Something Funny & a Battle

You know what is really funny Cain Marko A.K.A Juggernaut, And Flint Marko A.K.A Sandman both have the last name Marko. I wonder if Flint Marko was born at a later time from Cain Marko. So who would win in a fight The unmovable Juggernaut or The living Kitty litter Box Sandman!


Venom Vs Doomsday

I was thinking who would win in a fight doomsday or Venom. I thought of many different ways they could win, But I still don't know who would be the best? What do you think?


Watch the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Deadpool Trailer

Deadpool in his first MAU2 Trailer. The Merc With a Mouth returns for "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2"! Watch the new trailer below to check out some of Deadpool's high-flyin' moves, special powers and epic fusions! Also Cain Marko, the unstoppable Juggernaut, makes his first appearance in the "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" universe decked out in full crimson regalia and ready to crush anyone who gets in his way. Use him as a tank to take down heavy forces or pair him with a good ranged character to form an epic team-up! Super strong and super mean, the Juggernaut will undoubtedly prove a force to be reckoned with.

But Juggy's not one of the standard "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" playable characters. Oh, no, the unstoppable one is available exclusively for those gamers that pre-order "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" from GameStop! BONUS! The screenshot on the left shows Juggernaut in true fighting form, ready and willing to take on all comers. You can't stop the Juggernaut!

Swing by the official Marvel: Ultimate Alliance site for more screenshots and some insight into bringing Juggernaut to life from Bryan Shutt, Senior Artist of "MUA2."

For more info on Wade Wilson, check out the official Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 site.

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