Need help with the stuff of legend quest

I got all the requirements except for one,
I got Superman's first appearance
Spiderman's first appearance
X-men's first appearance
 Avenger's first appearance
Captain America's first appearance 
Batman's first appearance
I tried Wonder Woman's first appearance, but it didn't work so what's a hint?


The Greatest Comics Of All Times!

This is a new comic holiday! Whoever partakes in this will, write reviews, post images, or share with everyone about comics from the past 10 or more years, or you can talk about comics that came out last year or comics that came out last month etc etc. If you don't want to review just post images (as many as you want to) in a "side-by-side" format shown below. Or you can write a review. After writing the review, just post the link here for everyone to read. If you don't want to do either, Reviews or post Images, then just share with everyone about different comics from the past years (or months, or weeks). Don't forget about posting what comic it is, and what issue number also. This will happen once every year on this day (August 10th, 2010). Hopefully everyone will partake in this holiday. (Examples Below).  

Superman #701 Grounded (It Doesn't Have To Be Like This, just post the the link here) 
Batman & Robin #13 has been the best comic by Grant Morrison because; the story has taken Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin (Damian Wayne) to new levels. It doesn't have to be explained like this, just make sure you include the, Title and the Issue number.  
Talk about whatever publishers, characters, story arcs, etc etc, and best of all "Have fun."

Does Superman get stronger or weaker when he is older?

 Is Superman's body getting weaker when he gets older? Maybe Superman slowly looses his powers when he gets older.  Superman might be invulerable, but he has been killed before by the creature doomsday. Maybe his invulnerability leaves him when he gets older. What ever reason it is I'm sure Superman has some advantage when he is older, it could be more resistant to kryptonite, he could get new powers, or something else. The man of steel might jump over tall buildings with a single bound, run faster than a locomotive, etc. But, can Super-man out run old age? A heroes work is always dangerous, most get killed in the line of duty. Superman has stood for truth, justice, and the american way for a very long time, he has fought intergalactic aliens, and other things. Should Superman be killed when he reaches a certain age? I don't think Superman wants to fight crime for the rest of his life, maybe Superman should retire now and let someone else cary on his mantle. Let's say Superman did retire, would Mon-el be up for the challenge of being the next Superman? 
 Could be the next superman
 Superman will be coming back to earth soon after the events of World against Superman. Maybe Superman should retire and let Mon-el cary on the legacy. Mon-el has already been acting like superman since he has been gone, Mon-el is also in the Justice League of America. He also has a "S" on his costume. Superman has done a lot for the world, maybe the world can let him go. Superman can retire and become just Clark Kent, not even thinking about being Superman again. He could just live a normal life with his wife Lois. A legend might get old, but a new one is always ready to take their place. There could be an event that takes away Superman's powers and he just becomes Clark Kent, or he gets stuck in the future and becomes old. Should Superman look old when he is 80 years-of-age, or should he just continue to fight the good fight against the bad guys?

Suicide Squad Movie, Before JLA Movie? (Rumored)

Sherlock Holmes producer Dan Lin has revealed to Total film that while a Justice League movie is on hold until the solo movies are made, DC Entertainment have given the villains a chance to shine and moved the Suicide Squad movie up the line..   "Justice League"   is on hold right now as DC sorts out its strategy,” the movie mogul told Collider magazine. “But it seems like they’re building to Justice League instead of going with the team movie first and doing individual movies after that.   “The only other [comic book movie] besides Justice League that I’m working on is the Suicide Squad. That’s a different kind of superhero movie. 
“For us that’s a super villain movie. It’s almost Dirty Dozen set in the world of supervillains. That’s the only one for me that’s on the front burner.”  

Great news for Squad fans..not so great for anyone expecting a Justice League movie anytime soon.  


Upcoming Super Hero Squad Episodes

For the super hero squad fans that have been waiting for Magneto No longer have to wait. Magneto will be appearing this week in the episode Hexed, Vexed, and Perplexed, which will air January 9th. Also Ice man will make an appearance in the episode "The Ice Melt Cometh" Which will air January 23rd. And finally the Red skull will be coming out of the ice in "The wrath of the red skull" which airs on the 30th of January. Hero Up And Watch! 

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Take 10: Top Heroes of The Decade!

Here Are the top heroes of the Marvel Universe!
10. Deadpool 
9. Luke Cage 
8. Wolverine  
7. Nova 
6. Spider-man  
5. Ms. Marvel
4. Cyclops
3. Captain America(Bucky)
2. Captain America(Steve Rogers) 
1. Iron Man  
Here Are the top heroes of the Dc Universe! 
10. Mr. Terrific 
9.  Super Boy
8. Red Robin 
7. Barry Allen 
6. Booster gold
5. Martain Manhunter(Blackest Night Version)
4. Batman( Dick Greyson) 
3. Hal Jordon 
2. Batman(Bruce Wayne) 
1. Super-Man 



Warpath Vs. Sentry

Well since there has not been any fights with Warpath in it I decided to post the first one. And also since it is Sentry Month(because everyone is now using sentry) I decided to use both characters. Who will Win? 


Who Is Dick Greyson's Greatest Enemy?

Who would be Dick Greyson (as Batman) his greatest enemy Would it be Jason Todd, Two-Face, Penguin, Black Mask Or Damian? 

Jason Todd: Batman Merc

Jason Todd was a main Player in BFTC, he was the 2nd Robin(Who ended up being killed), and he hates Bruce because he thinks that Bruce left him to die. Will This guy be Dick's No. 1 Villain Only Time Will Tell. 
Two Face was always a threat to Batman and Robin. But, is he Dick Grayson's greatest foe?

He's been around for long time. He's battled Batman & Robin in the past, and he has many times run up against Dick grayson. Will this little master of kung fu be Dick Grayson's greatest enemy? 
You have seen the new Black Mask. Now is he the greatest Dick grayson villain? Or is he just another speed bump in the Dark Knight's path? Sure he posed a threat, but Dick found out pretty quickly who Black mask 2 is. Jerimiah Arkham was no match for Dick Grayson's deductive skills. 
Is he a Friend Or Foe?
Damian has only been around for a short while, but he never got to know his father. He was raised by the League of assassins, etc, etc. Killed a villain in the "Batman and son" story arc. He also became the 6th Robin. However, since we past #10 in "Batman and Robin", and its called Batman Vs. Robin. Can this 10 year-old be the greatest, greatest villain to Dick grayson? 
You the users have constantly said Deathstroke so now I add him to "Who is the greatest enemy of Dick Grayson." Is Deathstroke the greatest enemy of Dick Grayson? 
Superman. The Man Of Steel. This upcoming hero in (Superman/Batman #76) was said to be the Dark Knights newest and hardest challenge. Could this krypton walking hero be Grayson's greatest enemy?
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