Future of Movie Adaptations

A few days ago, my dad and I got onto the conversation of Power Rangers, one of my favorite (if not my favorite) tv shows as a kid. We were talking about the possibility of a serious movie adaptation and how well it would do today. While I know there has been a movie about it, it was too tied into the show, a little too goofy and was a disappointment to fans and new comers alike. As I began thinking some more, I wondered how a serious adaptation could work, and it got me thinking: Should there be more movie adaptations that create their own universe?

Allow me to explain with the greatest Superhero movie to date, AVENGERS. One of the major reasons Avengers worked was because it appealed to both fans of the previous movies and the comics (best of both worlds) and made a new universe that both groups were a little new to. I was a big fan of the Ultimates storyline that they based the movie off of, so it was a treat to see the material being used and enjoyed by fans everywhere. A few years earlier, however, I was a part of the new comer group watching another successful movie adaptation, JJ Abrams STAR TREK (one of my favorite movies). This movie ignited my appreciation for Star Trek, and it was fun because I was able to enjoy what was given to me with people who already knew the information. The best part was that I could still love the movie without watching a few hundred Star Trek episodes. I grew a love for Star Trek without drama of keeping up with episodes each night, and that is the point that I am trying to get across.

Star Trek and Avengers showed us that old material can be taken, and with enough consideration, can begin new movie universes that everyone can enjoy and keep up with without all of the hassel of keeping up with the source material. While some of these movies have flopped (Transformer *cough*), I believe there is hope for new movie universes. I am dreaming for Digimon, Power Rangers and Voltron (and many more) to have serious adaptations come to the big screen, and with the right director, could bring make fans, new comers and studios happy.

In short: Movie adaptations can create universes that can bring in many fans both old and new. With proper consideration, the material can be taken seriously on even the craziest of concepts and create a worldwide love for some of the best fiction out there.

Comment on any movie adaptation you want to see with what cast/ crew you think could make it great.

For me, I say do a Digimon movie with Guillmore Del Toro or a Power Rangers movie wtih Joss Whedon

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Batman For A Month (FINALE)

Welcome back to Batman For a Month!!!! As you remember, with Bruce's blessing and a Prometheus-Batman suit, you took to Gotham City for a whole month.Now 1 months time is up, and we shall see what did and didn't happen. How this will work is that all of these events are somehow connected, and whatever you did or didn't respond to will affect other events.



1.The Joker did attack the Police Man's Ball, and if you did not help, JIM GORDON DIES AND YOU LOOSE SUPPORT FROM THE GCPD. If you did, then JIM SURVIVES AND GCPD IS NOW 100% BEHIND YOU.

2.Mr.Freeze never robs a bank, it was just a rumor. If you chose this case, then THE CRIME RATE RISES BECAUSE OF LESS TIME ON THE STREETS, if not then THE CRIME RATE DROPS BECAUSE OF MORE TIME ON STREET CRIME.

3.Ratcatcher, if you chose to work on #1, WILL BE CAPTURED BY THE GCPD. If you decided against this case or did not chose #1, then HE WILL CAUSE AN INCREASE IN THE CRIME RATE


5.(This is the big one) If you don't do this case or case #9, then INMATES WILL BREAK LOSE AND YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO KEEP THE PEACE IN GOTHAM, if you did do this case or case #9, then ALMOST COMPLETE TRANQUILITY WILL BE RESTORED TO GOTHAM AND ARKHAM ASYLUM (because criminals are too afraid to mess with you or Superman)

6. Poison Ivy was mind controlling Harely and Zsaz to do her dirty work, so if you chose her case, then CASES #8 AND#10 DO NOT HAPPEN , if not, THEN CASES #8 AND #10 STAY.


8.If you chose this case or case #6, then HARLEY WILL GO BACK TO JOKER (bonus: If you chose case #1, then SHE WILL BE ARRESTED), if not, then SHE WILL GO ON TO ROB MORE STORES AND ESCALATE THE JOB RIOTS.

