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@vance_astro: I like Mr. Terrific cause he's definitely not your (stereo)typical black hero. His origin and his whole "aptitude for aptitude" ability hasn't been done to death. Plus he has the potential to be a solid solo hero while still also being able to work with a team and be a asset on multiple levels.

@speedlgt: First off in my opinion Mr. Terrific is smarter than Batman, cause I'm sure that some would agree that Bruce being a genius is nothing more than just one of the many things that make up his plot armor and you implying that Batman is the only one that can claim the role of "super smart hero" kinda makes me feel sorry for you for being blinded by that propaganda. The T-Spheres are one of the greatest gadgets in the DC universe and Mr. Terrific can legitimately say that he created those all by himself, while majority of Batman's gadgets are things either his company or more specifically Lucias Fox created.

Mr. Terrific and many other heroes will never matter as long as writers continue to deny them the same amount of effort they put into heroes like the almighty Batman. For instance he seems like just another "super smart hero" cause his genius intellect is the only thing writers care to showcase about him.

@blackair9: Agreed

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@younggunna: Hollywood doesn't have a lot of faith in movies with a black lead so I doubt he would ever get a movie, but I don't think that would be the only thing holding him back from the big screen. As much as I dislike Hollywood's formulaic approach to superhero movies, the fact that Mr. Terrific doesn't have a notable villain like Superman or Batman is another thing working against him. I do feel that him being an Atheist shouldn't be viewed as a negative, especially when you take into account that it's a important part of his origin.

Don't get me wrong I would love to see Mr. Terrific receive some time to shine, so I feel a DC animated movie would be the perfect vehicle to introduce him (and many others for that matter) to more people and show what he is capable of.

A JSA movie or show with him as one of the main characters wouldn't be a bad idea.

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@beastmanx: The closets things he has to a super power is his genius intellect and his unparalleled aptitude ability, and there's really nothing super about it. Just abilities he was born with.

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He's definitely a interesting character with a unique mutation and ability. I dig him, which kinda makes me wish they didn't kill him off.

Am I the only one a little bugged by the fact that someone added 'writing abilities' to the powers/abilities section of his page?

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I'll agree, it does look like it's coming out his butt. Which probably explains why it also looks like there is only one.

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I'm not even a big fan of 'teams' but I love Blood Syndicate! I missed out on them when they first debuted and didn't really get hardcore back into comics till maybe a year or two before McDuffie's death, since then I've been on the hunt for anything from Milestone. I lucked out when I found a Syndicate bundled pack at my comic shop and loved every single comic I've read so far.

I agree that judging by the current landscape, DC (nor Marvel) couldn't handle this title. The fate of New52 Static is all the proof you need of that

I think a cable network (Showtime, HBO, maybe even FX) Blood Syndicate show with the right production/directing would be pretty cool.

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@supbatz: Agreed.

I get it, Batman is awesome! That doesn't mean he has to be involved in everything DC.

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In my opinion I'd say it has something to do with wrecking ball's magical properties, and seeing as how it has never been explained it's could be one of those situations where you just interpret it however you want. Like unless it's magically contained, over an extended period of time the wrecking ball magically finds it way back to Thunderball, or because of the weapon's importance it just issue you can safely assume Dr. Franklin has contingencies for.

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@CitizenJP: I'm sure we would all like to see what happens next! I was just wondering if I missed something cause more than a few people are calling the ending a cliffhanger while I felt that they pretty much tied up every loose end there was. The only thing I can think of as a loose end is what happened to Wally, but most of us comic readers have a pretty good idea what happened to him so it's not really a loose end.

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@CitizenJP: What loose ends?