Batman - The Brave, The Bold, And The Ended

If you haven't known, Batman The Brave and The Bold ended with a summary of 64 episodes (or 65 if you count the only two part siege of starro as not one, but two episodes). The final episodes were aired in the United Kingdom and haven't transferred over to America on iTunes to purchase, however it can be watched on YouTube. Originally airing on November 14, 2008, comic viewers and fans loyal to Batman's TV shows thought that Brave and the Bold will turn Batman into a laughing stock. But what they got instead, is a salute to the silver age of comic book heroes. Many appearances from the Justice Society of America, classic costumes from the silver age, and also bad hero puns in the middle of fights, is what made the show really special. However, while the show had a nice run, it ended recently on August 8, 2011. 
The three final episodes of BTBAB:
"Powerless!" Ep. 62
 Teaser: The Batmen of All Nations battle against the Joker of All Nations
 Main Story: Captain Atom, the newest member of the J.L.I, is deprived of his powers when Major Force comes to town. Now, Captain struggles with being a normal man               
"Crisis: 22,300 Miles Above Earth!" Ep. 63
Teaser: The Joker and other batman super villains conduct a roast of Batman on national television. The hero who comes to save the day famous comedian, Jeffery Ross.  
Main Story: When the J.L.I meet the Justice Society of America, things don't go all to well. Things get bad really quickly as the older team doesn't see fit that the Justice League International can fight crime in the proper fashion.

"Four Star Spectacular!" Ep. 64
 Teaser: N/A
 Main Story: A compilation of four short stories.
 Adam Strange in Worlds War - Wanting to give his wife a lovely anniversary gift, Adam travels to Earth to get the perfect gift. However, when the zeta beam starts acting strange and picking up random items from Earth, Adam quickly finds out that Kanjar Ro is trying to take over Rann.
 Flash in Double Jeopardy - After saving Batman from Captain Boomerang, Barry Allen tells Batman why he was late at coming to save the day. This leads to a story with Mirror Master, who supposedly kills The Fastest Man Alive.
 Mazing Man In Kitty Catastrophe - Mazing Man sets his hands on watching over a cat while the owners leave the house. What could possibly go wrong?
 The Creature Commandoes in The War That Time Forgot - When Batman goes missing, The Creature Commandoes go to look for them on an island full of dinosaurs. They find out that the Ultra Humanite is behind Batman's kidnapping. 

"Mitefall" Ep. 65
 Teaser: On the Earth, 5501 in the year 1865, President Lincoln is attacked by a robotic John Wilkes Booth. Batman teams up with the President to stop the assassination attempt.
 Main Story: Bat-Mite gets tired of the lighter TV show of Batman, and wants to get the show canceled so that a darker Batman show can replace it. Can Ambush Bug stop Bat-mite?


 With the show being done, a darker series will take it's place. That dark series is the Batgirl Show! Sounds like we've got something to expect later this fall.
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Actually, I've heard of this CGI Batman show coming....

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Great blog! Didn't know any of it -- thanks for the heads up!

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I saw the Captain Atom episode. I don't remember him being arrogant, but whatever.