9. Superman comes to Gotham to deal with Lex, so if you chose to work on this case, THEN SUPERMAN WILL HELP YOU THE REST OF THE MONTH FOR HELPING HIM, if not LEX WILL LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK (BUT NO SUPPORT FROM SUPERMAN)

10. Zsaz attempts to kill Harvey Bullock, and if you did not do this case or case #6, HARVEY DIES, if you did do this case or case #6, then HARVEY LIVES

Now for those who decide not to follow these or betray Batman in ANY way, then this is what happens: BATMAN RETURNS TO GOTHAM COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTED,HUNTS YOU DOWN,AND THROWS YOU INTO ARKHAM.

Thanks for playing, maybe I'll try other heroes in the future, I can take requests, if not, then GO HOME!!!!!

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Batman For A Month (Full)

(Yes, I know that I already made a forum post on this, but I wanted to do a more in depth version of it. The older post is still up if you want to comment on that)


You are a citizen of Gotham City, and a good friend of Bruce Wayne.You know of his secret identity, and one day, he asks you to meet him in the Bat-Cave. When you arrive, he tells you that the entire Bat Family needs to venture off the planet for a month with the Justice League, and that during this time, he wants you to watch over Gotham. During this time, you will have to watch over all of Gotham City by yourself.


Gordon has already been told and is ready to help. All members of the Justice League will be off planet as well, so you wont be able to get help from them, only those that Batman keeps in contact with outside the league (like the Outsiders, or Creeper). Other than those that Batman keep in contact with, all other heroes are off limits.


Batman is giving you complete access to the Bat-Cave, as well as help from Alfred and GCPD. This means you can use anything you want that is located in the Cave( like the BatWing or Batman's special suits). Batman is giving you a special suit he made copied off of blueprints of Prometheus. It will grant you increased strength, augment your speed, agility and invulnerability (bullet proof, but anything as strong or stronger than an RPG will damage it). It will have a HUD mask that will carry a two way radio with Alfred and Gordon, increase your vision and allow you to scan people, and whatever records are on them, will be brought up. The suit, as said before, will be like Prometheus's suit, whereas you'll be able to use Files downloaded onto the suit, to fight certain criminals. The Files are on every registered super villain and Arkham Inmate, of any villains that show up under the radar will not be part of the suit files, and will need to be dealt with on your own. Batman has also given you a schedule to follow in order to best cover all of Gotham in one night, downloaded onto the suit.


There are Ten possible things that could happen on your month as Batman. These include:

1. Joker escaped, and evidence points to him attacking the Police man's ball.

2. Mr.Freeze may rob a bank. (don't know when or where)

3. RatCatcher has been terrorizing the sewers and has almost killed two officers.

4. Two Face will hold the mayor hostage on the second day of the second week of the month.

5. Arkham Asylum has been unstable for a while, and may have a few breakouts during the month.

6.Posion Ivy is hiding somewhere in the city. it is unknown what she will do.

7. There have been many riots due to all the job loss. This will happen in the richer areas of Gotham.

8.Harley Quinn may try to rob a jewelry store.

9.Lex Luthor has come to Gotham, and may try to blackmail Wayne Enterprises.

10.Zsasz has been spotted. May be up to something.

Remember, not all of these things may happen. You can put all these tasks on whatever priority you want, just remember,there is a chance none of this may happen during your time as Batman.

You have one month, GOOD LUCK.

Post what you would do, maybe later i will post what does and doesn't happen.


ShadowHawk, You There?


ShadowHawk....my favorite Image Comics hero, the main reason I started picking up normal comic books monthly. I picked up ShadowHawk Resurrection a few years ago and than began picking up his earlier series like the 2005 one and The New ShadowHawk series written by Kurt Busiek. ShadowHawk caught my attention because of his awesome name (best of both worlds, cool animal with dark adjective) and sweet costumes. Sadly, ShadowHawk has never really managed to scrap up a bunch of readers, and has usually been put in Image Universe Team Ups like Invincible War or Image United. Any attempts at creating any ongoing series as of thus far have failed, the most recent being ShadowHawk Resurrection. I love ShadowHawk, I see the huge possibility of being up to par with Spawn or Savage Dragon series. The problem is, no one really reads him, so any attempts at new series just fail.

