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I don't see how these events led to the Phoenix force being non existent and I really am confused on mystiques Stryker, its kind of weird. And makes me feel like the next wolverine movie will be another origin

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People keep saying that the baby will be a new character, it will be rehashed version of Alexander Luther jr.

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So now the anitmoniter is going to go to war with darkseid, superwoman is having a child which if I recall correctly will be Alexander Luther jr. So are they building up another crisis on infinite earths? Because I really hope not. And I'm still confused on how this event even started, if the box was from earth 3 how in the hell did pandora open is years ago? What's her connections to this at all? There's a lot of holes in this story, and its kind of hard to ignore the inconsistencies. Vibe and element woman are just gone and everybody's like ok, let's move on? If owlman was just trying to help dick, why they fight? Just for dramatic effect before he disappears off into the sun set?

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We now have arrow and flash on the same network I don't see how they can avoid throwing gl in there somewhere even if its a cameo. Who's flash buddy? Gl, who's arrows buddy? Gl I'd watch a gl spinoff. Js.

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It's not even the origin and personality changes he did its just the story's are complete trash, its bored, seems like the story goes no where. I've read all of his new 52 work and the story doesn't pull me in even though he's writing my favorite character

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Why didn't they just send him back in time to find his father and spend time with him then?

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if pandora opened the box years ago then how come she couldn't open it now? If pandora put together the universes for the upcoming battle with the csa how does that make sense? The crime syndicate was already there, all dc did was make a huge event that puts down everything they had us believing was the cause of the new 52. None of it makes sense

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Firestorm, beast boy , a red lantern, static, and starfire would be my top five,

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I refuse to watch this show, don't get me wrong it looks badass but I know fox, and I'm not trying to get into a show that will be canceled after two or three seasons. The disappointment and the what would of happened isn't worth it.