian, quarter god, quarter amazonian child? It would be AWESOME!

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YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting this to happen ever since I heard about the reboot!!!

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@gokuwarrior: For real! That would have been awesome in the battle against Darkseid. I really hope they show her powering up in her other books as well. I loved how her glowing showed all the detail in her costume. Since the reboot, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are my two favorite heroes. I never thought I'd say that in my lifetime.

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I only kept getting Savage Hawkman after Liefeld took over because I wanted to collect the whole series. I was so relieved when I realized he wasn't doing the art on the inside. Bennett's art is great, it was even better than Tan's art, and I didn't think anyone would top that. The only book that Liefeld draws, to my knowledge, is Deathstroke... and I had to let that one go because I couldn't even focus on the dialogue. His art is AWFUL. Absolutely no detail whatsoever. Please DC, wake up and realize he's past his prime.

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@gokuwarrior: Yeah, I think she should be able to power up without taking them off too, but it does serve as a good plot device. I think Azzarello included it more for the symbolism of her character being unshackled from her old origins, the sexist notion that women are inferior to men in comics, and to show that although she was sired by a god, she doesn't serve them. Plus, it showed her self control because part of the golden age tale was that amazonians would go into a blind rage if they took them off, and she kept her focus.