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@proto3296 said:

@super_soldierxii: I don't think frank could fight manta. Manta could solo. Deathstroke wouldn't solo, but he could put up a decent fight by himself. Deathstroke and dead shot alone might take a majority.

No way. Definitely underestimating Marvel team. Steve is top tier and would give DS all he could handle one on one. I feel DS takes a majority, but a very, very slim one.

Daredevil would take out Dead Shot IMHO. His skill set and power set were tailor made for folks like Bullseye and Dead Shot.

As for Manta, Frank is used to figuring out a way to tango with folks like Spider-Man but yeah, Black Manta is too much for team Marvel. He's the reason DC wins for sure (hadn't noticed Manta's presence before).

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I don't believe Wolverine would have solo'd - with or without the adamantium. I think we underestimate the skill of many on team 1.

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow working their blades on Wolvie in tangent are no joke. 8 low level superhuman turtles smacking away on him in tangent are no joke. The Crow filling him full of bullets all the while ... and morals on, I'm not sure Logan wouldn't be pulling his punches to a degree either. Especially once his senses, and their collective mannerisms, tell him the turtles are essentially teenage mutant kids.

Marvel team definitely take this.

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Hm. Good fight.

I always felt CA could give Deathstroke one hell of a battle.

DD would frustrate the living bajeezus out of Deadshot. And I think Frank could hold his own against anyone else on team DC.

I'd have to give this one some more thought ...

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Taskmaster would get absolutely run over by Deathstroke.

@laflux said:

Always nice to get arguement of the week.


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Bah! Mister X has degenerated into a grade A jobber ... grumble, grumble, grumble ...

That said ...

If his power description falls outside the realm of a mere lower end form of TP, and is build thus;

Then I feel he has good chances. I'm a fan of styles make fights. And given Mister X's tremendous "on paper" skill set - having mastered nearly all forms of martial arts, including some of the off planet variety;
Armed with a blade he should prove very dangerous an opponent for Kaine. Oh and, here's what Mister X is capable of with a blade;
Those kinds of combat reflexes are superhuman when coupled with his mind mapping. No mere "human", peak or otherwise, blocks automatic gunfire with a blade. Least of all gunfire from a combatant of Black Widow's caliber.
Think about. His REFLEXES map onto his opponent's brainwaves and react instantaneously to what his opponent's next moves will be. I mean, that coupled with his purported skill set while wielding a blade ... ? Tough fight to get clear of.
But, meh, he's a jobber so ... it's whatever. ;)
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Well OK then.

Your complete acquiescence to how silly and irrelevant your commentary has been is a step in the right direction. Good for you.

Keep it up champ!

(Feel free to blush!)

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@super_soldierxii: thanks for providing these explanations

I have a question bone claw wolverine vs adamantium wolverine ?which one is better? in your opinion

Depends on who the antagonist is. Obviously if Wolverine needs to survive a Hulk punch intact, adamantium laced Logan is the way to go. Likewise if he needs to survive against folks with weaponry that can dismember, the metal doesn't hurt to prevent limbs from flying all over the place (likewise against foes with explosive energy attacks).

Overall, despite the slightly hampered healing, adamantium laced Wolverine is more durable. Can't be blown apart. Can tank Hulk level blows without imploding etc. etc.

Against folks like Heretic and Azrael, Bone Wolverine has an advantage IMHO. Deathstroke, not so much ... due to the armor and weaponry. If Bone Wolverine beats Deathstroke, it's not by much. Wolverine with the metal however, takes a healthy majority in a random encounter.

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@dcandmarvel said:

And how does Wolverine beat DS??

By keeping him engaged until Black Panther comes to help. Nothing Slade throws at Logan is going to put him down before T'Challa takes down his initial match up. Then after a little anti-metal work over, Slade has nothing left to throw at anybody or any real way to prevent being cut to ribbons.

Bone Wolverine doesn't need back-up if we can show the bone claws can bypass the armor.

@jacthripper: Strategie is not the only thing DS has over Wolverine

And how does Wolverine beat DS??

Wolverine's bone claws cut through steel with ease. They are not mere bone. Far denser, far stronger. The crux of the debate between a bone claw Logan and pre-52 Slade has been traditionally twofold; 1) Can the bone claws hurt him through the armor (I feel they can, they have proven able to cut Hulk as well) and 2) due to decapitation being viable, will Slade take Logan's head before Logan lands that one telling blow.

  1. I think this is a very, very close fight.
  2. I think Slade's skill is indeed being slightly underrated herein.
  3. I think Slade moving faster than thought, and having a plan of attack laid out and put in motion before most folks can act (due to brain capacity augmentation), mean his combat speed is definitely on Logan's level and might very well be slightly better. A good argument can be made for both (yes, Wolverine does indeed have speed feats that are very, very impressive).
  4. Finally, I think their overall stats in fact are quite similar.