Does that mean ShadowHawk is dead? Should I just give up on him because (this isn't totally true, but just want to make a point) no one wants to read him. Every time a series of his comes out, it is usually by an unknown writer and artist. The comics look and read fine, but no one picks it up, heck, in the 2005 series, the first ten or so issues were great, than for some reason, Jim Valentino, the original creator had to start writing and drawing, and since he usually doesn't do too much other than his own books, the last few issues really weren't the best. I mean honestly, should all readers of ShadowHawk just cut their loses and have Image Comics pull the plug?


Look, like any other indie character, getting readers is hard, especially if you haven't had the best track record. To all the ShadowHawk fans out there, don't loose faith, buy ShadowHawk comics and hope for the best. Honestly, ShadowHawk has a ton of possibility to be a great character and have a great series. I think if Image or Jim really want a great ShadowHawk series, I say go for broke and get some well known names on the title, maybe even guys like Robert Kirkman or Todd Mcfarlane on the books with great, well known artists. Maybe then, ShadowHawk will get the praise he deserves, until then, I think I don't mind rereading the New ShadowHawk series or my ShadowHawk hardcover, not one bit.


Worst Comic Book Death: Lonliness

Comic book deaths are something that need to be handled well in order not to pi$$ off fans. There are many different types of deaths that can occur, but I think the worst/ most heart breaking death are what I call Lonely Deaths. The best examples of these deaths are with Ultimate Spiderman and Ted Kord. Both of these guys  were great heroes, but due to their reputation in their respected universes, no one took them seriously. This ended up causing Ted to loose alot of his money, and in the end get shot and killed by the villain. The same occurred with Ultimate Spidey, since no one respected him, no one helped or encouraged him to do good, and the one time he actually helped out (took a bullet for Captain America) and needed help (after all his enemies escaped jail after he got shot), no one was there to help him because they were too busy dealing with things they felt were more important than Spidey's villains escaping or Spidey getting shot. In the end, Spidey got killed by his enemies.
 The short version of this type of death is when a hero isn't taken seriously tries to go out and fix a problem, no one helps, and everyone who doesn't believe him/her or doesn't help him/her, pushes the hero closer and closer to death, heck, before Ted Kord died, Martian Manhunter said that he didn't trust Ted and that even though Wonder Woman did,  MM called Diana too trusting and dismissed the idea that Ted was actually on to something. 
This death sucks because you can see slowly and steadily how much closer the hero is getting towards death, and no one likes to see their favorite hero suffer, but there is a silver lining in this, and that is that these heroes usually die HEROIC deaths as part of this type of death, they go out and save the world by themselves, and end up proving everyone wrong, showing them that they had more balls than all of those who mocked them.

 Dang it...

Ted and Pete are two great examples of this type of death, let us hope that no other hero has to go through this soon.
You did good Pete

The Great Power of Comic Books (and Media)

