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Been on the site for a while and all though i've seen a handful of 2 stars i dont think i've ever seen a one star rating for a comic. Can you name any?

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Darker confuses and annoys me. Batman is already dark enough and it's very hard to make someone like Superman or Wonder Woman dark without making them a ruined version. I can only assume they mean more realistic which is also a turn off. Announcing Bruce Timm is awesome, another stupid attempt to make awesome characters not isn't.

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Hey guys so didn't get the new issue of Futures End: Batman and Robin but regret it now after i found out a new Robin is shown. So could somebody please post a pic for me and something about him?!? Big Robin but pull list couldn't afford the issue

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Talking with a girl in front of me in my Spanish class about the usual high schooler TV show talk of Supernatural, Sherlock etc when i advised to her Smallville. After explaining the premise she wen't on to say how "she doesn't like Superman". My question is why does everyone these days seem to dislike him? They say he's OP even though characters like Thor have far more powers but far less weaknesses. They say he's lame but he's the greatest hero in the DC universe(arguably of course). So I'm just wondering why do you guys think people hate on him? What caused it? Is it just a lack of knowing the character?

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So why is Clark in Africa and Shazam is Superman?

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@dreamfall31: Donald Blake was the mortal reincarnation created by Odin to teach Thor humility. Thus the hammer, once he discovered, granted him back his godly abilities and memories. At the same time the hammer, Mjolnir, acts as a moral compass. Though designed for Thor if he is not worthy others, such as Captain America has, can wield its power. In this way Thor had something to strive for but also if anything were to go array it's a built in off switch so to speak. It is the actual Thor of Norse Mythology, but the hammer can grant it's powers(though not others such as Thors great strength or extended life) to others if Thor is not worthy or just plain not alive.

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Watched season 1 a long time back on Netflix and want to be ready for season 3. Does anyone know where to watch season 2 online? Dont think Netflix has gotten it yet so i'd appreciate it if i could get some links, preferably those that don't require a download