BUG Fixes....

Hey guys - the following bugs should be fixed:

  • PM Sorting (your inbox should be all good now) - pm delete functionality will be coming soon
  • The 'persons' link on the frontdoor should be fixed (it should be pointing to the 'creators' browse page
  • Review posting should be working again
  • Comment posting should be working again
  • Comment sorting should be working
  • List editing should now be limited to the person who owns the list
Thanks for your patience and support guys --- more bug fixes to come. Feedback is always appreciated.
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Posted by SuperCoonce

Just fixed the 'Start New Topic' bug..... damn that was a nasty one -- glad to have gotten it out of the way! Let me know if it pops up again - thx for your patience guys :)

Posted by SuperCoonce

Just fixed the 'Edit Profile' bug.... you should be able to edit your personal info, bio and super bio now --- sorry bout the delay!

Posted by Cosmic Sentinel

Excellent work, good to see some bugs being squashed.

Posted by Punchinello

I had noticed just now that the comment posting ISN'T working, so I'll go submit that to the bug thread with the full details!

Posted by Obi Wan Kenobi!

from now i will call you RAIDman! cause you kill bugs so efficiently,,,,

kills bugs dead!

Posted by SuperCoonce


Posted by SuperCoonce

editing this comment.

Posted by EvilCoonce

bugs... test