I love comic books....it's the reason I'm on this website. I love them not just for the stories, but also for the art, characters and more. I am a very huge comic book fan and haven't gone a day in my life without thinking about comic books. You may wonder what this has to do with the power of comics, well let me explain. Media is a very powerful way to control what people think and do. Something on the news, cartoons, reality TV, even on commercials can directly decide on what we think and do. This also goes with computers, but I wont go too far into that. 
Now getting back to what I was saying, media in general is powerful and (yes I know, this is over used) with great power comes great responsibility. I watch very little tv any more, but more and more it seems that shows with lose morals and stupid plots manage to get their way through. Honestly, I hate Family Guy (didn't always, but I'm more of a Venture Bros guy), I don't watch CSI, and I could give a rat's ass about Jersey Shore. I think TV now is just junk, as long as someone is a tool and they can tape them loosing it, it becomes a hit show (no pun intended). But morons sell, and people will do anything to get idiots on their show. What people are doing though, is directly affecting the future. Look how media affected the presidential election, it helped Obama win and it made Bush look like a wimp (yes, I'm a repbulican, I love Bush, I think that despite what people say...he did ok, he's no Reagan, but he did manage to do alot for the nation). No offense, but Obama doesn't know what he is doing, and he WON. 
I apologize for getting political.. but let me explain something. Media is powerful, like I said, but it can be a force for good. I think a great example for this are cartoons, more specifically, Thundercats. I haven't seen the new show yet, but I think this show does a lot for kids. It keeps them off shows like Family Guy and South Park (I actually like South Park), and can help them grow a bit so in they can watch these shows when they are ready. I think the problem is that there are no shows for middle schoolers, just kids and adults, and that's what is hurting us. If we can use TV to teach kids, to give them general good habits and attributes, then we can do something. Comic books already do this, that is why I encourage them and hope that others can pick up a few copies. Comics are also powerful ways for kids to read cool stories and to keep them on a straight path.
Now before anyone goes I just want to say this: Yes I am republican, but I don't hate liberals, just the few d-bags that think making fun of Sarah Palins mentally retarded kid is funny. But I really hope that there is one message that you guys can get out of this: I don't want to fight. I hate it when two smart people get in an argument over politics and become enemies. I am friends with liberal, and we hit off great. I just hate when people are "politically correct", or try doing stupid things like make Ernie and Bert hook up on Sesame Street (seriously...look that one up). I think that if we can make media a multi political source. Sure, republicans have a few stations, but I think we need to diversify it, learn to teach kids the basic yes and nos in life, show them that drugs, alcohol, excessive sex, can destroy you. I think if we can start learning together, and stop looking at people in black and white.....we can get out of this mess (I mean cmon, they best time in any empire or kingdom, everyone was hand in hand).
ps I forgot to write about lie to me...so ill just say that it was a great show, but the main character was a terrible father, and near the end it started to get bad, but if they had faith in it, it could've gotten better.

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The Return of Ted Kord?

Ted Kord....possibly the best of the Blue Beetles. Brave,Smart,Funny...everything you wanted to see in a hero. Problem is after some stupid writing, he got killed of, sure he came back to life and sacrificed himself and had a true hero's death, but we can all agree that we still feel a little p.oed that he is gone...........


                                                                                                                Or IS he?!??!!!

 Rest in Peace..

For those who don't know, the new Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, was recently killed by Max Lord. I think this means something. But lets back up a bit. Ted sacrificed himself after Booster Gold brought him from the past to fix the damage to the time stream. This makes it seem like he is gone for good, but it is later shown that someone entered one of his
Wuh oh !
labs late a night, someone who even does the signature BWAH HA HA HA laugh.  Ted was shown reborn as a Black Lantern during Blackest Night, but I think this may be a cover up for something. Maybe Ted isn't dead, maybe something in the time stream got loopy and Ted somehow was able to survive. I don't know how this is possible, but maybe it's something like in a video game and reality "glitched" and made a copy of Ted? So if this is true and Ted is alive, then what is the use of Jaime. No offense to him,he is a great character and I do think that all Ted Kord fans would read the Blue Beetle books if they get the chance.  Now lets get back to where I was before with Jaime's death.....what if Jaime dying is opening up the return of Ted. It would be perfect.....Max Lord is alive and Ted's protege is killed, perfect revenge story, mix it in with all of his old friends, it makes for the perfect return of Ted, him avenging the death of a close friend, and showing his closest buddies that he isn't really dead. With the right writer and artist, I think this return could be perfect, and with someone like Ted, he could be brought back into the Dc Universe with ease, maybe going back to Chicago or something.

I know this is wishful thinking, but with Jaime dead, we need another Beetle, why not bring back the best?