Young Justice Invasion, Recap: Season 2, Episode 4 "Salvage"

With 5 years having gone by since Young Justice: Invasion started, many questions were asked and only a few answers were given. As the show continues to answer many viewers question episode-by-episode, we get to see some interesting things last episode. However in this episode, the Young Justice are trying to salvage the soul of a former comrade that has fallen from grace.

Warning: This episode (as usual) has more knowledge revealed about much of what has happened for the team in the last 5 years. DON'T READ PAST IF YOU DON'T WANT THIS EPISODE SPOILED. If you are looking for a reason to watch this TV series, I suggest you read on as you will get spoiled but learn more about why you should watch this show. Again DO NOT READ PAST IF YOU DON'T WANT IT SPOILED FOR YOU!

Red Arrow Has Been Busy

A store clerk is being robbed of all his money by a average criminal, and Red Arrow comes and saves the day. The clerk comes over and thanks Arrow, telling him he can have anything he wants in the store. Red Arrow tells him that his thanks are all the reward he needs, but takes a good lump of cash while Red Arrow hands over the bag of money.

Unknown to Red Arrow, Green Arrow is communicating to some of his fellow teammates alerting them that Red Arrow has gotten worse from the revelation of him being the clone.

Strange and the J.L.A. activate the zeta shield

Adam Strange, and the Justice League that remained on Earth, activate the Zeta Shield which prohibits the Justice League, Kroletean, and any other alien forces from traveling and leaving Earth. Lagoon Boy mentions that people won't be teleporting off the planet as well as teleporting on it thanks to this shield, but Superboy states that doesn't stop space ships and boom tubes from entering the planet. After a brief discussion with Jaime Reyes and his Scarab armor, Superboy asks where is Nightwing so that they can go on a mission, but Nightwing was taking care of personal business. When both Miss Martian and Best Boy had other matters to attend to, Superboy took Jaime with him as he couldn't stand watching Lagoon and Miss Martian flirt with one another.

Old Friends Are Reunited

When Red Arrow travels by rooftops to leave his recent activity with saving the clerk from being robbed of all his money, he runs into some of his old friends. Green Arrow, Black Canary, Nightwing and an out of costume Wally West (Kid Flash) and Jim Harper (Guardian) all come to look into their good friend's recent problem. When Red Arrow tells his old friends that he has nothing to say or explain, Green Arrow pulls out the wad of cash that Red Arrow took from the store after he saved him. Red Arrow finally slowed down and spoke with them saying that he needs it to fund his private search for the real Roy Harper, a search that he feels alone in since the others have stopped looking for him he says.

Superboy and Blue Beetle Look For Intergang

Blue Beetle tells Superboy that he knows the reason why he picked him for this mission instead of Lagoon, Miss Martian and Beast Boy. When Superboy realizes that his teammate/friend is here to help him, Superboy reveals that he is going after Intergang leader Bruno Mannheim and his lieutenant Whisper A'Daire as they have finally come out of hiding. The two heroes eventually follow Bruno and Whisper to the hall of Justice.

Red Arrow doesn't treat himself with respect and Superboy and Blue Beetle Fight Nature

Black Canary mentions of Red Arrow not having trained in many years, when she goes to prove this, Roy almost falls off the side of the building, but thanks to Black Canary she caught him before he could've become street pizza. Roy feels himself to not treat his body with respect as he still hasn't come to terms of being a clone.

When Blue Beetle and Superboy finally arrive to the Hall of Justice, Beetle explains to Superboy that the scarab is actually alive and guides him. He also mentions that the Scarab was built by Ted Kord as the ultimate weapon, but Ted was killed by the Light before he could use it for himself. During this time, Bruno and Whisper were setting up an Apokololips weapon to bring back an applaxian golem, when Bruno activated the machine the rays messed with the Blue Beetle scarab rendering him useless for a time. Once the New Genesisphere countered the effects of the ray, Blue Beetle went straight into the action using a sonic canon. Though Superboy screamed not to do that, the golem absorbed the energy of the sonic canon and shot it straight back at the heroes. The golem leaves with Bruno and Whisper leaving Superboy and Blue Beetle near unconscious.

Back on the rooftop with Red Arrow, the heroes try to convince Roy to come back with them as their friend/teammate. Red Arrow is still playing the blame game and tells them that they've given up searching for the real Roy Harper, but Jim Harper tells Roy that the original was killed because of Cadmus' policy to destroy the original after a suitable clone is built. Jim tells Roy that he needs to live to honor the memory of the original Roy Harper.


Superboy and Blue Beetle trace down Bruno and his golem, Bruno was going to turn the golem on the heroes again but the New Genesisphere jammed the radio waves that commanded the golem; making the golem go on a rampage. The heroes try to stop the golem but are having little affect injuring it, when the golem sees a nearby nuclear plant it begins to stop fighting Superboy and Blue Beetle and walking towards the nuclear plant. Two silhouetted figures are watching the golem near closer-and-closer to it's goal of destroying the nuclear reactor, when one of the silhouetted figures is revealed to be Sports-Master, the other figure tells him to take care of Bruno and Whisper. Superboy and Blue Beetle arrive much later after trapping Bruno and Whisper to a tree. The heroes try to detain the golem but are having as little success as hurting the beast, Blue Beetle realizes he can talk to the golem and ask it to stop.

Back at the rooftop with Red Arrow, Roy asks Wally why he is here, mentioning that Wally has given up being Kid Flash. Wally replies that he is out of the hero game, but he doesn't turn his back on his friends. Also Nightwing mentions that the clone Roy has always been their friend and that no one really knew the original Roy Harper. Roy Harper tells him that he doesn't want his soul to be salvaged and that they should really be working with Aqua Lad as he is now a villain.

As Blue Beetle had calibrated his canon to be a receiver to communicate with the golem, the golem tells Superboy and Blue Beetle that it is in pain and wants to end it's life by destroying the nuclear reactor. Before the heroes could save the golem, the mysterious silhouetted figure destroys the golem before it can wreck any more havoc, as well as be used by the enemy for a force of good. When the golem was destroyed Superboy and Blue Beetle went back to Bruno and Whisper and found them to be non-responsive thanks to Sports Master. They were alive but they had no clue who had did this to Bruno and Whisper.

Much after talking with Roy, Wally is seen back at his apartment with his girlfriend, Artemis, celebrating their 5th valentines day together. They say some stuff and Wally mentions that Roy does not want to let any of his friends into his life. Roy is seen back at his apartment with Cheshire coming to see her husband. It turns out Cheshire is finally back to see her husband because she has information on the real Roy Harper and she wants Roy to finally put the ghost of the past to rest and raise a family. It is shown that Roy has a daughter named Lian Nguyen-Harper.

So what did you think of the episode? Was it interesting to keep you watching or what?

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