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...and to think, I decried the very notion of a JLA movie.

I claimed a JLA movie would NEVER happen... I hereby return from beyond the void to publicly eat those words (as I said I would), om nom nom.

I've never been more happy to be wrong... but they better not screw it up.

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@sethysquare said:

The very fact that Superman and Batman are larger than life goes to show that any movie they're in would be getting any buzz. Be it a world's finest movie or a JLA movie.

Um... that's what I said and the point is it would be (in the public eye) a Batman/Superman movie with a bunch of other guys.

Is that good enough for you as a JLA fan? Because the production will reflect that as the studios and producers attempt to minimize risk and maximize cash cows.

Most John Q Publics think Aquaman is a spoof character made up for the TV show Entourage ffs...

You need to think about this from the point of view of a) producers who want to make box office, b) a comic book fan (the vocal minority audience) and c) the regular public (the majority money...).

As a member of above mentioned category B, would you rather see a World's Finest with Superman and Bats getting equal screentime and dialogue, good casting etc, or a JLA movie where Supes and Bats dominate the screen with the rest of the roster merely supporting cast because the producers want the box office from category C and don't want take a risk with 40 million dollars worth of production moolah?

Not to mention the casting would suck because they don't have a nice preamble of movies and cast already set up and contracted like Avengers.

It's all academic at this point because I promise you, there is never going to be a triple A hollywood JLA movie and anyone who understands that movies are a business knows this deep down (believe me I'll be happy to come back and eat those words in 2020 if it happens... but I don't think so).

To give you an idea of how producers think, let's go back to the Green Lantern movie... You're still thinking like a comic book reader, not like a producer or a JQP.

The plot had little to do with it's failure (some, but not much) after all Transformers was a massive hit and that plot... well, come on.

JQP knows what the Transformers are, it was a massive craze in the 80s, it's carved into the publics mind as a franchise.

Green Lantern? Do you know how many people asked me "isn't that already out?" and I realize they meant Green Hornet... Hell why do you think the Green Arrow tv show is called merely "Arrow"?

Plot had little to do with it, the wasn't enough of an audience to see the damn plot in the first place, the entire production was second tier, the CG was sup-par, the acting was "safe".

The entire movie screamed "we believe this is a risk, so we're going to do this as cheaply as possible".

You may have enjoyed it and consider the only real issue to be a few plot problems, but come on, from the public POV, it BOMBED... there is more to that tragic tale than a few plot issues... like I said, Transformers was a hit... plot has little to do with it.

Producers man,money, marketing and public perception/awareness... Honestly, the only way you'll see a JLA movie before the next century is if you get into film school and become the next Nolan yourself.

That's why, as a fan I believe the best move in terms of making good box office from the public is a World's Finest movie.

I'd love to see a 3 hour multimillion triple A JLA movie just as much as you... but not at the expense of characters I love being relegated to support for the Super/Bat money train.

Stop thinking like a fan for one minute... realize the truth... Movies are a business and it's all about this ---> $$$$

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@htb106 said:

what's even going on on this thread

what's even going on in your head?

Dude would it be too much to ask you refrain from necroing threads from the year 1842 and spamming the entire Batboard with irrelevant replies?

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@htb106: way to necro.

...and he looks exactly like Joker in the excellent one shot of the same name by Azzarello which came out well before TDK.

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@DarthShap said:

Cool cool cool.

That being said, I was expecting a lot more DCU characters considering the title of the game.

I suspect DLC will be adding to the roster.

Why give us all of them in the game when they can squeeze a few more bucks out of us because we want to play as Martian Manhunter?

I'll end up getting this out of fanboyism, playing it for 3 days and dropping it... same as Lego Batman.

I like the idea and style more than the actual gameplay tbh I wish they'd open up the game world... a free roaming lego Gotham City, omg. >.<

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Hell yes signed.

The Simpsons get a star before Superman?

Freaking SUPERMAN?!

Get it done I say.

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: @Primmaster64 said:

@RainEffect said:
@SuperShafe said:

@Primmaster64: Nothing is worse than storm fans....

Amen. There is nothing on this site worse than Storm fans.
Hardcore Batman fans are up there too...sorry to say.

They're not fans.

They may think they are... but they're not.

A true fan is capable of being critical of the character when necessary, a true fan is, above all else, honest to themselves about the object of their fandom.

People who blindly defend said object, no matter what, no matter how messed up and blatantly poor the example is... are just fools who ultimately do nothing except lower the quality of the material they profess support for.

In order to ensure some modicum of quality, honest fan feedback, even if it's negative, is essential.

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A genuinely freaky nutjob.

The scene where he has Damian tied up on a chair and is going through his little warmup ritual is disturbingly convincing... you could easily imagine a real world psycho doing this kind of thing.

Morrison has provided a great base for other writers to work on with the character, Pyg has potential... squeeee.

The only issue I have is that other writers may not "get" his dialogue.

Every seemingly random phrase that comes out of Pyg's mouth is a carefully constructed reference to something that drives his character, I don't know if other writers would be willing or able to go to the lengths Morrison does to create the effect... That said, he does it with Joker too and other writers can handle Joker just as well (sometimes better) than Grant.

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Guys... He's joking.

He's making fun of himself not bashing Superman.

I know subtlety is a dying art (particularly on the internet) but read a few more Stan Lee interviews and compare.

Also, for your homework, look up the phrase "tongue in cheek."

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At that point it wasn't an issue of the fall being lethal or not... it was about saving the maximum number of innocent lives.

The needs of the many and all that.

tbh Nolan's Batman is constantly on the edge of that "fall" which I suspect is kinda the point.

I'm sure in TDKR we'll see another death that while Bats was not directly the cause of... it'll still blur that line a bit.