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@Morgaine_de_Bourbon: I admit, some of them (especially from 372 on, and the ones like Wolfsbane's son and Harpoon and Darkstar II are questionable even to their being mutants, but I gathered all of this from the X-Books thread "X-Books FAQ/Mutant Tracker Thread II" over on, so I would hope that'd be a reliable source. But thanks, it did take a while to do! :)

@TheWholeDamnShow: Thanks, I'm glad you appreciated it!

@PowerHerc: ahaha it's a mix of dedication and the manifestation of my OCD in constant need to make lists. since i'm an avid X-Fan this seemed like it'd take care of my list-making needs for a few days anyway! hahaha

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@ZacCooper said:


 Jubilantlad said:
"They should bring back Petra and Sway permantly." 

   they're part of the secret X-men team (with Darwin and Vulcan) who went to Krakoa to save a team of X-men   i think they should bring back Jack Of Hearts "
they are planning to, he's coming back in avengers: childrens crusade #4 i think...the cover is in his gallery, so you can look there 
i love deathcry, i wish they brought her back, not swordsman and yellowjacket. but destiny also wouldve been fun to have too
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does she look like a really really old version of wiccan, the marvel character?

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i really wish she did, the books would be so much cooler. 
especially if she was still in the outfit from reign of hell

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I don't think so, partly because Digger himself looks like a new person. When he died, he was fatter, balding, yadda yadda yadda. Now he looks about 20 years younger! Also, he'd have killed them already if he knew. 

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kid eternity? i know he hasn't even shown up in brightest day yet but he brings back the dead for certain periods of time, which connects him to life, and he technically died, which connects him to death too, so if he were to be chosen he'd be like master of both hahah!!!

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So, in Martian Manhunter #3, we see that there is in fact another (still alive!) green martian on Earth, who was masquerading as Sara Moore. If I'm not mistaken, nothing else came of that story arc. So when D'Kay D'Razz, the newest alive green martian in the DCU, shows up, shouldn't J'onn still remember that there is another still out there, and not be so perplexed when he sees D'Kay???  
If that made absolutely no sense, what I'm trying to ask is: 
1. What really happened to Sara Moore/Cay'an? Is she still out there somewhere? Wouldn't that mean there are at least three green martians alive, not just J'onn and D'Kay? 

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does anyone have the scan of her death?

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@daak1212: not anymore, now it's miss sinister(is she the same person as mercedes or not??), castlemere (well he died.... but he was on the most recent group), and a guy named mr. scholl who looks like a lion. oh and also an unnamed lady in a purple outfit with white hair and a guy named turner who died too...