My issue submission projects

The Superman titles starring Superman are done (at least to my satisfaction, I'm sure there are things missing). Should finish Lois Lane this month. Still have a while in Jimmy Olsen, Superboy, and World's Finest

Here are comics that I'm doing / want to do

Arsenic Lullaby (1 done)

Bloom County & related (did 1 "issue")

Calvin & Hobbes (Nothing? done)

 Cerebus (150+ issues done, most covers filled in)

Detective Comics (filled in skeletal info : thanks to whoever did the covers)

Four Color (issues submitted, some need filled in)

Leading comics
Little Lotta (some done)

Mad titles

Popular Comics (some done)

Sam & Max Freelance Police (Did some)

Sandman (Good portion of creators & chars done)

Savage Sword of Conan (Some done, someone may have done more)

Simpsons and related Comics (did most titles, 50+ done of main series)

 Tip Top Comics

Vertigo titles (Varies)

Wizard magazine (Did 2)

 Other indie titles (any suggestions?)

Comments, suggestions, help with issues, etc. welcome

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Posted by Shatterstar

Soooo much to do, glad someone else is putting the effort in to make the database better. You're doing a great job.

Posted by Dagger Bailey

Cool, kitty cat.

Posted by Buckshot

Calvin and Hobbes!