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I don't see how they can do this without introducing kal el....

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I really want to know about the being keeping tabs on supes

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@onemoreposter: clearly I've noticed things like this since the new 52 debuted I just feel like this is a pretty big thing to get over I can live with the fact, of the inconsistencies of the new 52 but the way forever evil happened and ended is a pretty big slap in the face espcially to people who've been reading before the new 52. What I can't seem to do is wrap my head around the idea that's what was supposed to happen. The threat pandora brought the three universes together to stop was threats that already occurred, and It just leaves that major plothole that no matter what they do in the new 52 and how much time progresses ill never seem to look past.

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Just want to point out that i was re reading glc and in issue 8 when guy is talking about the bad sinestros done it shows anti moniter but how is that possible if he hasnt been introduced yet?

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@lvenger: can you send me said links? I need to read this

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1.if the rock plays Shazam and not black Adam, they're screwing up the movie 2. Same as if they put Shazam in the justice league and not gl and flash 3. I see dc screwing up a great opportunity but ill wait and see. Really hoping they deliver something fantastic

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Thank you Charles soule, for taking my favorite lantern corp and making it my favorite book. You're a genius

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Honestly the new 52 was one of the smartest ideas dc comics came up with, it just was very poorly planned but not everything. It's hard for us to be told that this was the doing of pandora for an upcoming threat, and for the threat to be revealed as something we've seen before, or the history of Pandora's box which blows my mind because how did she open it if only earth 3 can...and then you have the batman issues, like 4 robins in 5 years, and batman apparently dying by darkseid but in the same issue says he only met darkseid once when he first attacked earth. Besides those issues I don't see how anyone could complain about the new 52. It's a new world, a new generation and a fresh start, who's to say that new 52 superman wont eventually have some similar traits as pre 52 superman he's still growing and maturing. We're only 3 years in. That's 12 issues a year for most characters. With that usually only being two story arcs. They haven't even gotten time to evolve yet.

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In the first few pages I was confused considering they made it seem like final crisis happened but I ignored it thinking maybe they retconned it, but in the very same issue is clearly states the only time they had a run in with darkseid was when they first formed. I'm honestly very disappointed in dc for not even caring that mistake hit the shelves

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@herrweis: neither of her parents last name is troy