All that said, if we're looking at both character's bringing their "A" game, here is where they differ most;

  1. Slade is not as demonstrably as good a martial artist as Logan.
  2. Slade's a better strategist to be sure. No one would (or should) argue this. However, strategy really shines when he has prep and / or really knows his adversary ... none of which he has in this scenario. I don't see it as an advantage here as Logan is, contrary to popular belief, meant to be a very savvy and intelligent combatant (even when charging headlong into a hail of bullets ... he simply knows his strengths and uses them to his advantage to expedite the butt whooping).
  3. Equipment and armaments. This is Slade's trump card against Wolverine in a random and his true advantage. Only neutralized by my next point;
  4. Durability. This is the deciding factor IMHO. If we can show that Bone Wolverine can hurt Slade, his durability will allow him the space and time to due so as he will most likely ride out most of what Slade dishes out in the interim.

Anyway, that's always been my two cents in a Bone Wolverine versus Deathstroke battle.

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@super_soldierxii: It's not Ukraine. Nor is it Iraq. About as much as I can say.

I also won't disagree military training is meant to break you down. And you know what? Most people it does. I think I had it easier than most because I went to college first, got my education in a civilian environment, then enlisted. My wife tells me I'm the same person I was before (I was honestly afraid of becoming "institutionalized" and becoming someone else like you've said) so her word is good enough for me.

The nice the about the Operator community is you have way less overhead and way more flexibility and room to think for yourself. You don't need someone to constantly issue orders. You're elite and expected to act as such. Could mean I'm just so Conditioned to do what's needed I don't need to be reminded, but then again I've also been denied promotion for "insubordination to a superior" (they can stuff it in my opinion, I'm good at what I do).

Am I a killer? Yeah, guess so. I've put more enemies in zip ties than body bags though, so when I come home I still feel human enough to be a husband. Take that for what it's worth I suppose.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not out to villainize soldiers. Far from it. However, certain powers that be who hide the truth behind their real motives to appease / manipulate the masses, and this in the name of power mongering and / or profiteering (and really now, which government is not guilty of such at varying degrees), well, that's another matter altogether. They are the true criminals behind the suffering and global injustice afflicting our planet at present.

Take any business (reflective of a government body on a much smaller scale), and you learn quickly that the ethos of the entire business model is completely saturated with the values and methodology employed by those at the top running the show, creating hell on earth or a very harmonized work environment pending.

Yeah, OK, soldier's are just following orders. I got it back then, I get it even better today. But their psychology is being mistreated and poorly effected and infected by the rapidly disintegrating values permeating from a government body hiding more and more, and growing ever more corrupt by the almighty dollar. Our economic quandary is destroying from within. This is coming to a head, as the masses are growing more and more aware, less and less content to take things for face value, and less likely to be fed shite and pretend that we like it to safeguard a false sense of security and pseudo reality.

The world is a smaller and smaller place.

I don't believe in guilt nor do I believe in guilt trips. So I'm not throwing that garbage in your face either or trying to make you out to be inhuman despite governments deploying our best killers to do very much inhumane work, then turning on the evening news (which they own and run) and having us all believe it's for the greater good. Governments are creating motive, instigating the crime, to produce a desired result. And this with alarming frequency.

All that said, you better believe I'd be the first thankful bloke lining up to shaking the hand of the spec. ops guys coming to my family's rescue should they ever be so unfortunate as to need said rescuing. So yeah, my hypocrisy runs only so deep and I don't pretend we yet live in a world where Operators are no longer needed. One need only flick through the evening news to know how erroneous that would be. But then, it's all just one vicious circle at this point ... now isn't it. It's got to crack at some point.

Something tells me I've gone and royally derailed this thread though.

Once again, I digress ...

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@super_soldierxii: I don't disagree with most, if any at all, of what you've said. I've lost battle brothers, men and women who just wanted to protect the public like me, and there have been more than one time when the justification was nil.

And I won't pretend everyone in the military is a good person. I've met plenty of dirt bags that shame the uniform I wear.

I have been lucky to serve with a good brotherhood of fellow warriors though. Maybe it's just the community and it attracts a higher caliber of individual in the military? I don't know and won't make assumptions. But I ha en close battle brothers in both the Air Force and the Army, and that brotherhood truly gets tested when the bullets stop flying. Very soon we'll be put to the test in the meat grinder again, but that's at least not for a few more months.

Which new deployment, or can't you say ... hope we're not looking at Ukraine.